Thursday, 24 November 2011


A very warm welcome to this talk.

How many of you have difficulties in sustaining your business? Pause.

Everyone knows how easy it is to start a business. The REAL Challenge is to sustain it and making big profits.

Today I am going to share with you some Proven Tips on how to sustain business growth and make real profits.

To proceed further, I like to use this UNIQUE tea port to illustrate the following 4 points.

a) Design
b) Message
c) Trade Mark
d) Something New

Point 1. It is obviously clear that this tea pot was created for far more than its intended functions and features. Because its design is so Amazingly Beautiful, it makes it suitable to be as a decorative item after use.

This illustrates the point that we can't afford to ignore Design should we desire to sustain this business growth.

Again, Apple is using this Proven tip to create an ultra thin and wide screen for its iPhone to get its product noticed. Thus, it has successfully created and added value in the users' perspective.

Point 2. By incorporating a popular quotation at the surface of this pot, the people may connect it with the creator whenever they see the tea pot and hence have a high tendency to form a long lasting memory of the creator in their minds.

Therefore, the purpose of crafting a satisfying narrative is to get the message in sustaining this business.

In this connection, Apple is sending a clear message of simplicity as its identity seen consistently throughout all its products.

Point 3. The trade mark at the bottom of this pot, not only reflects the creator's identity in term of its specialty, uniqueness, and other talents, but also serves as an attractive power for people to unearth its underlying story.

Similar concept also has been employed by all the long successful corporations. Apple for instance, has been successful in creating an Impression of high quality for its products, apart from its simplicity as its identity.

Point 4. With the above smart strategies, its creator has indirectly enhance its new usage. This tea port is also used as a hedging tool against inflation amongst its collectors. Hence, it stays significantly relevant at all times and continuously enjoy long and lasting business growth over many centuries. In short, it is obviously creating not only new demand but remains a significant contributor in the global economy.

Such strategies employed by Apple for the introduction of its new products such as iPad, which is far more superior than iPhone and Laptop. Hence, it delivers SOMETHING that we do  NOT EVEN KNOW THAT we ARE MISSING by Combining email, internet browser and social network into something new.

With this, a new product is born by combining 3 devices into 1 device. I repeat, it is not 3 separate devices, but 1 device.

With the above 4 points, I am very sure that you will find them useful when you plan your future business to ensure that it can sustain the business and make REAL profit.

In conclusion, it is critically important to remember that starting business is very easy, the real challenge is how  we can sustain the business for the real long term profit.

With my 4 points explained earlier, you can use it wisely and diligently to ensure your success in sustaining any business of your choice. With this, I wish you all the best of luck.!/pages/Lift-You-Up-Always-there-for-You/176685462397920

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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Web shop product pages can be very wide effective powerful marketing tools, if they are appropriately dressed with appealing and interesting lively contexts. However, it is sad to see many have neglected their pages on the Web due to several reasons best known to them.  Too often, small shop owners are inclined to offer only basic details about an item on product pages. This does not give potential and busy prospects much help. As such, great potential businesses may be lost.

With keen competition like today's technology world, a basic e-commerce product description that includes only size and color choices and a product image is just not sufficiently enough. This is because this will not do as well in Google searches as you potentially could. Obviously, brief descriptions do not always provide enough information to lead shoppers to make a purchase.

To be effective, every product page on your site should not only be unique, compelling and contain your very best sales copy.  A product description should not only incorporate your search engine keywords, but also be persuasive to convince the prospects to act.

Now, you can vividly see the importance of the E-commerce contents which play a crucial role to convert leads into sales, and they are very much dependent on their writer. The writer will be the artist who not only knows the prospects' needs, but also will be able to stir their emotions so as to conclude the deals. As such, the writer is able to make the product description as an appetizer:  use it to give customers a tantalizing taste of your product with a creative description so as to create Good E-commerce Products Page Descriptions that ranks well, according to the Google index system.

In this connection, web shop owners should engage a blogger if they cannot write an original descriptions for their product pages. This is because they need to give their customers fresh content that stands out from the rest of hundreds of other small Web shops selling the same merchandise if they want to have extra ordinary results for themselves.

To achieve this effective end, the writer needs to conduct proper research on the product and decide which characteristics most appeal to consumers. When writing this desired e-commerce content, the particulars on how the product works needs to be included. Suggestions to consumers on how the item can address their problems or needs should be emphasised. For instance, give consumers' ideas on how the item can fit into their lifestyle or home or enhance their value.

When writing your product description, always remember to write for your intended audiences' perspective. For instance, if your site sells toys and games, you will then need to mention things like skills children would apply in using the game. Here, you would talk about the benefit in a tone suited to the parent and not the child because often, it is the parent or other adults making the purchase decision. 

Incorporate Keywords and Product Reviews
Apart from the above, you also need to rework and include content that is search-engine friendly and helpful to your shoppers. To do so, you need to edit the product description to include your keywords. Therefore, the goal is to be selected consistently when important keywords are used and at the same time it grammatically makes sense as well.

For example, if your keyword phrase is “hunting knife” don’t refer to the item as “knife” in your product description.  You would use something like this: “This hunting knife is rugged and durable…”
You can also give search engine extra content to crawl by offering user-generated product reviews right on the individual item page. Customers who have purchased the product may describe usefulness and other features you don’t mention in your own product description. The other benefit is that positive product reviews can help the customers make the purchase decision.
Add Call-to-Action to your Product Page
Another beneficial change you can make on your product page is to link related products within the product description.  For instance, if the item is part of a set of products, creating a link to those related product pages will be very helpful to boost your sales. 

You can also link to other relevant products. For example, if you own a tea shop, you can mention and link to the matching tea utensils or accessories from accessories page. This makes it easier for customers to see related items and encourages them to buy more.

Call-to-action statements are important and not to be neglected. A call-to-action sales statement that engages customers and creates a sense of urgency to encourage them to make the purchase. You desire to push customers to check it out now and not later. 

Many e-retailers place these statements on their main Web shop or main category pages, but they should also include the call-to-action right on product page near the “add to cart” or “check-out” buttons.
Some of call-to-action statements may be used; “10 per cent discount till a certain day", "Free shipping ends in three days,” or “Free membership for a year."
 Grammar and Spelling Count
Grammar and spelling are very important so as to give a professional look that can create good impression from your prospects. Grammar and well-written e-commerce content plays crucial roles on how customers perceive you. This will build customer trust; they will feel like they’re dealing with a professional individual or business. 

Once you have your e-commerce content written, continue to proof read and edit until it is perfect. It is often difficult to spot your own mistakes, so find an articulate friend to read the e-commerce copy for you. Better still you may hire a professional freelancer who will ensure that you offer excellent, content throughout your e-commerce site.

To hire such a blogger with the above competency and required skills should not be overlooked and the efforts can be very greatly rewarded.

From the above discussion, a blogger also need to know the topics with passion, then he can write in creative and effective ways to give your e-commerce page the desired results you want. As such, this well deserves your serious consideration and evaluation.

In this connection, I am glad to tell you that I fit well into the above criteria and will be able to meet your expectation.  

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