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It is a common belief that if you and your partners do not spell out your rights and responsibilities in a written partnership agreement, the chances that you will be ill-equipped to settle conflicts when they arise are high. At times, even a minor misunderstanding may erupt out of proportion and become full-blown disputes.

Generally, your state’s law will govern many aspects of your business affairs if there is not any written agreement saying otherwise.

If it is the case, then the next question arises is how you create a partnership to avoid such dispute. Any sharing of experience both good and bad is always welcome here.

I) How a partnership agreement helps your business

Normally, partnership agreement allows both contract parties to structure their relationship with each other in a way that suits their business. They usually lay down the shares of profits or losses among them, the roles and responsibilities of each party, what will happen in the event that one party decided to leave and other important terms and conditions.

i) Partnership Act

This statute normally establishes the basic legal rules that govern many aspects of partnership unless they agreed otherwise.

Due to its generality, the rules sometimes may not be suitable for your particular situation. As such, it is advisable to incorporate all your the points you and your partners have agreed upon.

ii) What need to be included in

A list of the significant issues that need to be included, are discussed below:-

a) Name of the partnership.

A name needs to adopted for the partnership. You may use your first name or fictitious business name such as AAA Home Renovations.

b) Contribution from each partner

It is important that each party's contribution in term of cash, property or services to the business before it opens and what's the ownership percentage of each partner will have. Disagreements over contributions have doomed many promising businesses.

c) Proportion of profits and losses

Several questions arise, as follow, will arise:-

i) How will the profits and losses be allocated in proportion to each party in the business?

ii) Will each partner be entitled to a regular withdrawal of allocated profits from the business?

iii) Will all profits be distributed at the end of each year?

You and your partners may have different ideas about how the money should be divided up and distributed, and each of you will have different financial needs, so this is an area to which you should pay particular attention.

• Partners’ authority.

Without an agreement to the contrary, every partner can bind the partnership without the consent of the other partners. As such, you must spell it out clearly in you partnership agreement should you want otherwise.

• Decision-making.

No doubts there is no magic formula or language for this area among all involved parties, you will, at least, head off a lot of trouble should you work it out beforehand. You may want to require a unanimous vote for all the involved parties for every business decision regardless of the amount involved. Alternatively you may require a unanimous vote for major decisions, subject to certain amount, and allow each party to make minor decisions on their own. As such, your partnership agreement will have to describe and define what constitutes a major or minor decision. Hence, it is always advisable to think carefully all these issues when setting up the decision-making process for your business.

• Management duties.

It is always encouraged to have some guidelines on some key management details in advance. For example, who will responsible to deal with customers? Supervise employees? Negotiate with suppliers? Give it a deep thought the management needs of your partnership and be sure you have covered those critical areas.

• Admitting new partners.

New partners may be brought due to the expansion of the business or other needs arise. As such, agreeing on a procedure for admitting new partners will make your lives much easier when this need arises.

• Withdrawal or death of a partner.

The rules for admitting new partners to the business may be used as the rules for handling the departure of a partner. Furthermore, it is also advisable to incorporate a reasonable buyout scheme in your partnership agreement.

• Resolving disputes.

It might benefit everyone involved if the partnership agreement provides for alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration in the event of the deadlock on a certain dispute. Going to court may be a costly issue comparative to the former.

NOTE THAT the above lists are not exhaustive, but it is a guide for creating a partnership agreement. You may include in other issues, especially those issues which are critical to your business due to its nature and complexity of your partnerships.

Trust you find it useful and helpful, as our normal ways of rewarding our readers.

Seeing you again and more exciting articles are in the pipelines for your discovery.

James Oh

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hi Folks,

It is an undeniable truth that HEALTH is our greatest wealth and asset. No matter how much Money, Fame and Success we have it means nothing without our health. Ironically, you often see people spend more efforts and times on their assets such as car than their body and mind. I must admit my past mistake of sending my car regularly for service as per the recommended service manual rather than paying attention to my body and mind.

One of the frequently asked questions I received is how I stay so healthy all the time. The simple truth is that I spend a lot of money and time on being healthy. I never regret and always consider it to be one of my wisest investments. I have learned that I must be fair to my body and take good care of it so that my body can support me and create vitality, energy, and good health for me! Similarly, it also slows down my aging process, which I consider another bonus and great motivator to me.

As you may be well aware, I believe that prevention is always better than cure. As such, the hard truth is I have to invest in myself, no matter what. I must ensure that I am in good shape before I can help others, in line with the safety announcement made in the flight. You may think it is a selfish act, which I did initially. After my second serious thought, it makes lots of sense to me now. Choice is always yours. You can either choose to spend money; on good body maintenance and prevention now or use your money later, trying to recover from ill health. You will reap what you sow according to the natural law.

Regardless of what your current state of health is at this moment, you have the power to improve it if you choose and believe so. Every day we come in contact with millions of bacteria, allergens, viruses, and fungi and sad to say that only the tiniest fraction of these may lead to disease. This is a reality, which we cannot avoid it, but we can do something to prevent it.

It is interesting to note that people who consider themselves “too busy to get sick” are known to have above average health, while those who worry excessively about disease fall into poor health more often. Likewise, I have often said and don't mind repeating here 'worry does not solve problem but worsen the problem'. So why worry? That is my question.

Never too late and start NOW and be good to yourself. Do something of great favour to your body, regardless of whether it’s getting more sleep, some exercise, healthy food, or some fun time! Equally important is while you are taking better care of your body you could also be feeding your mind with positive uplifting information. One of it is reading the materials in this blog, which is written from time to time with the main objective to lift you up, as its name suggests.

Happy reading and work toward achieving your great health and wealth.

James Oh


Sunday, 21 August 2011


Dear Readers,

In our preceding article on Ebook, which you may refresh your memory by clicking at the title of this article.

With the recent collapse of the world's largest high street book chains Penguin USA, resulted to the dramatic industry shifts to Ebook program. As such, we foresee this offer a great opportunity for Ebook.

Our discussion today will be specifically on Ebook formats. We decided to focus our discussion on the four most popular Ebook formats as we find that trying to get into every possible format is not practical and effective.

Before we proceed further, let us touch a little bit of its history. Ebooks have already been in existence for a while. In its early days, people tried numerous means of publishing Ebooks, this includes bundling text files into an EXE file. These Ebooks typically ran on an application similar to an internet browser where readers click on the buttons of forwards and backwards to navigate them through the book.

However, downloading of such EXE files poses a significant adverse security risk to the users' computers. As a result, this format lost its popularity speedily especially when people realised the EXE files' risks and exposure to computer viruses. Better formats were then developed without much surprise in just a matter of time.

After some research, we have decided to employ the following four principal formats for our future ebooks:-

1) Kindle Format (AZW)

2) Portable Document Format (PDF)

3) Mobipocket Format (MOBI, PRC)

4) Epub Format (EPUB)

We shall take a brief on these formats before we look at the comparison table, that reflect on how these formats correlate to the most popular Ebook reading devices for our better understanding.

1) Amazon’s Kindle Format (AZW)

It is Amazon’s proprietary Ebook format based on the Mobipocket format, when Amazon bought it in 2005, with a different serial number scheme. Books sold in the Kindle Store then are delivered in this format and carried the extension .azw

2) Portable Document Format (PDF)

Adobe Systems created this PDF in 1993 as a standard format for document exchange. It was basically an image of the original document when a document was converted to PDF. One of its great benefits is that almost all computing devices have the capability to read PDFs and it has been widely accepted as one of the preferred methods of providing documents on the Internet today.

However, we began to carry around smaller devices with technology advancement. First it was laptops and then smaller devices such as Palm, Blackberries, and Iphones.

3) Mobipocket (MOBI, PRC)

Its format uses XHTML and also known as the Open Ebook standard. Mobipocket books not only can be read on the Amazon Kindle, but also several other devices that support this format that include Mobipocket Reader, a free application from Mobipocket. Its files have the extensions .mobi and .prc. This format is particularly useful especially when you need to convert a document from other formats into a format that are readable on Kindle.

4) Epub Format (EPUB)

Its name derived from the meaning of “electronic publication”. Epub is a free and also open standard for formatting ebooks.in September 2007 after it became an official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum, superseding the Open Ebook standard. It is widely used by majority ebook stroes, with the exception of Amazon Kindle Store as menioned in point 1 above.

Ebooks in this format, with the extension .epub, are read able on most Ebook readers such as the Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo Reader, Sony Reader, Apple iOS and Android devices.

Sad to say that Kindle users currently are not able to read ebooks in the ePub format. To make it readable, they need to convert the Ebook from ePub format to mobi format which the Kindle can read.

We hope the above discussion has somewhere give you an insight of the Ebook publishing. One interesting point to note is that now some PDF documents can also be re-flowed to fit into smaller screens.

Trust the above discussion had somewhat enlightened you to the publishing industry and we hope you can make use of it for your advancement, with an ultimate objective to lift you up in whatever endavour you undertake.

We will also write other relevant articles on Ebook so as to be more complete on this topic of our discussion.

Seeing you again and your continuous support is always greatly appreciated.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Dear Readers,

This webiste of mine is approaching its third year and we have achieved satisfactory results, because of your continuous support. We had a constant increase of followers, readers’ comments and more wider links through numerous social network which we have added in from time to time.

Here, we recognised that websites have become increasingly important for an individual or a business compared to a few years ago. Today, they have become the company's or the individual's online presence. As such, many of your goals and deadlines are very much dependent on the traffic of your website. This becomes the issue of our discussion today.

Here are 5 ways which we have employed to increase traffic to our website, which may be of assistance to you. For easy understanding, we list down in the bullet points as stated below:-

1.0 Article Marketing:

We found that Article marketing is one of the cheapest ways to propagate our website, and we have the passion to write on anything that we found interesting and beneficial to our blog readers. In the true sense, Article Marketing simply means that we submit original and factual content about our website and product to the various Article Marketing sites with a short link to our website. We discovered that this type of internet marketing has been proven to bear excellent fruits for us. These links, also known as link backs in the Web 2.0 parlance, will also increase our neighborhood connections and thereby working well for our Search Engine Website.

2.0 As a Platform to Advertise:

Initially, we had taken painstaking process to tie up with affiliates and looked at various marketing options available to us. For those who have followed us long enough you may have noticed our efforts and actions. Of course, this had helped to increase traffic to our website. Hence, we found it very rewarding and fruitful.

3.0 Search Engine Optimization:

We acknowledged and recognised the importance of the Search Engine Optimization. This is because it is an excellent way of drawing the traffic to our websites. The statistics showed that more than eighty percent of web users today land up on websites via some search engine or the other, and the balance are still not having a respectable browser. Therefore, search engine traffic plays a very significant role in terms of traffic to our websites. To make our websites' search engine optimal, is a complex process, and we have not able to find any search engine optimizer yet.

However, we made our website search engine friendly by doing away with anything that makes it heavy. Secondly, we also eliminate all those parts of our website which are not search engine friendly and cannot be read by the search engine crawlers such as Flash and Graphics. We will try to get a description of the graphic display into our website.

4.0 Index and Sitemap:

Everyone likes a system, and Search Engine Optimizers actually love any site with a sitemap. Also, having a sitemap makes it simpler for the user to access and move around on our website. We must admit that we have not done much on this area. This will surely increase our chances of being remembered by the web user who came across our websites. Thus, it will play a vitally important part in any changes to our web traffic, be it good or bad.

5.0 Upgrade and Enhance:

We have constantly added something new since Day one of our websites launch. Luckily this does not pose much problem to us as we always keep learning to keep ourselves progressing.

Trust you find our experience mentioned above useful and rewarding much more than the time and effort you spent reading our articles. Look forward to hearing from you,

James Oh



Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Hi Readers.

It's a known fact that social media marketing is a powerful TOOL and we must admit that we have employed it to promote our website and business via social media channels such as Facebook; Plaxo ; Twitter and etc.

These have help us to build stronger traffic, brand awareness and user-generated content. As such, social media marketing is an cost effective marketing tool that will easily generate you large numbers of visitors, should you have solid and relevant information on your website to sustain its growth.

When used properly, its result is overwhelming surpassing its traditional means. Below please find some easy guidelines for making social media marketing pay off:

1. Appropriate network

We found Facebook; Twitter and LinkedIn working well for us. They fit well with our business, industry and target audience that  are most beneficial for our business.When it comes to choosing the right social media platform for your business, we found research is the key to our success. As such, it is vitally important to find the appropriate platform to achieve your marketing goals.

2. Content is King
The above phrase is well known and proven recipe for those who seek success. Your web content should be updated regularly, if not daily, we also need to make it relevant to our business or industry, and provide valuable information that are beneficial to the readers. That's the gist of what social media is all about.

3. Blog
The blog we engaged become our most powerful marketing weapon in our arsenal, which some of you may notice. We also organize our articles into categories and allow readers to browse by topic, group or interests. Our blog  is also well-linked to other blogs, which earn our blog more weight from Google, MSN and Yahoo.

4. Online community

Our strong online community encourages our visitors to engage, interact, subscribe to RSS feeds and comment on our blog posts. In this aspect, we are making our presence in other communities. We also reinforce our message throughout our websites.

5. Commitment

We always endavour our best efforts to update our profiles and other development regularly. We also address questions and inquiries promptly as practicable as possible. We always maintain our relationship with our audience.

We strongly believe that social media marketing has a great potential to make our site profitable with time. As such, our businesses that create vital content and do effective website promotion through social media channels have reaped many benefits and rewards:

6. Traffic
We are benefited from two main sources of traffic - primary and secondary. Primary traffic is geenrated from the visitors who come directly from social media websites. Secondary traffic is referral traffic from websites that are link to our posts and send us visitors, which we have built from time to time, after they come across our content through those websites.

7. Back linking

Links, also known as back link, which help us to translate into a better search engine rankings. Our websites received a number of natural, permanent links from trusted domains, as a result they develop authority. We were told that search engines trust them. If we truly optimize our ‘link bait’ ( used to attract links from high quality and ranking sites to our site) and our website structure properly, we can easily start ranking for competitive keywords, which, in turn, will bring in search engine visitors. When maintained, we believe that our search traffic will undoubtedly increase, which is in our next course of action.

Trust the above will help you  make your Social Media a Success and please feel free to share your success stories here. We are more than happy to learn from you,

James Oh

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Very happy day to you, friend.

I am pleased to announce that we have created our Facebook Page, liftyouup, to reflect the theme of my main blog - " that is to inspire and get inspired'. The main purpose of this FP is to serve as an one-page meeting place, with information, links, message forum box and RSS. Anyone who wants to use these features must have a Facebook account. So, for those who have not done so, please proceed to open an account with FB before you are left behind.

These days, it seems like everyone and everything is important and one obvious question that struck my mind is "how do I get one for myself?" and "what this resource is all about?"

Facebook Pages are important for a few reasons as listed below:-

a) They have been showing up high in search engine positions.

b) The user can get unlimited "fans" for his Facebook Page, unlike the limit of 5,000 friends that your regular Facebook Profile is capped at. They're visible to search engines and visitors, too. It's almost like a social networking mailing list that you can reach out to at any time! Amazingly wonderful features that make life more interesting and colourful.

I constantly employ all these new features so as to stay connected with all my blog readers and networking partners. I make this announcement in the hope that you too will join in and grab all the benefits from it. This is the way we reward our blog readers. For those who like to share more about FP, please do so because as you are always encouraged to do so.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18

Monday, 1 August 2011



Hi! readers,

It is very normal for blogger to feel completely lost for topics to blog about, however on certain days they are filled with so many ideas. This happens to most of us, regardless whether you are experienced in your niche. So, do not feel sad about it.

Today, I write to share with you some of my ways which I prescribe below, which really helped me to get those ideas quickly to blog:

• Lately I use GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL to find the most popular keywords according to my niche. This would in turn help me to draw more traffic to my blog postings, due to the popularity related to those keywords on search engines. This is not what I said only, but also from those SEO experts.

• I make it a good practice by jotting down whatsoever ideas,that flow into your mind, on to a scribbling pad or notebook file or on to a cell phone or ipad before I forget when I am offline especially I am on the move.

• Occasionally, I visit and read other blogs and articles with similar interest. You may try this out and you will be surprise of its outcomes. Thereafter, I will either note it down or at least bookmark the site for future reference. Alternatively, I may add the link to my blogroll, which you can find them at the bottom of each of my blog.

• Another effective way to obtain ideas, is when you read comments on blog posts of mine and other members. In many useful comments, I would have noticed visitors asking queries or giving suggestions regarding a subject. So, I will make use of them for my blog posting in the near future.

• I may either switch on the TV or read the newspaper especially when I get bored sitting in front of my computer for long hours. However my subconscious mind is still working to explore new and fresh ideas for my writings and blogs. Once I spot them, I immediately jot them down.

• You may noticed that I used to spend a lot of time on social networks. I find it is another great place to get ideas for my blogging? Indeed it has been very helpful to me, in finding new topics for blogging as well for writing articles.

Please try it out yourself, and tell us your feeling. So, when you run short of fresh blogging topics, please try out one or more of the above tips. I believe that the above will help in making your blogging experience more lively and enjoyable.

James Oh