Thursday, 8 October 2015



“The biggest failure you can have in life is making the mistake of never trying at all.” Unknown. This is because it will stop you from venturing in any new activities. Look around you amongst those who have achieved such tangible results has anyone not taken extra mileage than the average. “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. This is because many of us live as prisoners to architecture define by capitalism. Rent is too high and far out of balance with wages. Mortgages are rigged against us.

The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity it is. It grows in direct proportion. Similarly wealth is grown exponentially.

The first step working towards anything is to consciously decide, dedicate and determine that you are not going to stay where you are now. You make a wise choice. You have to walk through your chosen path and no one can help you to walk through. Constantly make things better, faster and further.

Do you seriously desire to grow your wealth exponentially? Yes I do and you have to. Why I say so? More to gain, but nothing to lose as the saying that if you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Both are equally right. So, why choose the latter?

Three main whys we need to grow our wealth exponentially and how we can do it.

REASON #1 We are living in a world that is full of uncertainties.
Corporations, both huge and small are collapsing one after the other. Country goes bankrupt one after the other.

Financial scandals are soaring to new records high; internationally, or locally in Malaysia, these are plentiful, though awful, dreadful yet no longer shameful. I am very certain that you can easily cite me three examples of recent financial scandals.

All these have become norms. We can't leave it to chance. We need to take control of our destinies. We have everything to grow our wealth exponentially regardless of our current status, financial positions and backgrounds. We do it for ourselves and the people we love. Growing our wealth exponentially is the surest way to have better security. The only gate keeper of your wealth is YOU. Stop giving people the express, implied or indirect power to control your wealth, your worth and your health.

Fortunately, I have been growing my wealth since I was 14. Now, I have been reaping my other sources of leveraged income ranging from interest, dividends, rental, investments’ income and royalty.

Despite various trying challenges in my past, my wife and I are determined and had given our children the kind of education that many unfortunate people could only dream of.

REASON #2 Globally High inflation regimes

Have you ever noticed that everything is going up “exponentially” except our pay check? Even if it did, what is the rate of increment as compared to increase in prices of other major consumer items? With the current high inflation regime, inflation will eat into our wealth if we don't grow it bigger, greater and higher than the real inflation rate. 

We need to safely, speedily and steadily build up money in order to give us financial security in retirement, or to give us enough funds to pay for holidays and any unexpected health scares or emergencies as we get older.

In short, without any financial worries, we will be able to enjoy our golden years or even platinum years. Be financially savvy; take full accountability and responsibility of your own wealth. Do whatever you need to fix or shoulder the mess or challenge you are in now.
Worst still, medical science and quality of life continues to increase our life spans. It seems as though many of us are not really living the life we are given. What would we do if we knew we were going to die?

REASON #3 Money is not evil.

It is greed for money that is evil. Money is the energy of exchange or transfer of value. It is neither good nor bad; it just is a means for transfer of value.

We build wealth by building some type of values within us, and then extending these values outside us. For example, I am an Accountant, and thereby build that type of value within me. Then I extend my services to others in exchange for money.

Once we have More Money, we will have More Freedom, Resources and Time to spend with our love ones. By then, we are able to live life of our choices and not play by someone else's rule.
The wealthier we are the more people we can help and we can do it better, faster and further. Give our money, energy and time in support of those good causes, like donating to and participating in charity organizations and activities. 

“The primary beneficiary of such noble actions is always the one who gives, not the one who receives.” Napoleon Hill.

REASON #4 Salaries are not growing as fast as the prices of other major consumable items.

As a result, it is more difficult to save as higher amount need to be spent. You may live simply, but the basic living costs had increased dramatically as a result of higher inflation. In order to set off the higher inflation rate, your wealth needs to grow so as to sustain you and your loved ones.
You can see now that growing our wealth is unavoidable regardless of your chosen lifestyle as cost of basic items increases over time.

We can do it because it is not difficult. This is the way to go about getting what you want.
We don't need to be Rocket Scientists to do well financially. But, we need to use a simple mathematics, logics and common sense, but not cow sense.

Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have.
Wealth is within our grasp. Everyone has the capacity, of achieving, whether big or small, obvious or hidden, because it is inside us. For instance, we may turn our talents, expertise, hobbies, interests, passions or even our life stories, into Money-Making Speaking, Singing, Acting, Entertaining, Coaching or Consultancy Careers.

a) Constantly apply Knowing- Doing Gap strategies.

I have been applying it to stay above poverty and also during my professional career as Financial Controller to turnaround a company during Asian Financial Crisis in 1996. My other colleagues have been working closely and drastically to bring in more cash flow by enhancing sales and cutting down our costs so as to keep the company floating.

In life we can only have two things - Reasons or Results - and reasons don't count. We either have what we want, or we have "reasons" why we don't have it.

Don't wish for wealth, work for it. We are designed to get the best for ourselves, grow wealth and help others. Why I say everyone can?

b) Start with a daytime dream.

A daytime dream that keeps you awake and not the dream you had during your sleep. Without a dream, failure is guaranteed. Having dreams will not guarantee success, but at least there is a chance for your success.

Get ready and prepare for success. Apply it with action and tangible tools to make it real. “You can create what you conceive in your mind.” Napoleon Hill.

c) Followed by action

“There isn’t enough room in your mind for both worry and faith. You must decide which one will live there.” Unknown.

A vision and goal without action is a wish. By doing, you will have the chance to make it real.
You either gain or learn in any venture. So, choose to have an actionable faith and continue your efforts to make every dream happen. Seek outside help if necessary. You will be surprised to find lots of people are willing to help you. People want to see a better world if your dreams come true especially noble ones.

With the right guidance and proven recipe for wealth, you too can rise from struggle to success.
There is no exact science behind success, but there are most certainly no secrets when it comes to creating wealth or whatever other desires you may inspire to create for yourself.

d) Legacy

Wealth is nothing more than an individual choice just as failure is a choice. It is derived and made possible as the result of a choice.  

The question is whether you have the desire to claim your success, which I believe all of you have.
Never let your "Unconscious Choices” limit your "Consciously Desired" Results.
Pretty cool don't you think?

The answer will become more than apparent as the story reaches its conclusion.

Wealth is well within your grasp and easily attainable if you will only find that "inner place" and make the choice to "allow" it to be so.

You have already taken a major step by reading this book. Now, choose to take the next step and leave behind a good legacy.

Another thing! Prepare to get empowered. Look for something affirmative and positive in each and every day, even if some days you have to look a little harder. Let the challenges make you strong, unshakeable and unstoppable.

AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT! You are the sculptor of your external reality. This is also the hidden and often ignored creative power within us. This is this power we can use to create the wealth we desire. More importantly, we can do it in a way that allows us to live our life in an easy, stress-free manner. Learn to love without condition. Talk without bad intention. Give without any reason. And mostly, care for people without any expectation.

Always remember a man’s world is the projection of his mind. When his mind is weak, he sees problems. When his mind is balance, he sees challenges. When his mind is strong, he sees opportunities. 


What is Financial Literacy?
The President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy defines personal financial Literacy as “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.” (2008 Annual Report to the President)
It is clear that it is an essential learn-able skill that one needs to be equipped with in order to handle his /her financial affairs well. Just like driving skill, you need to put into practice to master it.
Current High Inflation Situation
Many of us are aware that the cost of living has dramatically increased in view of the implementation of Goods and Service Tax and around 26 % depreciation of Ringgit against US Dollars from the beginning of the year 2015. As such, this skill evidently becomes more important.
Our national leaders are struggling to solve the nation’s trade deficits, mountain high national debts coupled with softening of commodities prices, just as many Malaysians are struggling to balance their household budgets.  We are living in an economic time when money is short and everyone is trying to find ways and means to stretch their Ringgit as far as possible.
The importance of Financial Literacy
What could happen if the leaders across our nation do not endeavor to prepare our future generations with this essential skill that were not formally introduced in our education system?  How could we expect them to be more successful in handling their financial matters, be it professionally or personally? The financial lessons and skills we teach and train our young people are to develop appropriate habits so that they can manage their finances independently.  To cultivate such a healthy habit, one needs to have better control of one’s emotion and mindset.
Recent research conducted by the National Endowment for Financial Education has successfully proven that financial education influences and impact behavior to certain extent. Students who are equipped and educated with financial literacy courses are more likely to save, less likely to incur high credit card debt, and more likely to take better financial risks as young adults.
As the Chief Valuation Creation Officer, I have extensively used my blogs, seminar and workshop to provide resources to public of all ages. In 2009, I launched Money Tells Stories blog, which specifically provides financial resources for individuals of all life phases before I take it further to conduct workshop to meet the a sudden surge of demands for this skill. 
More to be done
I have written several financial books and articles with intention in grooming Small Business Leadership, Business Owners and entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable value creation.
Next, I am seeking more collaboration with investors, academic and industry experts so that we can pooled our resources to help small businesses succeed in the current economic environment after the publication of financial stuff through magazines and other digital publications .
With this, I strongly encourage financial leaders across the country to identity innovative and creative ways to promote financial literacy in their circles and states.  It’s never too late for someone to reassess their finances and create a better financial future for their loved ones.
Together we can bring our nations and communities into the forefront of the financial education movement so that more people are well prepared and responsible for their own financial future.

 James Oh 

Chief Value Creation Officer

Sunday, 4 October 2015



Dear Families, Friends, Followers and Fans,

Hi. This is James Oh again. I have spent numerous years of my life learning, unlearning and relearning my specialized field which I share in this blog. I have personally tested, implemented and redefined all these techniques in my life hundreds and thousands of times until it becomes part of me. I am a firm believer that we are what we repeatedly do. Who we are is the accumulation of how we conduct our daily affairs.

This post is designed to furnish you with a good understanding of the authentic life of each individual. I strongly believe in modelling and we may pick out from someone. What I know is that it’s not sufficient for me to tell myself who I want to be, I always model everything that I am supposed to do. I was an excellent copycat before I discover my authentic self and take my courage and commitment to be myself.
I had consciously chosen this celebrity path subsequently after I worked as a movies distributor cum movies investment adviser overseas. Naturally, I have more opportunities to watch those artists perform in the concerts or participate in their promotional activities. As times goes on, my faith to be a professional trainer increases, my inner voice is overwhelming, I have to give in and follow my heart and soul.

“   You can achieve what you conceive in your mind.” Napoleon Hill. To make it happen, we need to know precisely what we want to create. First, it must be created in the mind. As such, we need to take time and effort to seek what actually we want in life. Use picture or number as our end. For example if you want to have a BMW, tell yourself how many you need? Which series 3,5 or 7. Best still, if you can place a photo of that specific BMW in front of your computer. Day in and day out it will remind you to find a way to obtain it.
       Habit – Begin with the end in your mind.

I find this approach very fruitful as the chances of attaining success is very high as it will drive you to the path to obtain such a profound result. I have unknowingly prescribe this proven formulae to become a successful professional financial personnel in helping the founder grow his company from the start up to a publicly listed company and also successfully overcome the Asian financial Crisis 1997-8. Once you begin with the end in your mind, your mind will wonder for an effective solution that leads you to the appropriate path to achieve your destination.
 Strategic Clarity
Once you are clear of your mission, begin with the mission in your mind. Of course, using the appropriate strategy will help you attain your mission. This is because our thinking will help us to view things with the appropriate lenses and focus on those essential things first. We will then stay focused on those essential things and it is much easier now. By concentrated focus, we will achieve more with less. By doing so, we are adopting holistic approach is dealing thing. Slowly and surely it will shape us accordingly. No surprise to say we are what we repeatedly do. By repeatedly doing it, it will become our habits. Constantly refining our thinking skills will further enhance the quality of our thinking skills, which will lead to better quality  decision making process. Ultimately, it will lead us to better consequences.
 I also know that if I master this newly found profession, I must continue to read and practice the required techniques until I feel comfortable enough to discharge my assignments naturally. I began to make numerous cold calls, launch new taglines that reflect well with my expertise in line with the saying doing is believing. 
I enjoyed every turn of my newly found journey. This was perhaps due to my nature of being a positive thinker since my young age to overcome my physical weakness and mental weakness.  I had to employ the spiritual strength and at times I lost both the physical and mental strength. One thing I am very certain is that all these series of events cannot be coincidence and must have its own purpose when I connect back these missing dots. Now, I am convinced and convicted wholeheartedly.
If you have been following me long enough, you will be able to identify these strengths I have built throughout. All these breakthroughs well indicate a solid point that we are who we think. We can either be the master of your mind, or the slave of your mind.Both are equally right. What is your choice then? Make sure you don’t fall victim to that way of thinking.
Trust me that most of us are much better than we think. What you need to do is keep taming your mind and rewire your mind to be what you destined to be. I am more than happy to assist you in the area of my expertise and you may reach me at for a no obligation appointment. Be mindful that my mission is to groom people to develop integrated thinking in achieving sustainable value creation, if you want to soar above the storm.

Yours sincerely,
James Oh

Thursday, 1 October 2015


                                                         Finance Course Director     
Led by James Oh - A specialist on Sustainable Value Creation 
- Featured in magazines including First Finance, Smart Investor and Money Compass with clients including Malaysia Institute of Accountants, Malaysian Financial Planning Committee, Vistage, Financial Planning Association of Malaysia and its Chapters.


 James is a specialist in value creation. He had intensively studied, researched and actively written in the fields of financial literacy, mindset and wealth. His regular clients comprises of Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Vistage International Business Club, Malaysia Financial Planning Council, Financial Planning Association of Malaysia and its chapters in East Malaysia.

James’ goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. He has been personally trained by world-class trainers and coaches like Dato’ Lawrence Chan, Mr.  KC See. Mr. Gerry Robert and Madam Teoh Poh Yew.

James’ mission is to groom people to embrace integrated thinking to achieve sustainable value creation. He had used his multi talents to provide solutions to many challenges faced by his employers, clients and himself. James is a positive thinker and will help anyone who wants to fulfil their dreams He successfully used 80:20 rules in line with its strategic plan at each stage successfully during his 30 years of professional experience.

James is also a very talented person who had used his determination to qualify both as a professional accountant with law degree. He had written seven books to help readers improve themselves and create sustainable values in their respective fields and actively contributed to the top investment magazine i.e. Smart Investor Magazine, Financial First, books review, Money Compass and digital publication.

His passion is now to provide insights of his knowledge and experience through his popular courses. James is a great trainer and had trained hundreds of people in the field of finance, mindset development, wealth and value creation.     

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


“The key to success is for you to make a habit throughout your life of doing the thing you fear.” Brian Tracy.  

Those who know me long enough will agree that I was introvert person and never will deliver any speech or publish any article in the public. However, throughout the years, I have been keeping to do thing I fear. Finally, I managed to build my muscle to even overcome the no 1 most fear according to the American’s statistics. As such, I do hope we will encourage each other to overcome our fear, one by one, for our mutual benefits.  

With this, I write to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the Money Compass for publishing and featuring my article in its  October, 2015 Special Edition.

I must say it helped me to stretch out my boundary into publishing my financial-related knowledge into another magazine to reach out its readers. This has helped me to build much stronger foundation to move to higher level of success.

With this massive collaboration with my existing and new strategic partners, follow by massive initiatives and massive innovations to move ourselves to another level of height by focusing of developing our core competency to be a leading specialist in achieving sustainable value creation.
I don’t mind to share with you that I unknowingly subscribed to this recipe to progress my business to what I am today. No doubts, it is still a long journey to go, but one thing is certain is that we will constantly develop our new capability to serve the new market and under-served market.

We believe that by stay focused of doing what we do best using our gifted talents and experience to serve people around the globe so as to achieve sustainable business growth and profitability by setting a good role model.

This is our best practice that every time we accomplish a project or get a compliment for a contribution we have made to the world, we will take a moment to let it sink in our hearts. Allow satisfaction and fulfillment to enter our hearts. It will then continue to energise us to take up another bigger task. That’s how the momentum will build up.

One thing we are very sure is having massive actions and innovations to have much greater impact. This is also in line with our belief that we must pay back to the society where we have been benefiting from.

To play a larger role with much greater impact, we will actively participate in what is the next big thing in our fields. Where are the opportunities right now and the highlights we should look out for in the near future regardless of what is our situation?

We must be in control at all times no matter what. Always direct our energies in the area of our focus. Slowly and surely we will achieve what we desired.  

Please help us to spread around if you find it inspiring. By doing so, we are able to serve with larger magnitude of people. Hope you too can begin to imagine the immense nuggets of gold waiting for you.

To your success,

James Oh
Chief Value Creation

Saturday, 26 September 2015