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Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
1. analyze the financial ratios to identify the company’s financial strength and weakness;
2. assess the outlook of the industry and its pointers to prospect;
3. compare with the companies in the similar industry bench mark the company’s key performance; and
4. discharge their jobs with more holistic approach in term of the overall picture of the company, from its
numbers to its strategy and vision.
5. address those critical challenges appropriately especially from the investor’s perspective


James Oh BAC (Hons), LLB (Hons), CA (M), MPMA (UK), Author, Speaker and Accountant. He is a Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years experience in the corporate fields. Served as Financial Controller (FC) both in Malaysia and Singapore; has broad exposure; diversified experiences together with his passion, enthusiasm and commitment that make him a significant difference maker.

James brings a truly unique perspective to his writings and talks. He has published six e-books, namely Better than The Best, Letting Go and Moving On, Growing Your Wealth Exponentially, Mindset Shift: Employee to entrepreneur, Looking Beyond Financial Statements & Chess King to Purpose Filled Life.

James specializes in helping people to develop practical financial skills, knowledge and strong mindset. He is passionate about making finance relevant, understandable and fun. He empowers people to see the invisible and do the impossible and also to apply financial management practices that suit their

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What are the chief themes of the book “Better than the Best” by James OH?

Better Than The Best is a must-read and is definitely a best seller. It has given tips to help readers to know more about themselves. It also prepares them to take up the challenges in life which crop up anytime because of the rapid changes in the environment and technology. It is a detailed personal account and a series of anecdotes which the author shares with us, the readers. The instances are nothing but his experiences and hind sights on how he came up in his life. The book obviously helps us in sharpening our minds and in boosting our confidence towards living a life of our choice. We should live our life to the fullest. In the process of living it we access several ideas, illustrations and insights. This book must be read by all those who want to live a life without any regret. 

James Oh is an author, speaker and accountant. His broad experiences and multifaceted talents together with his passion, enthusiasm and commitment make him a great difference maker. His expertise is in making people see the invisible, do the impossible and in helping people see new opportunities in life without losing sight of the details. Seeing things in a new, fresh light is very conducive to creativity. The author adopts a very practical approach and provides real life examples which readers understand easily and they are able to relate to it.

Many a times we do not realize that we are capable of doing many more things than what we actually do. We tend to go into a slumber thinking that we lack the potential to work. It is actually a grave mistake and an injustice we are doing to our own selves. Human life is a wonderful mixture of ups and downs, the good and the bad. Who decides what is good or bad? What actually is good and what is bad? These are all relative concepts we construct for our convenience. We tag something good and some others as bad. When our mind is free of all assumptions and preconceived notions we will see things in an unbiased way. For free and effective thinking some of us may need some training. Some people have very weak minds which do not stand a small misdeed or slight difficulty in life. Difficulties in life do not come to destroy us, but they teach us to stand up straight and to face whatever comes our way.

Life is often compared to a journey. We cannot jump over troubles, but we must take a baby step initially. We know that Rome was not built in a day. There is tremendous amount of effort which has gone into building such a beautiful city. Great thinkers, scientists and Nobel laureates did not become successful overnight. We should understand that there are years of hard work, many attempts which did not yield positive results, but the point to take home is their perseverance and the strong bent of mind to keep trying till they succeed. 

We often search in the outside world for some help which would help us in developing our personality. In essence, we need to look at our inner self and find out what is our strength which we may have kept unused for long. Dig deep within and find the real zeal within us which, if used to the optimum level, will take us to great heights in life. Life is never static, but it undergoes continuous changes. We must adopt ourselves to the changing times and accept that change is necessary. Therefore, we should know ourselves, love ourselves and take ourselves to be a great resource.

We should have faith in our positive qualities, strengths and merits. Never let negative thoughts creep into your mind if you are one weak-minded person. Believe in yourself, do what you love to do without bothering about what others will say. Your life is your choice. You decide how you want to live it and live it the best possible way. James Oh gives a series of great tips in the form of a book which should be widely read and followed in our daily life.

Author Bio: I am Flora G Aleana, a freelance writer and currently working for writing Admission Essay Writing Service. From the experiences of several years in the writing profession, I am capable to deal with academic as well as non-academic papers. My skills and expertise have helped me a lot to gain knowledge in various disciplines of writing. 

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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially - Smart Investor Magazine July 2014

Dear Friends, followers and Fans,

My latest article, Growing Your Wealth Exponentially, is in SMART INVESTOR magazine for the month of July 2014.

Trust it helps to shape and shed the way for readers to equip them with the know-how and strategies to grow their wealth explosively. 

Readers will be able to see more opportunities which will definitely increase their chances of growing their wealth significantly according to what they want in their lives. Wishing you success and do enjoy the journey of creating your wealth.

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Entrepreneur Inspiration Station

Great Morning,

I write to encourage you to take this opportunity to join us at the Entrepreneur Inspiration Station Sponsored by Dell.

This is because I want to see more people to enjoy this fruit as I do. Thanks and wishing you another great fruitful year of 2014. 

James Oh
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Dear Friends, Followers and fans,

Hope you are keeping well.

As promised in our preceding post, the answer will be given. 

Congratulation to those who have the answer of 4.

For those who have other answer than 4, give yourself a pat on your shoulder for given yourself an opportunity.  Some of you may wonder why you need to do so.
Make a guess? This is because action triumphs in success. Keep this best practice till it become part of you. Repetition is the key to mastery of any skill. This is what the law of Accumulation all about. Success is the accumulation of all tiny efforts and actions.

Let us know if you see it from other perspective. Thanks for sharing.

The next question is how we derive the answer. Look at each box closely and you may able to see that the multiply of the two numbers from top right and bottom left within the same box gives rise to the answer from top left to bottom right. Try out the other 2 other boxes; they give you the similar pattern. Apply it to the last box, that’s how you get your answer.

Thanks for the participation and hope you are truly enjoy it. What matters most is we have learned something new.

 James Oh

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Make a guess. Leave your answer in the comment column provided below this post.

Stay tune and the answer will be given at the forthcoming post.

James Oh