Thursday, 28 June 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself making good money through Networking. Tonight I want to share with you my secret. Who wants to make some money through Networking?  Wow, I see many people responding positively……This gives me the eagerness to go straight to the point.

FLadies and gentlemen, to begin with, please allow me to use my blogging experience as an illustration on how it has benefited me.

I began my blogging career in my late forties. It was not an easy start for me, I must admit. I was not an IT savvy guy, I have no skills in writing and storytelling, but I was determined to learn from my new friends globally in this field. That was the key factor of my success.

With my determination and my belief that I can succeed I began to work very closely with these very experienced people. Sharing our resources and making networking generously made us prosper. This rewarding and enriching journey has opened up the doors for me to move ahead beyond my own expectations.

As a result, it has strengthened my thoughts and belief and I used this foundation to drive me to inspire others by sharing my success. Are you getting excited now?.....

I have participated in many events and some of them are:

1.         Radio talk on tea culture by BFM 89.9

2.         Seminar on Looking Beyond Financial Statements

3.         I have conducted interviews with local and international authors     and have participated in the launching their books. Recently, I also took part in the Charminne Blog Tour, by a novel author, Miss Emily and the winner of Singapore Blog Award 2012.

Blogging not only offers me a solid flatform to interact with people of different walks of life globally with just a click of a finger, it also makes me to be resourceful. Besides making me efficient, I have also been effective in engaging with the latest and powerful communication tools.

It colours my life with lots of new and refreshing ideas, solutions, contacts and business opportunities. In short, Networking is giving me wealth.

In addition, it enables me to impart my skills and knowledge to others so that they could acquire the skills on the “how to”. 

With this, I am able to leave my foot prints in people's hearts so as to pay back those who have touched my life.

Through networking, both on line and off line, I managed to invest in some business ventures and made some handsome profits.

Moreover, I too can make money through blogging. Imagine to be paid for my social networking which I truly enjoyed.

Now, you know why I turn my hobby, which is tea drinking, into a business enterprise. To know more, please check them out at my blogs.

I am sure you agree with me the importance of strong relationships in business. Once people know who you are, your philosophy and your characters, they will feel comfortable to deal with you. Remember, integrity speaks through action.

The beauty of networking is of its perpetual nature. You will reap more benefits over times. That's one of the reasons why I ended up with not only one blog, but a few.

Due to strong supports and responses, a few of my blogs have reached high rankings in the Google's search engine in certain keywords.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can use networking to brand yourself, products and services. No surprising at all, you may even get referrals and testimonials from those who are satisfied with your services and products.

In conclusion, what is networking ladies and gentlemen? Networking is the nerve to every today’s successful business. We need networking to keep things going.  No networking means no exposure for our business. Without exposure means closure for our business… simple as that.

Wishing you success in building your own networking.

James Oh

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


How to Browse Your Facebook Like It’s Pinterest [Quicktip] The new networking platform for frequent flyers
I’m sure you know by now about Pinterest, which is just about one of the fastest growing social networking sites ever. It connects people not only based on their friend’s network, but by their shared interest. While Facebook has great virility, Pinterest offers greater content exposure to its targeted audience, and this enhances the content-sharing experience. Timeline for Brands on Facebook may have its benefits and appeal, but if you secretly wished that it was just as easy to use as Pinterest, then we have good news for you.


Sunday, 24 June 2012



Dear Friends,

No doubt, having a clear vision is paramount and crucial to achieve success. Having the ability to communicate effectively your vision with others will determine whether it will make or break you. This is because it will, to a large extent determine the quality of people you attract to help you in building your business. It can help you in many ways, such as securing financing for your business, joint ventures and instrumental relationships especially with those companies that work together with you to grow your business.

However, the question here is how to be a better and more effective entrepreneur?

The danger of talking as if you know-it-all, when you clearly do not and not knowing when to shut up may brings adverse effect to you. This is because you make others sick to their stomach.

Therefore, it is very much advisable for aspiring entrepreneurs to be in listening mode. By doing so, it will make you look smarter as compared with other people in any discussion. This is simply because most people habitually do not listen attentively.

Be mindful that listening will equip you to be more informed and more effective when dealing with any business situation. As such, effective listeners usually seem to be smarter, better prepared and are able to provide more significant and material contributions to any discussion especially when you know what the subject matter is, how to formulate good questions and have some solid inputs and suggestions after an individual has finish talking.

By listening attentively, you will then have a clear view of all parties involved, including their motivation and where they stand on the subject matter.

By now, trust you recognise and realise the importance of mastering the art of listening. Besides, nobody likes a blowhard!

If you have a comment or feedback to the content of this post, please share with the community in the comment section provided below.

Thank you and hope to hear from you,!/pages/Lift-You-Up-Always-there-for-You/176685462397920

Friday, 22 June 2012


Dear Readers,

This webiste of mine is approaching its third year and we have achieved satisfactory results, because of your continuous support. We had a constant increase of followers, readers’ comments and more wider links through numerous social network which we have added in from time to time.

Here, we recognised that websites have become increasingly important for an individual or a business compared to a few years ago. Today, they have become the company's or the individual's online presence. As such, many of your goals and deadlines are very much dependent on the traffic of your website. This becomes the issue of our discussion today.

Here are 5 ways which we have employed to increase traffic to our website, which may be of assistance to you. For easy understanding, we list down in the bullet points as stated below:-

1.0 Article Marketing:

We found that Article marketing is one of the cheapest ways to propagate our website, and we have the passion to write on anything that we found interesting and beneficial to our blog readers. In the true sense, Article Marketing simply means that we submit original and factual content about our website and product to the various Article Marketing sites with a short link to our website. We discovered that this type of internet marketing has been proven to bear excellent fruits for us. These links, also known as link backs in the Web 2.0 parlance, will also increase our neighborhood connections and thereby working well for our Search Engine Website.

2.0 As a Platform to Advertise:

Initially, we had taken painstaking process to tie up with affiliates and looked at various marketing options available to us. For those who have followed us long enough you may have noticed our efforts and actions. Of course, this had helped to increase traffic to our website. Hence, we found it very rewarding and fruitful.

3.0 Search Engine Optimization:

We acknowledged and recognised the importance of the Search Engine Optimization. This is because it is an excellent way of drawing the traffic to our websites. The statistics showed that more than eighty percent of web users today land up on websites via some search engine or the other, and the balance are still not having a respectable browser. Therefore, search engine traffic plays a very significant role in terms of traffic to our websites. To make our websites' search engine optimal, is a complex process, and we have not able to find any search engine optimizer yet.

However, we made our website search engine friendly by doing away with anything that makes it heavy. Secondly, we also eliminate all those parts of our website which are not search engine friendly and cannot be read by the search engine crawlers such as Flash and Graphics. We will try to get a description of the graphic display into our website.

4.0 Index and Sitemap:

Everyone likes a system, and Search Engine Optimizers actually love any site with a sitemap. Also, having a sitemap makes it simpler for the user to access and move around on our website. We must admit that we have not done much on this area. This will surely increase our chances of being remembered by the web user who came across our websites. Thus, it will play a vitally important part in any changes to our web traffic, be it good or bad.

5.0 Upgrade and Enhance:

We have constantly added something new since Day one of our websites launch. Luckily this does not pose much problem to us as we always keep learning to keep ourselves progressing.

Trust you find our experience mentioned above useful and rewarding much more than the time and effort you spent reading our articles. Look forward to hearing from you,

James Oh

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Be a lion, not a lamb, when investing in property: Michael Yardney

By Michael Yardney
Friday, 01 June 2012
It is no secret that property markets – in fact, all economic markets – are driven by fear and greed.

During property booms greed is the dominant driver, but things have changed and now it's all about fear.

Fear of the world’s economic woes spreading to Australia. Fear of taking on more debt. Fear of investing because the property markets might collapse.

Fair enough. After all, any smart investor is going to opt for safety during a downturn. Right?

Actually, no. The opposite is true.

Most of Australia’s wealthiest property tycoons have made their fortunes by investing counter-cyclically, when everyone else saw doom and gloom and thought they were crazy to invest.

Why would anyone in their right mind follow such a principle?

Because, when you step back from the immediate, history shows us that the countercyclical approach always delivers the best results. It is, after all, the equivalent of buying at the bottom of a market cycle, isn't it?

But what is clear to me is the huge gap between two kinds of investors.

On the one hand you have the lambs; on the other, the lions.

The difference?

Lambs or sheep follow each other. They flock together. They follow trends. They are only comfortable with what is familiar. They seek safety and security in numbers.

And when it comes to property they are easily misled.
Why?  Because they are easily impressed by the promise of quick gains, glossy brochures and advertising hype. They invest emotionally and this always has pitfalls.

Lions are different and, like their namesake, they are rarer beasts.
They don’t follow trends. They are independent thinkers that make decisions based on cold, hard facts, not herd-like subjectivity. They can stay calm while others panic. They are ready to look at numbers and rational arguments and make investment decisions based on these.

So what type of investor are you – a lion or a lamb?

Depending on what type of investor you are, or decide to be, the next year or two will either be a time of amazing opportunity or a period of fear and missed chances.
Let me explain.

We've seen downturns and recessions before and we've heard the various pundits telling us all how this time it's different and the world will never be the same again.

What I’ve come to realise is that when enough people start to talk about 'paradigm shifts', such as certain events have now made basic economic patterns and cycles meaningless, you can be sure we're soon headed for an upturn, or a crash. It works both ways!

These doomsayers – who claim to have seen it all coming and to know what's coming next – just create fear. And this fear feeds on itself as the headlines sometimes seem to support their arguments.
During the past property boom – when the driver was, of course, greed and banks lent money freely and often without requiring proof of serviceability – more and more people shouted about how the traditional rules and models of property no longer applied and were “old-thinking”. Yes, greed also feeds on itself.

But right now the driver is fear. And fear is blinding the lamb investors, which creates opportunities for the lions.

If the “end of the world as we know it” merchants are wrong – and they always are – then your decision to be bold when all around you are fearful, and to invest when everyone else thinks it's crazy, will prove to be the kind of insight that truly great investors apply.
Buy at or near the bottom when others say you're mad to buy.
But, of course, you don't buy just anything. Far from it. You need to buy selectively.

You will need to see beyond fads and fashions, analyse long-term potential and have the insight to see the intrinsic value of assets and act accordingly.

I believe that window of opportunity is now open. But I’m not sure for how long, because things are panning out in a fairly predictable way.

The economy is going to recover, interest rates will increase and 
inflation will return.

More people will start buying or upgrading their homes and investors who have parked their money in the safety of bank deposits will start looking for a new safe haven for their funds. One that is a hedge against inflation. Many will turn to the security of residential property and then the markets will begin to lift.
And when that happens, the sheep will wake up and flock back to invest.
So, the opportunity is now!
The challenge is to be a lion investor when others behave like scared lambs.
I don't pretend it's easy. To do this, you require the long-term focus to buy well located properties with an element of scarcity, in areas that have outperformed the long-term averages.
I believe that for cashed up investors with a secure job, now is a great opportunity. Now is the time to step away from the flock of investors who tend to be emotion-driven speculators pulled along by the dominant mood of the market – fear or greed.
Simple, really – but not so easy to do!
Mark Twain wrote: “Whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
Now, there is a man worth listening to!
Michael Yardney is the director of Metropole Property Investment Strategists , a best-selling author and one of Australia's leading experts in wealth creation through property. He also writes the Property Investment Update blog.

Monday, 11 June 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen

May I seek your kind cooperation to close your eyes? I am going to bring the Titanic to your mind. Are you able to see the Titanic now? Great. Do you hear the word, Unsinkable, from all the shipping experts. Let's say after me, Unsinkable..Unsinkable.
Shockingly it sinked in just a couple of hours after it hits the iceberg.

Now, slowly open your eyes....What's your feeling?
SAD , Terrible , Horrible , ....Scary , Speechless...

So, now. Who wants to be more Mighty and Stronger than Titanic?

Fantastic, thank you.

Yes. This is exactly what I am going to share with you today. Because Winning Mighty Big is my passion.

May I use this Titanic as the metaphor for my further illustration. This is because a metaphor is worth thousand of words, similar to a photo that is worth thousand of words.

Being strong and huge like Titanic is not good enough. To excel, we need far more than being strong.

In today's vibrant and dynamic world, new height records and precedence are no longer unusual. We cannot apply our old principles, rules and wisdom to cater for this Unusual world.

BIG and Huge companies collapsing overnight had become norms. Tsunami with new record high, is not unusual. Scandals with new record High are no longer considered shameful anymore. Countries going bankrupt one after the other, is not rare anymore. This is SAD,....BAD and GLAD.

GLAD? Yes. Now we need to make think differently from the past if we want to grow stronger to face new GREAT challenges. BUT to win Mighty Big, we need to think Unthinkable thoughts.

Life, to me, is just like playing a game. To win a mighty Big game. We need to have:-


Here, you need to constantly feed your mind with healthy stuff because our minds function just like our muscles. They need to constantly exercise to gain their strength. We are the captain of our minds and bodies. In short we are the products of our thoughts and beliefs.

As advocated by Napoleon, You can create what you conceive in your mind. Similarly, to win mighty big, we need to manifest the plan crystal clear in your mind first before you can make it happen.

In this connection, we need to visualise by using our imagination and put ourselves in the worst ever situation you can think of/seen and have clear vision as how we can turn around. Fan on your imagination as how you turn the worst situation to your favour. By constantly doing so, you can strengthen your mind and belief.

Here, perhaps I should share with you my personal experience. I realised that public speaking is considered as the second top most fear in human lives, after death. Now you know why I come forward to confront and conquer this challenge before I face my top most fear experience. My faith has convicted and convinced my heart which destination I am heading to. As such, I have solution for it and I should not fear.

Alternatively, I consider life to be similar as playing a game. Therefore, to win Mighty Big. We need to think differently and perhaps think Unthinkable thoughts to overcome those Unseen Forces that could bring us down.


No matter what situation you are in, you must not lose sight of your goal. Otherwise, you will see obstacles instead. As a result, instead of taking a ride of the wave of the tide of the challenges, we are certainly struggle with the wave. Naturally, you will not have the strength to overcome these mighty forces, which are far stronger than you. Bear in mind that we need to dance with the rain. Save your energy to fight back, and use this saved energy when the rain stops. There is a golden opportunity during a crisis. Stay calm and grab the opportunity and gain strength from there. Once you are stay calm and focus, you are then able to see the invisible. In this context we need "To tap on opportunities and use them in your favour MIGHTILY. Invisible is far more important than the visible.


“No matter how strong is the storm, there is always a rainbow waiting.”
Everything is subject to change. No matter how bad is the situation you are in, it is surely not going to last. What is more important is you must have hope and keep moving forward. What you need is to grow at a much faster pace to break your competing challenges, such as high inflation, taxes, low interest regime, etc...

Being faithful isn't hard; if you were really in love, you wouldn't do anything to mess it up, but keep focus how to preserve and grow with it. You will enjoy every moment that keeps you at the peak at all times.

May I sum up my speech with the quotation below. Tough times never last, but tough people do. To win mighty Big, we need to grow much stronger than before we faced each challenge. Each storm is to make us stronger and prepare us for winning Mighty Big. Before I end my speech, let me recap the above three key ingredients that we need to put into practice daily. By doing so, this will affirm and reaffirm our strength.!/pages/Lift-You-Up-Always-there-for-You/176685462397920

Skype me at james.oh18

Friday, 8 June 2012


Don't Sell Gold
By Ian Cooper | Friday, June 8th, 2012
Ian Cooper
As investors send the dollar screaming to new highs, they're forgetting one thing...
A 5% move up in any currency in just weeks is an unsustainable move.
It can't last.
It won't last.
Just look at the chart:
The dollar is also topping out at overhead resistance, and there's a very real possibility of QE3 this month.
Investors are far too dollar bullish. They're selling stocks.
They're selling gold and silver — and that's the worst move they can make.
Conditions that supported gold's move higher over the last few years have not changed.
Greece is still on the verge of collapse; bank runs continue in Spain.
U.S. growth was just revised down... Consumer sentiment is in the toilet... Housing prices are still, uh,“bottoming”... Unemployment is soaring... And industrial production is nothing to write home about.
Last Friday's jobs number alone sent gold up close to $60.
And as unemployment worsens heading into November's elections, we'll see another round of quantitative easing — which will send gold higher.

The Mother of All Financial Bubbles is Just Now Starting to Pop...
It's time to learn the truth... and to get prepared. If you have the right plan set up, you won't suffer when this bubble fully bursts.
But — and this is the most important point — you must have a plan. And you must be prepared before this epic crisis hits.

The Fed is Panicking
Not only is the Fed under pressure to get U.S. growth up and running again, but the global system is under such strain that the scale of intervention necessary will be very supportive of gold going forward.
The global financial market is up to its armpits in one of the most bizarre crises in history — no sooner does the dust settle in one part of the world than another crisis pops up.
Yet, investors have been dropping gold and silver from their portfolios...
Bad move.
While Bernanke didn't promise imminent Fed action on Thursday, he also didn't squash any hopes for QE3.
Bernanke stated yesterday economic growth is expected at a moderate pace... and that "more rapid gains in economic activity will be required to achieve significant further improvement in labor market conditions."
While it's still unknown how economic activity can be sped up, we can imply from Bernanke that more Fed action is necessary.
FOMC voters like Janet Yellen have cited housing risks, the jobs market, and horrendous financial conditions as reasons for further Fed action.
Others like Dennis Lockhart seem to be on board, too...
"The situation we face requires that the FOMC maintain a state of readiness to respond to financial or economic instability should the need arise,” Lockhart said.
So it's quite possible Bernanke shares these fears — but doesn't want to give away too much ahead of the FOMC meeting later this month.
Another possibility, says the NASDAQ, "is that these central banks are gearing up for coordinated action and want to keep it a surprise. The decline in jobless claims won't be enough to convince the Fed that additional easing isn't necessary."

Read This Before You Even Think about Buying Gold
Thanks to a rare market anomaly, tiny silver mining stocks are set to crush tiny gold mining stocks.
Yet most investors don't have any clue about it — let alone the best way to profit from it.
To learn more about this rare anomaly — and how to play it for the biggest gains possibleclick here now.
Buy Gold and Silver Now
As investors foolishly run to the dollar, gold may pull back a little more before moving higher on dollar devaluation.
I'd like to see gold eventually challenge that bearish gap down at $1,800 over the next few months.
With that in mind, I'd position my portfolio for the coming move with gold stocks, mining stocks, and even ETFs.
Silver is at triple bottom support with buyers' support.
Every time it gets this low, we see a challenge at $35...
Deterioration of the dollar could send us there in the next few weeks.
Stocks such as these are always a good bet.
I'd also pick up call options on the Global X Silver Miners ETF (SIL) and the iShares Silver Trust (SLV) to benefit further.
Finally, I'd look into buying PowerShares DB U.S. Dollar Bearish (UDN) put options in anticipation of a global Fed move.
Stay Ahead of the Herd,
Cooper Signature
Ian Cooper
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Ian Cooper has been trading stocks and options for 12 years. He contributes options, stock, and energy commentary to Wealth Daily, Wealth Wire, and Options Trading Pit. He's the Coach behind Options Trading Coach, a beginner's guide on how to trade options. Ian teaches thousands of loyal subscribers the many ways to be profitable from options rather than simply buying stocks alone. For more about Ian, take look at his editor's page.