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Dear friends,

How many of you have heard of the phrase "Cash is King"? I believe many of have. Why is cash King? This is because cash is the lifeblood of any company. It reflects the financial health of your business. The in and out of your cash flow will be the determining factor on how you manage your finances. If the inflow of money is not sufficient to cater for the needs of the business, it may somehow affect the viability of the company. Hence, cash flow is a key element of the success of any business. Without cash flow, the profits are meaningless. 

Some profitable business may even end up in bankruptcy or be wound up, should the amount of money flowing out is not comparative to the amount of money flowing in. Companies that has no good management of cash flow may not be able to make the investments necessary to compete, or may be forced to pay more in its loan activity. 

Because of its crucial importance, I would like to share some tips with you on how to manage the cash flow effectively:

1. Make a projection of cash flow over a periodic of time.

Always determine how much the inflow before determining the future cash to be spent. Pay accordingly to the priority especially if there is a heavy penalty fee imposed should you not settle on or before its due date. Interest and overdue charges may be very expensive and this is an added expense for your business.

2. Cash collection needed to be reviewed and improved constantly.

To encourage your clients to pay on time or earlier is a wise move. Alternatively, you may request some down payments for ordered purchases, if applicable. Review and monitor receivables regularly and identify those that are about to become due.

3. Try not to pay debts earlier than due date even if there is cash available for you to do so, always on due date.

Establishing a good pay master  track record with your suppliers will help you  build goodwill for your company. This will assist you in obtaining more flexible and better payment terms and conditions.

4. You may make good use of the surplus funds at any period of time to earn some interest income by placing them into the money market. The quantum of interest income generated is very much dependent on the period of the available surplus fund and the interest regime at that particular time.
Therefore, it is very rewarding for anyone who is willing to work hard and smart to accomplish strong cash flow. To do so, you are required to analyze and manage your cash flow more effectively and fruitfully. 

By now, you are able to see how cash flow will determine failure and success of any business. Sometimes one will have to a pay heavy price for just stretching the payment terms.

James Oh

Monday, 19 December 2011

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Respect the life energy you are putting into your job.  Money is simply something you trade your life energy for.  Trade it with purpose and integrity for increased earnings.  Ask yourself:  Am I making a living or making a dying?

— Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, Your Money or Your Life

Thursday, 24 November 2011


A very warm welcome to this talk.

How many of you have difficulties in sustaining your business? Pause.

Everyone knows how easy it is to start a business. The REAL Challenge is to sustain it and making big profits.

Today I am going to share with you some Proven Tips on how to sustain business growth and make real profits.

To proceed further, I like to use this UNIQUE tea port to illustrate the following 4 points.

a) Design
b) Message
c) Trade Mark
d) Something New

Point 1. It is obviously clear that this tea pot was created for far more than its intended functions and features. Because its design is so Amazingly Beautiful, it makes it suitable to be as a decorative item after use.

This illustrates the point that we can't afford to ignore Design should we desire to sustain this business growth.

Again, Apple is using this Proven tip to create an ultra thin and wide screen for its iPhone to get its product noticed. Thus, it has successfully created and added value in the users' perspective.

Point 2. By incorporating a popular quotation at the surface of this pot, the people may connect it with the creator whenever they see the tea pot and hence have a high tendency to form a long lasting memory of the creator in their minds.

Therefore, the purpose of crafting a satisfying narrative is to get the message in sustaining this business.

In this connection, Apple is sending a clear message of simplicity as its identity seen consistently throughout all its products.

Point 3. The trade mark at the bottom of this pot, not only reflects the creator's identity in term of its specialty, uniqueness, and other talents, but also serves as an attractive power for people to unearth its underlying story.

Similar concept also has been employed by all the long successful corporations. Apple for instance, has been successful in creating an Impression of high quality for its products, apart from its simplicity as its identity.

Point 4. With the above smart strategies, its creator has indirectly enhance its new usage. This tea port is also used as a hedging tool against inflation amongst its collectors. Hence, it stays significantly relevant at all times and continuously enjoy long and lasting business growth over many centuries. In short, it is obviously creating not only new demand but remains a significant contributor in the global economy.

Such strategies employed by Apple for the introduction of its new products such as iPad, which is far more superior than iPhone and Laptop. Hence, it delivers SOMETHING that we do  NOT EVEN KNOW THAT we ARE MISSING by Combining email, internet browser and social network into something new.

With this, a new product is born by combining 3 devices into 1 device. I repeat, it is not 3 separate devices, but 1 device.

With the above 4 points, I am very sure that you will find them useful when you plan your future business to ensure that it can sustain the business and make REAL profit.

In conclusion, it is critically important to remember that starting business is very easy, the real challenge is how  we can sustain the business for the real long term profit.

With my 4 points explained earlier, you can use it wisely and diligently to ensure your success in sustaining any business of your choice. With this, I wish you all the best of luck.



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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Web shop product pages can be very wide effective powerful marketing tools, if they are appropriately dressed with appealing and interesting lively contexts. However, it is sad to see many have neglected their pages on the Web due to several reasons best known to them.  Too often, small shop owners are inclined to offer only basic details about an item on product pages. This does not give potential and busy prospects much help. As such, great potential businesses may be lost.

With keen competition like today's technology world, a basic e-commerce product description that includes only size and color choices and a product image is just not sufficiently enough. This is because this will not do as well in Google searches as you potentially could. Obviously, brief descriptions do not always provide enough information to lead shoppers to make a purchase.

To be effective, every product page on your site should not only be unique, compelling and contain your very best sales copy.  A product description should not only incorporate your search engine keywords, but also be persuasive to convince the prospects to act.

Now, you can vividly see the importance of the E-commerce contents which play a crucial role to convert leads into sales, and they are very much dependent on their writer. The writer will be the artist who not only knows the prospects' needs, but also will be able to stir their emotions so as to conclude the deals. As such, the writer is able to make the product description as an appetizer:  use it to give customers a tantalizing taste of your product with a creative description so as to create Good E-commerce Products Page Descriptions that ranks well, according to the Google index system.

In this connection, web shop owners should engage a blogger if they cannot write an original descriptions for their product pages. This is because they need to give their customers fresh content that stands out from the rest of hundreds of other small Web shops selling the same merchandise if they want to have extra ordinary results for themselves.

To achieve this effective end, the writer needs to conduct proper research on the product and decide which characteristics most appeal to consumers. When writing this desired e-commerce content, the particulars on how the product works needs to be included. Suggestions to consumers on how the item can address their problems or needs should be emphasised. For instance, give consumers' ideas on how the item can fit into their lifestyle or home or enhance their value.

When writing your product description, always remember to write for your intended audiences' perspective. For instance, if your site sells toys and games, you will then need to mention things like skills children would apply in using the game. Here, you would talk about the benefit in a tone suited to the parent and not the child because often, it is the parent or other adults making the purchase decision. 

Incorporate Keywords and Product Reviews
Apart from the above, you also need to rework and include content that is search-engine friendly and helpful to your shoppers. To do so, you need to edit the product description to include your keywords. Therefore, the goal is to be selected consistently when important keywords are used and at the same time it grammatically makes sense as well.

For example, if your keyword phrase is “hunting knife” don’t refer to the item as “knife” in your product description.  You would use something like this: “This hunting knife is rugged and durable…”
You can also give search engine extra content to crawl by offering user-generated product reviews right on the individual item page. Customers who have purchased the product may describe usefulness and other features you don’t mention in your own product description. The other benefit is that positive product reviews can help the customers make the purchase decision.
Add Call-to-Action to your Product Page
Another beneficial change you can make on your product page is to link related products within the product description.  For instance, if the item is part of a set of products, creating a link to those related product pages will be very helpful to boost your sales. 

You can also link to other relevant products. For example, if you own a tea shop, you can mention and link to the matching tea utensils or accessories from accessories page. This makes it easier for customers to see related items and encourages them to buy more.

Call-to-action statements are important and not to be neglected. A call-to-action sales statement that engages customers and creates a sense of urgency to encourage them to make the purchase. You desire to push customers to check it out now and not later. 

Many e-retailers place these statements on their main Web shop or main category pages, but they should also include the call-to-action right on product page near the “add to cart” or “check-out” buttons.
Some of call-to-action statements may be used; “10 per cent discount till a certain day", "Free shipping ends in three days,” or “Free membership for a year."
 Grammar and Spelling Count
Grammar and spelling are very important so as to give a professional look that can create good impression from your prospects. Grammar and well-written e-commerce content plays crucial roles on how customers perceive you. This will build customer trust; they will feel like they’re dealing with a professional individual or business. 

Once you have your e-commerce content written, continue to proof read and edit until it is perfect. It is often difficult to spot your own mistakes, so find an articulate friend to read the e-commerce copy for you. Better still you may hire a professional freelancer who will ensure that you offer excellent, content throughout your e-commerce site.

To hire such a blogger with the above competency and required skills should not be overlooked and the efforts can be very greatly rewarded.

From the above discussion, a blogger also need to know the topics with passion, then he can write in creative and effective ways to give your e-commerce page the desired results you want. As such, this well deserves your serious consideration and evaluation.

In this connection, I am glad to tell you that I fit well into the above criteria and will be able to meet your expectation.  

James Oh
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Very happy day to you,

On behalf of MONEY TELLS STORIES, we warmly welcome you to our website. Your visit to our site indicates your interest to seek improvement that can really make a difference to you, your loved ones and your people. As such, we, at this blog, are constantly trying our best to fu
lfill your and our dreams to make a better tomorrow.

Today, we are going to dwell on something very useful with the intention you too will be lifted up at the end of the day. Permit me to bring in my preceding article, Success is so predictable which you may refresh yourself by clicking the link below.

To enhance its understanding further, our discussion today on how to achieve perpetual success should be view as a supplementary to this already popular topic and we hope you reap the maximum benefits out of it.

In order to achieve its end, there are the steps we need to go through thoroughly with you as follow:-

First, we must recognise the truth of the power of human minds. It makes us distinguish distinctly from animals and make us the Kings in this planet. When we can conceive and believe in it, we can make it. As such, it is of paramount important that we are able to align our belief system into what believe. Believing that it works will drive our mind to search for solutions to make it happen. In one of my preceding articles, I do encourage you to replace the word "I'm Possible" to "impossible". By doing so, you will remove the top most obstacle in your mind. Thereafter, you may ask further:- How to make it happen?


Many of us; knowingly and unknowingly; are in a way conditioning our minds by the surroundings events we are exposed to. In a way, we are also influenced by such circumstances. If left un-check, we will be drag into the beliefs of the majority who aimed to please the society we are living in. As a result, we are also ingrained with such behaviour and are hesitant to change. Sad to say that only changes can bring us progress.

Conversely, we need to be receptive to new ideas, so to speak. Be experimenting with new ideas and do learn from your mistakes. Never be afraid of making mistakes. Mistake actually shows us the right path to our discovery. Thomas Edison made 5,000 mistakes before he invented a light bulb. As such, I like to say that there is no failure in itself. Mistake indicates that this is not the right path to Success. You see now that failure is a small success in itself because you have discovered that this is not the right path. Try other path, this is all about. Hope I have not confused you. If I do, please continue to read. You may be clearer by the end of the article. If not, give it a deep thought.

Just by believing in it will not bring you success, unless you put it into action. Then, how can Creativity come into play? Please share with us your thoughts. To me, it comes in many ways:- it not only helps us to find an intelligent short cut to solve our problems in hand; it may also give us solutions to overcome the constraints we are currently facing such as compliance to the legal requirements; resources and etc. It may also prompt us to re-look into other possibilities such as the processes involved. Here, you may reinvent the wheel or re-engineer the processes involved or the methods such as automation and etc.

Creativity offers us ways to solve our problems. Be mindful that if you want to stand out in the crowd, then creativity is one of the possible ways. Another thing I need you to realise is that creativity is crucially required in all professionals namely Law; Accountancy; Architects etc..

In view of the keen competitive marketing environment, creativity and innovation play a very important role in the business especially for those looking for a sustainable growth model.


Feeling is a state of mind, so is Capacity. Frequently asking yourself to increase your capacity will open doors to your minds to look for intelligent shortcuts. As some of you may be aware that I started to work at a very young age, in order to find time for my study. I learn to search for intelligent shortcut namely multi-tasking which I learn from my mum to save time. To achieve perpetual success in anything, you need to do better (in term of its processes, control) ; and increase the output ( in term of quality and quantity of its output.) In short, To do less and get more.


To achieve perpetual success is to constantly asking yourself to do better than yesterday. Be mindful that self improvement has no limit. Listen to its answer in echo. Ask and you will get it.

No surprise that life learning is inevitable.


Be observant at all times. Ask and listen whenever you can so as to ensure that you make sound decisions. Listen more and speak less so that you do not miss out on any opportunity. Observe and learn from those successful people, which were well advocated in Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich. If you have not read, please do yourself a favour and get it now.


To achieve this end, you need to constantly stimulate your mind. I learn from the Mathematics stimulation that there is always a solution where you can find at the optimum point of anything and everything exactly like those parameters expressed in Mathematics problem. In real life, we always facing several issues (parameters) and at the same time we need to resolve these issues with constraints and yet we obtained the best solution out of all possible solutions. Therefore, you may need this Mathematics equation to work out the best solution for your problems in hand.

Trust the above article is very worth your times and effort. If yes, please help us to spread to others who may need it. Thank you so much.

To our success in making a better tomorrow,

James Oh

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Happy reading to all of you.

Today, I write to draw your immediate attention and action to this particular above mentioned tax incentives.

Here, we are pleased to inform you that the Government of Malaysia has launched the Green Building Index (GBI) on May 21, 2009 to encourage usage of green technology. GBI is a green rating index on environmental friendly buildings. This index is based on certain criteria listed as follows:-

a. energy and water efficiency;
b. indoor environment quality;
c. sustainable management and planning of building sites in respect of pollution control and facilities for workers;
d. usage of recyclable and environmental friendly materials and resources; and
e. adoption of new green technologies

As such, owners of buildings awarded the GBI certificate shall be given tax exemption equivalent to 100% of the additional capital expenditure incurred to obtain the GBI certificate which can be set-off against 100% of the statutory income for each year of assessment. The incentive is applicable for new buildings and upgrading of existing buildings. The incentive is given only for the first GBI certificate issued in respect of the building. Effective for buildings awarded with GBI certificates from 24 October 2009 until 31 December 2014.

In addition to the above, incentives such as stamp duty exemption on instruments of transfer of ownership of such buildings in respect of additional cost incurred to obtain the GBI certificate for purchasers of the buildings and residential properties from real property developers which are awarded with GBI certificate. Effective for sales and purchase agreement executed from the same period mentioned above.

Trust the above is helpful to you. Please direct your circle of friends to this blog should you find it useful. Thank you so much.

Look forward to seeing you again,

James Oh

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A happy day to you!

On behalf of Money Tells Stories, I warmly welcome you to our website. Your visit to our site indicates your interest to seek something that can really make a difference to you AND your loved ones.

Today, we specially bring to you the creative training of high content, activities based and result-driven workshop. They are the results of over 20 years of local and international research, study and training experience. Since 1994, thousands people from all walks of life have benefited from their proven training programmes from 14 countries around the world.
Confucius says "Give you a fish, it will last you for a meal but teach you fishing, it will last for the rest of your life." Here, I believe that every parent intend to offer the best gifts to their young ones. You will find this an ideal and  best for your child. This shall be your last stop and thus, search no more. As from here you will see the unlimited resources, unlimited possibilities and unlimited potentials.

Getting children excited about learning is every teacher's top most challenge apart from getting their attention, participation, and retention. The workshop incorporating creative teaching techniques is the most effective way to spice up their lessons and make it much easier to instill the love for learning among young children.

Thus, you can be rest assured to count on them to reach their ends through the most unlikely, yet captivating method ie. through
MAGIC! This proven and tested method makes learning FUN and enjoyable which some of you would not have thought possible. Needless to say that the children who participate will be motivated to learn.
The trainer appears regularly on TV, radio, magazines and newspapers to share her experiences and she is no other than Teoh Poh Yew.  She has also authored three books on mathematical magic. She is an inspiring educator that advocates the right attitudes towards learning, in line with Confucius saying, "I see I forget, I read I remember and I do I understand." As such, she has taken teaching and learning to another level - the magical level.

As such, all educators and parents are encouraged to attend her workshop to make learning fun and meaningful.

Poh Yew’s forthcoming Workshops that will transform the way we develop our children 

Venue      : Tiara Intan Seminar Room, Hotel Singgahsana Petaling Jaya
 Time        : Workshop 1 – The Art of  Effective Teaching
  22 October 2011 09:00am – 05:00pm             
  Workshop 2 – Helping Children to Love Maths The Fun & Magical Way
  23 October 2011 09:00am – 05:00pm 

For more information,
please call  Sheila or Tracy  at 03-56366223


click at the link below for the preceding article:-

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Very welcome to money telling blog,

Globally, everywhere is flooded with all the bad news, according to the most of the newspapers, magazines and almost all the media. Therefore, it is hard not to be affected by this news one way or the other. How we are going to deal with it? Here, you may want to share some of your success stories here. Please be reminded that you are always more than welcome to communicate with us. As we have stated before and do not mind to repeat that it is always our intention to make this uplifting blog as a platform to engage with our readers and visitors.

Before I proceed further, I like to share with you the old joke about hard times, which some of you may have heard. It began like this - when your friends are unemployed, it is recession. When you are unemployed, it is depression. Well, you have a choice, either to believe it or reject it.

However it is sad to see people normally get stuck in their beliefs about economy. The issue here is if we worry that there will be inflation or deflation, our attitudes will somewhat cause us to have difficulty because of recession or inflation. Hence, lots of energies are not only wasted, but it may even affect your health. Ask those who had gone through recession or deflation or inflation, how they overcame these? Perhaps some of you like to say something on this.

We must say here - no matter how tough things get, you just can't let them get to you. Be mindful that tough times never last, but tough people do. We hope you get what we mean here. You may click the link below to read our preceding article on this.

Please be reminded that you have got to program yourself to keep expecting and generating boom times. If you keep this healthy attitude, you will soon be booming. We know you may want to tell us that it is not easy, which we do agree with you. However, we must be aware that our minds and imaginations can help us to ride out, to rise above and even prosper in times of both recession and inflation. Trust us, this is not what we said only, but it is a well accepted proven recipe by all the world class motivation gurus. Moreover, it is also accepted truth that our minds cannot differentiate between real and unreal.

One good example is that Delta Airlines doubled the number of airplanes they owned during recession. They told their employees, "We're going to keep all of you working.” The employees were so thankful they helped Delta pay for the planes! Similarly, the word 'Crisis' is well reflected in the Chinese character as opportunity or threat, depending on its beholders.

Therefore, it is safe to say that hard times are just nothing more than a state of mind. Change your state of mind and it will change everything you see. Once you do so, you can change the quality of your life, no matter what happens to the economy.

So, we shall throw the ball to your court and let you give the above discussion a deep thought. Please let us have your feedback thereafter. Choice is yours and we share with you in the hope that you are in a way prepared for this, you will then ride the wave of the tide as it comes.

We have done everything possible to lift you up and if anything else you can think of, please do let us know. As you are well aware the purpose of this blog is always explore the best possible mean to lift our readers up in whatsoever situation they are caught in.

Please do help us to achieve our objectives. Let the logo below shine on us so that we all stay shining at all seasons, like the sun.

Thanks and do stay on reading the articles which are in the pipeline so as to further strengthen us together to face the greater challenge in the near future.

Seeing you again.

James Oh

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Very welcome to this Money Telling Stories Blog,

Life is full of fun and excitement and it can happen everywhere and anywhere. The question is whether you realise it or not.

Congratulation to those who agree with this statement because you truly enjoy the beauty of this world. For those have not, please continue to read this article. Give us a chance to transform you so that you too be able to align your view into this direction.

Today, we decided to call for a MISS BUS STOP contest here. We run this contest with the intention to let our readers be a judge and choose the most beautiful bus stop in the world. Secondly, to give valuable feedback to the service providers to upgrade it to the readers' expectation. Thirdly to treat BUS STOP as more than part of their service, but also as a decoration for the public's viewing, or to reflect our ARTS & CULTURE into our society as a whole.


Before we proceed further, we like to hear from you your view on BUS STOPS. As far as I am concerned, I used to take bus and train to and from my office when I was working in Singapore. Surprisingly I enjoy the journey very much because I have more opportunities to talk with strangers and share our experiences. I am very fortunate and at times people just give me coins when I run short off of small change during the rush hour especially at MRT station. All these sweet and wonderful experience always registered in my mind as how wonderful human beings are despite I being a foreigner in their country.


Please welcome the first 9 representatives as follow:-

1. Miss California
2. Miss England
3. Miss Japan
4. Miss Russia
5. Miss France
6. Miss Finland
7. Miss Holland
8. Miss Dubai
9. Miss Italy









Dubai - Air Condition


Please send in your candidate via comment column provided below SOONEST POSSIBLE. So, please give your votes to the candidates accordingly to the preference of your choices, No. 1 to 9. Each reader has THREE votes ACCORDING TO YOUR ORDER OF PREFERENCE and you may direct your circle of friends to give vote to your selected candidates.

The next question arises in the event of stalemate situation. How should we resolve it ? Please forward your views. To kick start this discussion, I suggest that we have extra time, extend 3 more days from its official closing time till 11.11.2011 Malaysian time.

Thank you and please vote now and get your supporters to join in. The winners for all best three candidates, ( same order) will be given the best gifts, announced from time to time, from sponsors of this competition. 


We at LIFT YOU UP, decided to give away a book, with our Founder cum CEO's signature, "THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG" by DAVID J. SCHWARTZ , Ph. D.

To apprehend the value of his signature, please read the link below:-



To our success,

Your Chief Servant

James Oh


To read other related articles, please go to Topic and select Relationship. Thanks and happy reading.

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Very warm welcome to this uplifting blog,

Today, we decided to write an article on Success, which we believe it is a well sought after topic. The title of this article may cause confusion to some of you. But sit back and relax. Continue to read it especially those who disagree with it.

If you find the title is accurate, congratulations to you and you are on your way there. Some may wonder why I say so, yet so few really attain it. This is because you need to acquire the skill to see the invisible, so to speak. I am not here to confuse you, but to share with you with  the intention to make you better and stronger.

To make thing clear, firstly we need to clearly understand its precise definition of SUCCESS.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Success might mean, but is not limited to:
- a level of Social Status
- achievement of an objective/ goal
- the opposite of failure

To me, Success is a journey (means) rather than destination (end).  REAL Success is unstoppable and involves the process of progressive realisation of our Ultimate Goal. This ultimate goal is closely tied with the purpose of our life. Here, we must be able to distinguish 2 type of success - temporary and perpetual in nature. Therefore, it involves three type of learning processes namely -learning, unlearning and relearning; regardless whether knowingly or unknowingly.

It is equally true to say that it is very subjective in nature and only you will know whether you are heading towards/ departure from your ultimate goal. Sad to say that often we are so indulge in our daily challenges that frequently cause us to distract our minds from staying focus on our goals, but on the obstacles instead. In short, stay focus on your goal, SUCCESS is yours. Similarly, stay focus on Obstacles, WORRY is yours.

To achieve your goal, the top most important intellectual faculties you need to use are visualisation and will. Napoleon Hill in his famous book; Think and Grow Rich; says that anything your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve. So, everything around us was once a picture in someone's mind. In short, everything and anything is actually created twice:- first in our mind before its physical or intangible forms.


To illustrate the power of visualisation; an very excellent example to cite is of those fantastic inventions throughout mankind history such as telephone, radio, television, computer and millions more. Unfortunately, not many people are using this powerful tool to work toward achieving their Success. That's the underlying cause that a small fraction of people achieve Success.


Many of us are paralysed by "limited belief", as a result of the process of conditioning from a very young age, by this tyranny. To achieve this Success, you must do yourself a great favour to embrace unlimited belief. Read more at the link below:-


To break away from the limited belief, you need to recondition yourself with unlimited belief, as a way to unlearn what you have learned and relearn what unlimited belief all about. Through time and persistence, you will be able to allow this new belief penetrate into your mindset, just exactly like the sea waves consistently hitting rocks at the beach till the rocks give in eventually.



Before I end my discussion, I like to make you aware that you must rely on all the six intellectual faculties: memory, perception, imagination, reason, intuition, and will; you have in order to get most from your life especially if you truly want to change your results and achieve real success. Thus, you then have to begin by internalising your desires and bring your dreams(Success/Goal) into reality.

This is not something new, but it is a proven Success recipe where its pattern is not normal to the sight of the ordinary people. However, it is very logical to the Successful people as they know that to achieve something extraordinary, you need to prescribe not the normal path as the saying " To know the path ahead, you need to ask those who returned."

Now, I believe that I have done every possible means to share with you the path I have taken that brings me the outcome I wanted. I do it to repay back those who have shown me the right way to crawl out from my dark world. Today, it is my turn to do the same to others who may be caught in the similar situation, like I was and do not know the way out.

If you find this article helpful, please direct your circle of friends to this blog so that they will benefit and most important to us is that they are eventually lifted up as the theme of this blog suggests.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you again,

James Oh

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