Sunday, 30 August 2015


We are firm believers in the value of fostering strong relationships with all our stakeholders, be it our customers or business partners. Through these healthy means, we are able to build a stronger frontier and grow together with our business communities that share in the rewards of our collective success.

We are pleased to be an active member of every one of them and value the support of all business communities. No one can put a price on our partnership.

Together we forge ahead on a firm foundation that will take us to another level of success. This is the way we build resilience through innovation, productivity and internationalization.

On this note, I welcome feedback and continued dialogue in furthering the best interests of our business community. 
James Oh 

Chief Value Creation Officer 

Friday, 28 August 2015



Hope everyone is keeping well.

I have great news for you that reaffirm the saying, “doing is believing.” I must confess that I subscribe to this formula that brings several milestones for the year 2015 again.  

Some of you may be well aware that I have just conducted my financial training in Kuching, Sarawak on August 22. Several new records were achieved. One is in term of numbers of participants and also the level of engaging with the participants. I must say that this group of awesome people is eager to learn and some even flew all the way from Miri. I am deeply touched by their spirit and of course I strongly believe that I have performed my utmost best for their benefits.

I have even furnished those stuff I promised them within my 48 hours standard and hope that these additional information will help them greatly. Success breeds success. Guess what happened the following week? I received another overseas assignment as associate trainer. This truly affirmed my dream of spreading my wings toSouth East Asia immediately after my foot print in East Malaysia.

I am deeply delighted with these blessings and committed to accomplish my tasks wholeheartedly so as to groom more people, develop their integrated thinking to achieve sustainable value creation as what I did. 

As part of my commitment and dedication to serve my clients with utmost service and at their convenience, I am prepared to travel even outside my country anywhere, everywhere and anytime when my service is required.

I must say you awesome guys have made my dream come true and how can I not do the same for you. Let me know which specific area I can help and you may reach me at

As such, I write to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you again for taking my training course to another level of success.

For your information, my other new programs namely Looking Beyond Financial Statements for Triple Bottom Lines, Looking Beyond Financial Statements Breakthrough Part II, Looking Beyond Financial Statements – An Investor’s Perspective Part II and Finance For Non Finance are ready to kick off.  These contemporary new programs have been sold to several institutes and will kick off soon.

Stay tuned for more updates. Another of my financial article will be published in its first volume 2 of 2015 in First Financial, being my third article to be published with this esteemed publisher. 

Thanks you too for connecting me at 
OhJames which keeps my circle of friends growing. Currently, it has hot 1,060 members with slightly nearly 1.95 million views.  

Your unwavering support has truly made my life more enlightening, refreshing and fulfilling. Trust you too have applied what you have begun benefiting from your application of what you have learned from these workshop and courses.

With this, I write to wish you a great success in life.

Thanks and let me know should you need any type of training on motivation, finance and mind changing programs. Helping you to achieve sustainable value creation is our priority and mission.

Last but not least, I write to register my sincere thanks to you guys for making me feel my efforts are worthwhile and I am deeply happy with such a fulfilling reward.

Likewise, I must reaffirm that today’s result is the fruit I enjoy through the process of believe by doing.

By doing so, everyone will reap the similar fruit even for this challenging year of 2015.

I look forward to work with you all again to our mutual progress, profitability and prosperity. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015



I write to let you know that I became a value creation specialist in grooming people to have integrated thinking so as to achieve sustainable value creation. I just like other specialists have achieved my position not by chance. Although it takes lots and loads of hard work to get where I am right now, it actually started from the first book that I published – Better Than The Best.


The book propelled me to become an authority in mindset changing in the financial industry specializing in value creation. The same thing happened to other successful specialists. As I keep taking massive actions and redefined my thinking, 6 other books of a similar nature have been published at the time of writing, 2 of them have been upgraded to second edition.

I managed to accomplish them because I understand the immense benefits of becoming a published author. It is my best name card that displays at several digital retail book stores worldwide. The beauty of it is that I am not only getting paid for it when people buy my books. These books also help me to advertise 7 days 24 hours at those digital store that sell my books.

I share with you with intention that it will inspire you to do the same and get similar benefits as I do.

Do you want the secret? Contact me now at

I hope you too will take full advantage of this post and more importantly, get on the road to become a published author soon.


James Oh

Chief Value creation officer

Monday, 24 August 2015



Your generous feedbacks have helped us to publish another great book, Looking Beyond Financial Statements – An Investor’s Perspective, not long ago. We must let you know your support is not wasted; this book is the fruit out of your sow.

This book is the accumulation of your feedback gathered from our published articles and the series of training programs that were held with various professional institutes. Hence, we write to thank everyone, for their direct and indirect contribution to our success. This success belongs to all of you. We will plan to conduct several new training programs, based on the content of this book. We will let you know in advance so that you can also take part and more importantly benefit from our initiatives that lie ahead.

All these new experiences really help me to redefine my thinking to write and publish such a timely book with the intention to reap new opportunities arising from this coming global economic crisis, which will more likely have much more severe adverse impact than 2008 financial meltdown.

We are entering into uncharted territory, as such we need to retrain our mind by looking at things in multi-dimensions for the new world. We foresee there is new huge opportunity of grooming people to embrace integrated thinking to achieve sustainable value creation. This is because achieving sustainable value creation is our recent newly launched tagline and trademark. Change is nothing new for us - it's embedded in our DNA.

This new developments also put us in a much stronger ground to further contribute actively to financial literacy and community so as to achieve another level of success.
Now, our focus, dedication and commitment are to specialize in helping people achieve sustainable value creation in view of increasingly rising opportunities.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


About Us

Money Tells Stories (Asia) is a training and education stimulator in Malaysia as well as in Asia, specializing in driving and achieving Sustainable Value Creation. We are committed to empowering journeys as a lifelong partner to movers and makers in pursuit of their passions and aspirations to develop new capabilities and markets. We provide lifelong continuing education for those who are seeking to pursue new opportunities.

We commit to produce high quality articles, books, books review and conduct courses, workshops as well as conferences.

Our mission is to design, direct, drive and deliver high impact programs that assist our clients to meet  their unmet needs. To explore the invisible and achieve the impossible is our trademark and tagline. We strongly believe that you need mind faculty to see the new opportunities.

We are an accredited training provider for
-         CPE courses by Securities Commission of Malaysia

-         CPE courses by Bursa Malaysia
-         CPE courses by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants

-         CPE courses by the MAICSA

-         Professionals and employees of the private and public sectors
-         Members of the public

We offers professional courses covering topics on:-
-         Finance
-         Value investing
-         Motivation

-         Economics

We specialized on issue related to :
-         Sustainable Value Creation

Books Review

Drop us an email at should you need any tailor made courses.

James Oh 
Chief Value Creation Officer 

Sunday, 16 August 2015



Dear Friends, Families, Followers and Fans,

Never imagine and think that this event organizer would fly me to Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah on June 20, 2015 to conduct my first self developed financial workshop, 
Looking Beyond the Financial Statements – Investor Perspective after it had 
been successfully embarked in KL on Jan 2015. Thanks to the organizer which 
has placed confidence in me by given me this golden opportunity to reach out 
and materialize my mission in helping people to transform their ideas into their 
great fortunes.

To register, please click the link at LOOKING BEYOND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS

This is another of my milestone for the year of 2015. I must admit that it has, to 
certain extent, driven me to take my other ideas into a bigger scale so as to 
reach out and benefit a larger magnitude of people.

With this, I write to put it in record of my sincere thanks to all parties who have 
both directly and indirectly contributed to the success of this event.
Thank you awesome people and let us work together to make a better tomorrow.
 A better tomorrow begin from now.

Please click at My Previous milestone

James Oh



Explore invisible achieve impossible

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Greetings and Warm Welcome from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

1.    Do you wish to be able to achieve sustainable value creation by connecting the missing dots?   

2.    Want to know how this value creation framework works?

3.    How can you put into practise in your work place and reap its benefits?
We are most excited to invite you to take a tour of this blog and let us know should you require any assistance from us in any area.

HUGE OPPORTUNITIES ASSOCIATED with  BUILDING NEW CAPABILITIES AND MARKETS especially in stagnant economic growth & stale business models

Overall, strategies and best practices such as reduce cost and risk, enhance reputation and legitimacy; accelerate innovation and reposition; growth path and trajectory are crucially important in creation of long term shareholders’ value. This course is coming to our busy city of Kuala Lumpur and intends to impart the importance and benefits of applying Sustainable Value Creation framework in both personal and organizational levels to accelerate business performance.  

As such, this course is a must for anyone serious about value creation for themselves and for working with others.  

Click at our link to see our brochure at our-brochure-driving-sustainable-value