Monday, 11 June 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen

May I seek your kind cooperation to close your eyes? I am going to bring the Titanic to your mind. Are you able to see the Titanic now? Great. Do you hear the word, Unsinkable, from all the shipping experts. Let's say after me, Unsinkable..Unsinkable.
Shockingly it sinked in just a couple of hours after it hits the iceberg.

Now, slowly open your eyes....What's your feeling?
SAD , Terrible , Horrible , ....Scary , Speechless...

So, now. Who wants to be more Mighty and Stronger than Titanic?

Fantastic, thank you.

Yes. This is exactly what I am going to share with you today. Because Winning Mighty Big is my passion.

May I use this Titanic as the metaphor for my further illustration. This is because a metaphor is worth thousand of words, similar to a photo that is worth thousand of words.

Being strong and huge like Titanic is not good enough. To excel, we need far more than being strong.

In today's vibrant and dynamic world, new height records and precedence are no longer unusual. We cannot apply our old principles, rules and wisdom to cater for this Unusual world.

BIG and Huge companies collapsing overnight had become norms. Tsunami with new record high, is not unusual. Scandals with new record High are no longer considered shameful anymore. Countries going bankrupt one after the other, is not rare anymore. This is SAD,....BAD and GLAD.

GLAD? Yes. Now we need to make think differently from the past if we want to grow stronger to face new GREAT challenges. BUT to win Mighty Big, we need to think Unthinkable thoughts.

Life, to me, is just like playing a game. To win a mighty Big game. We need to have:-


Here, you need to constantly feed your mind with healthy stuff because our minds function just like our muscles. They need to constantly exercise to gain their strength. We are the captain of our minds and bodies. In short we are the products of our thoughts and beliefs.

As advocated by Napoleon, You can create what you conceive in your mind. Similarly, to win mighty big, we need to manifest the plan crystal clear in your mind first before you can make it happen.

In this connection, we need to visualise by using our imagination and put ourselves in the worst ever situation you can think of/seen and have clear vision as how we can turn around. Fan on your imagination as how you turn the worst situation to your favour. By constantly doing so, you can strengthen your mind and belief.

Here, perhaps I should share with you my personal experience. I realised that public speaking is considered as the second top most fear in human lives, after death. Now you know why I come forward to confront and conquer this challenge before I face my top most fear experience. My faith has convicted and convinced my heart which destination I am heading to. As such, I have solution for it and I should not fear.

Alternatively, I consider life to be similar as playing a game. Therefore, to win Mighty Big. We need to think differently and perhaps think Unthinkable thoughts to overcome those Unseen Forces that could bring us down.


No matter what situation you are in, you must not lose sight of your goal. Otherwise, you will see obstacles instead. As a result, instead of taking a ride of the wave of the tide of the challenges, we are certainly struggle with the wave. Naturally, you will not have the strength to overcome these mighty forces, which are far stronger than you. Bear in mind that we need to dance with the rain. Save your energy to fight back, and use this saved energy when the rain stops. There is a golden opportunity during a crisis. Stay calm and grab the opportunity and gain strength from there. Once you are stay calm and focus, you are then able to see the invisible. In this context we need "To tap on opportunities and use them in your favour MIGHTILY. Invisible is far more important than the visible.


“No matter how strong is the storm, there is always a rainbow waiting.”
Everything is subject to change. No matter how bad is the situation you are in, it is surely not going to last. What is more important is you must have hope and keep moving forward. What you need is to grow at a much faster pace to break your competing challenges, such as high inflation, taxes, low interest regime, etc...

Being faithful isn't hard; if you were really in love, you wouldn't do anything to mess it up, but keep focus how to preserve and grow with it. You will enjoy every moment that keeps you at the peak at all times.

May I sum up my speech with the quotation below. Tough times never last, but tough people do. To win mighty Big, we need to grow much stronger than before we faced each challenge. Each storm is to make us stronger and prepare us for winning Mighty Big. Before I end my speech, let me recap the above three key ingredients that we need to put into practice daily. By doing so, this will affirm and reaffirm our strength.!/pages/Lift-You-Up-Always-there-for-You/176685462397920

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