Sunday, 31 July 2016


We are deeply delighted to officially announce a magnified milestone in July 2016 due to overwhelming supports from our strategic partners. I called this collective healthy spirit as an intimate collaboration to make more things happen for society’s betterment. This is the proven recipe for any great achievement so long as everyone plays their part no matter how small is their individual portion. We are proud to be part of these memorable and meaningful events.

You reap what you sow. This is the natural law which cannot never go wrong. As we pursue our journey to thrive for better value, we will continuously help others along.

On this note, our articles were featured in the Homefinder; 2 online digital magazines at FlyMe360 and Entrepreneur Insight. That make me excited to have a chance to play much bigger roles in Digital Publishing as time goes by. Now, I have even published my articles both in hard copy and digital. Moving forward, I think digital publishing is the innovative way in the publishing industry.

Another breakthrough news I write to share with you is that one of my recent article has been selected to be included as a collection of the investment supplement published by MIRA. It comprised of numerous renowned local authors. This limited printed copies of books were distributed to more than 300 invited members and guests in conjunction with their IR Annual Award for 2016. What a great gift for such a significant occasion. As such, I am deeply grateful to MIRA for given me such a golden opportunity to republish my article in their book collection. See the photo below. Thus, this move has helped us to achieve another significant milestone in our own history.

                                               Mira Investment Supplement
                                                  HomefinderJul 2016



                                                   FlyMe360, July 2016

                                          Entrepreneur Insight, July 2016 

Hope you will obtain a copy of the magazines and let us know how we can serve you better by improving our part. Thanks you in advance.

Meanwhile we also kicked off several self-developed courses for the year of 2016 which we have announced in our link at Please circulate to those you think can benefit from them.

I must say that the emotions, growth, self-reflection and friendships that have occurred over the years have fueled me to write and update you from time to time.

Many thanks to the people who were form part of our bigger roles as we evolve over the years. Thanks to our family for continuing to trust us, all our existing strategic partners who moved with us through a roller coaster ride, my editor cum partner for believing in the journey and hustling non-stop, the customers for the continued trust in us with their returning visits and our budding entrepreneur friends. You guys are amazingly great to be working with. If not for your effort, we can’t imagine how we would be.

Stay tune for more exciting stories ahead. One thing is certain; we will continue to obtain much more blessings as we thrive for excellence. Excellence is not an act, but rather a habit.

James Oh

Value Creation Specialist

Sunday, 24 July 2016


Very happy day everyone. 

Please permit me to express my heartfelt thanks to my former secondary classmate, Ir. Teoh Teik Leong for giving me his brilliant idea of publishing article that creates a golden opportunity to reach out to some personnel from Bursa, Mira and few hundreds of  Publicly listed companies key personnel. His idea resulted in one of my articles was selected to be published in their limited copies investment supplements to be distributed during their IR. Award 2016.

Here I also write to express our gratitude to M.I.R.A for inviting me to attend their function as an invited guest at Sime Darby Convention Central on this July 21, 2016. 

In this connection, I too want to thank Miss May Tan in particular for proposing my articles to be included with other writers in this book. 

I must thank all these people who have touched my life and help me to materialize my dream of paying back to the society I am benefiting from all these while. Thank you.

You guys are really awesome and see what such a wonderful gift you have given me. 

Please stay tuned and more exciting news ahead.

Monday, 18 July 2016


                                                       WEALTH DRAGON

 John Lee is the CEO and co-founder of Wealth Dragons
John Lee is the CEO and co-founder of Wealth Dragons which teaches people how to increase their asset-

Sunday, 3 July 2016



Any type of investment will always be associated with inherent risks one way or another due to uncertainty. Investors who prefer low downside risk may seriously consider value investing as one of the approach to achieve their investment goals. This is mainly because this approach is not only very prudent in practice but it also will reward its followers handsomely, provided they are strictly guided by its sound principles and its best practices.

To have a clear framework on how it works, we need to fully understand what is meant by downside risk and how it works to preserve its investment value.


“Downside Risk” is an estimation of a security's potential to suffer a decline in value if the market conditions change, or the amount of loss that could be sustained as a result of the decline. Downside risk explains a "worst case" scenario for an investment, or how much the investor stands to lose. Some investments have a finite amount of downside risk, while others have infinite risk. The purchase of a stock, for example, has a finite amount of downside risk; the investor can lose his or her entire investment. The sale of a stock, however, as accomplished through a short sale (or "selling short") entails unlimited downside risk, since the price of the security could continue rising indefinitely.


Value investing, by its nature, has taken all measures in establishing all possible downside risks. That’s the main reason Graham proposed the margin of safety in the first place when acquiring shares below its intrinsic value. This margin of safety can be scientifically computed based on those factors which may have adverse effect on its intrinsic value such as human error. Moreover, you are buying at your objectively clear criteria without reference to market. This is the whole idea of investing; that you are not led and dictated by the market, but the market becomes your slave instead of your master, in making handsome profits.

As a result, value investing demands analysis of both quantitative and qualitative approaches while mindful that past performance cannot guarantee future performance. What matters most are both the leading financial and operational indicators. Looking beyond financial statements objectively will enhance your understanding of a firm’s operational, financial and strategic plans and help ascertain whether company is building its core competencies to sustain its business growth and profitability. Companies that achieve a high return on capital are likely to have a special advantage that keeps their competitors from destroying their ability to earn above-average profits.

Thus you are able to ascertain with much certainty whether you are buying good businesses that can truly enhance your investment. This is in line with Buffet's two golden rules; not to lose money and obey the first rule at all times. On the flip side, it is also preserves your capital in the sense that the stock you invested in has more relative stability of assets, if you have done your homework well especially if you use the worst case scenario of liquidation valuing method in establishing your intrinsic value. 


For the above reasons, we believe that the downside risk is limited. This is because we attempt to defend against significant losses while seeking reasonable returns. That's how our strategy was initially created and crafted for. While it is tempting to try to capture all of the upside of a bull market, being caught in the potential downside will result in holding the stock for a longer term. Thus, these two approaches are much more thoughtful and preferable in view of much higher possibility in reaping its profit. 

Once you are clear of your investment’s purpose, you will tend to play your game with more focus on the process that delivers your end result, rather than chasing hot stock without any clue like many investors do. By eliminating your emotion and temptation, you will tend to have better control of yourself and your game. Being disciplined and being more patient will become your investing character. You will tend to follow your roadmap in picking your stocks that meet your criteria. You are able to be wired for making prudent investment decisions. To manage our investment well, we need to make sound decisions and to implement them efficiently.


Managing by results is mechanistic. Management for results and by the right process is a better choice. Managing by results only focuses on the returns of our investment. No specific primary attention is given to the means of achieving the ultimate goals. Value investing is more inclined to the process of investing, which forms the key to success.
To hit the bull’s eye, you must align the sights of your gun with the target. The sights are the means by you hit the target. You must focus on the sights and accept the relative haziness of the target. Rewire your mind to focus on the results you want to achieve, or focus on the process of buying stocks which are in line with your direction toward your goals. Quality decisions are the way that leads to achieving your ultimate goals, provided they are effectively implemented.


We should leave nothing to chance when it comes to crafting and implementing a high-quality investment programme that delivers predictable earnings and dividends. To ensure that you reap the fruits fully, the right thing must be done at right time, in the right order, at the right intensity, and in the right sequence. You must do things right, rather than just do the right things.


The drive must come from the ultimate purpose we intend to achieve. By then it will keep us directing our energy and efforts in complying with the process with ease. The profits come from the opportunity. The process must be able to direct us to focus on identifying the opportunity. Thereafter, it enables the investor to realise his investment once the stock price hits its intrinsic value and above. It sets a very clear framework for every entry and exit point of its investment. However, it gives some room for the investor to set his own investment portfolio based on his available fund. The result is less important to the entire process. Therefore, this systematic approach does not leave the entire investment to chance, but rather is guided by profound and sound proven principles and best practices. Ultimately, it is closely associated with shaping the investor with appropriate required investment skill and behaviour that generates consistent and persistent profits. In other words, sounds decisions, with efficient implementation will lead to sound investment behaviour. That behaviour makes the significant difference. This behaviour will not be influenced by the daily fluctuation of the stock. These repeated processes delivers the ultimate results and not by chance.