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As time goes by, we noticed that everything gets expensive each day. Anything you can name, from food to services. The impact of the increase in the prices of the goods and services that you consumed is called inflation. Make a guess as to what was the Inflation rate last year? The question does not end here. So, ask yourself another question - what is your increase in annual salary that your company pays you? Is it higher or lower than the inflation rate? Congratulation to those who get it’s higher. Otherwise, do you know what it means? It simply means that the money you earned is insufficient to cover for the increase in the services and products that you are consuming every single day which in turns will eat into the money you earned.
How to beat inflation then? Should there be a way where we can pay off our debts and eventually be financially free?
The solution is simple – to INVEST/ CREATE a vehicle that will not only generate income that can beat inflation but also allows you to be Financially Free. So what to invest or create then?
Now the question is how can anyone invests/creates even you are a totally newbie in investing, or you dislike Mathematics, or you know nothing about finance and investing. The fact is that Investing/ creating is simpler that you think. Most of the richest people in the world do not have any formal education. What you need is a little research and patience.
In addition, we are here to provide you financial literacy and mind changing programs which allow you to totally change your financial destiny.

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Dear Sir/Madam,

To attain success, continuous and sustainable growth in every organization and leadership teams’ are not optional.  As a result, we need to constantly commit and dedicate our time and effort wholeheartedly to make permanent progress with ease.

Today’s fast changing business environment demands not only lifelong learning, but also requires active upgrading of knowledge, skills and mindset than ever before. Everyone associated with the business, right from the CEO to Operational Staff, need to revamp and refresh their domain knowledge, to keep abreast with the timely demands and adapt to the new environment. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the appropriate type of training that is crucial for each individual that are in line with the corporate objective and the individual's capacity for continuous learning and upgrading skills.

We offer a variety of comprehensive, holistic training solutions focused on bringing about mind changing, behavoural changes, building essential core competencies of the employees and sharpening the business acumen of the Entrepreneur or the Business Leaders.  Our comprehensive range of executive programs in areas such as Mindset Changing, Leadership, Self Improvement, Financial Literacy and Personal Development have provided the proven personalized crafted pathway for personnel and professionals to refine their competency in their respective fields.  All contents are directly tailored to suit the client's business environment and demands. The courses will drive and deliver the desired results by using proven practical principles, techniques and methodologies.

Please contact us should you require any of our comprehensive training programmes catering to the Training Needs of every Corporate Member - right from the CEO to the Operational Level Employee.

We look forward to an opportunity to partner with you in your Training & Development Activities.

We also wish you another Great Successful Financial Year ahead.

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Finding Solace in Discomfort of my life!

Finding Solace in Discomfort of my life!

Think about it, my venture into entrepreneurialism was one of the most frightening, discomforting and disturbing days of my life. This is because it was the day I quit my job upon return from foreign land. On that day, I knew there were no more steady paychecks, no more financial security or retirement plans. No more days off for being sick or paid vacations. What insane am I?

However, the world is changing at remarkable speed, the internet has made information so instantaneous that we can learn anything and everything at anytime, anywhere and everywhere in front of our computers. The web has even brought teachers and trainers around the globe into our home. You can learn and master any required skill at your pace and convenience. The computer leads us to be transformed from employee to entrepreneur. The computer empowers us to be entrepreneurs in serving the world which we have been benefiting from.

The internet provides us the platform to communicate and market our products and services through email, website, blog and social media. In short, the computer turn out to be our integrate business’ systems. It also furnishes us the tools for accounting and enables us access to required specific legal advice pertinent to our requirements. The computer lets you search the whole world for every supplier we need. The computer is the second powerful tool of the digital entrepreneur that we can’t afford not to have.

The entrepreneur is all about the brains apart from providing effective and quality leadership. Transformation is crucially required in this rapidly changes world. This is not the smartest and the most intelligent people to survive, but the most adaptable.

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Materializing Your Financial Dream

The investment landscape has been significantly altered over the past few decades. All sort of new investment options are now made available to investors. The decision of how, when and where they should invest their assets has become more daunting and challenging task than before.

With the bursting of the U.S. stock market bubble in 2000 and financial meltdown in 2008, a new environment persists in global financial markets. With this new environment with quantity easing, a different approach to investing is required.  Stock picking strategies are become crucial in determining the appropriate returns from their investments.

All individuals, somehow, have their specific needs and long-term financial goals that they need to achieve when investing their hard earned capital; the challenge is to ensure that they are taking the appropriate process, strategies and steps to make these goals a reality.

The Art of Value Investing can be a powerful tool for investors enabling them to truly understand the benefits of applying a time-proven, disciplined process and patience to their investment decisions. This is the same process that is used by some of the worlds’ most prominent and well-respected investment strategists, and can be altered and adapted for any size of your portfolios.

We believe that by providing investors with this know-how, knowledge and mindset will prepare us to make educated and informed decisions about our money. Appropriate integrated system is to ensure smooth execution to achieve optimum returns.

Our mission at Money Tells Stories is to furnish all of our current and potential readers with the tools that they need to ensure their financial success. We truly hope that this information provides you with the know-how to materialize your financial dreams.  Be mindful that our mission is to help people to explore the invisible and achieving the impossible.

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