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As we are almost reaching the end of 2012, how many of us have wondered or pondered what will be the year ahead like? The answer depends very much on us and how we collectively make it. This is because our beliefs determine our actions.

We believe the worst is over and we are heading to a much better year ahead if we persistently take collectively conscious actions to press on to a new record height level. In fact, we can make good use of the multi-media and social media to spread the truths, despite the fact the truths are spreading relative slower than the bad news. However, these will not deter us as we can still turn these into wise moves by not only providing its warranted attention but also following up with actions that demand accountability and responsibility proportionately and accordingly to the rule of law throughout the globe. These will create true transparency, integrity and accountability on the substance and not form.

''How long you will go on killing innocent people...if one Malala will be killed, thousands will replace her. One Benazir was killed, thousands replaced her..'' Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the 24 year-old son of Benazir Bhutto and the heir to one of the most powerful, famous, and controversial political dynasties in the world, made his formal lethal world of Pakistani politics at an emotional rally in a small village which is his family's ancestral home in the south of the country. This is a good illustration between the "two powers" in his homeland, "those on the right path and those on the path of lies."

Today, the Indian news channel NDTV greeted news of the death of the gang-rape victim, on a bus that sickened India, in the early hours of Saturday in a Singapore hospital with the banner headline "RIP: India's Daughter", in  another reflection of how her plight had moved the nation. After spending her evening watching "Life of Pi" in a New Delhi mall, the 23-year-old student and her male companion were looking for a quick lift home when a bus with tinted windows pulled over.

The pair was then subjected to a catalogue of violence and sexual depravity which has evoked comparisons with Anthony Burgess's novel "A Clockwork Orange" and brought simmering anger over the plight of women to the boil across India. Hope this anger will ultimate transformed into consciousness and not hatred.

Ever since she was attacked on the night of December 16, the country's leaders have lined up to offer their prayers and condemn the attack as well as paying for her treatment in Singapore.

After getting into an argument with the woman's male companion, the group are then alleged to have lashed out at the pair before taking turns to rape the woman in the back of the bus while driving around Delhi for some 45 minutes.

They also sexually assaulted the woman with a rusting metal bar, leaving her with severe intestinal injuries, before hurling her out of the vehicle.

The bus would have had to cross numerous police checkpoints at that time of night but at no stage was the vehicle pulled over by officers.

After news of the attack emerged, small-scale protests quickly swelled and were then repeated across the country -- fuelled in part by anger at the police's use of tear gas and water cannon.

The Indian government has set up a commission of inquiry to investigate what mistakes were made on the night of the attack and in its aftermath.

But in an address to chief ministers from the country's states who gathered in New Delhi on Thursday, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh acknowledged that it was far from an isolated event.

"We must reflect on this problem, which occurs in all states and regions. It requires greater attention by the central government and states," he said.

Gang-rapes happen on such a regular basis that they are rarely reported in the Indian press although the attack in Delhi has led papers to shine a rare spotlight on such attacks.

On Thursday night, it emerged that a 17-year-old girl had committed suicide after police allegedly tried to persuade her to drop a complaint of gang-rape and instead either accept a cash settlement or even marry one of her attackers.

After quoting from the infamous gang-rape scene in Burgess's novel, a columnist for The Hindu wrote this week that "few Indians will need a dictionary of the teenage slang Burgess invented to grasp the horror of this passage".

"For progress to be made, we must begin by acknowledging this one fact: the problem isn't the police, the courts or the government. The problem is us," wrote Praveen Swami.

Trust the above two incidents have  demonstrated the points that we must take accountabilities of our own actions and not to blame others. We need to make changes should we truly want to make progress. Change is the solution.

We can't expect progress should we stay status quo or follow the same approach we deal with the things like in the past.

Therefore, it is crystal clear as to how we determine the better year ahead is through changes. Then those lives of those kind and innocent ones being killed are not lost in vain.

Let us put the old chapter, of those innocent lives being killed, to an end and move forward to a happy, harmonious and healthy year ahead. So, let us embrace change and make the year ahead better.

Sunday, 30 December 2012



How many of you have read the article entitled "Osborne pledges UK tax clampdown"? If you have not, please click the link below:-

Salient Features of the case:-

Starbucks paid no income taxes on revenue of 1.2 billion pounds over the past three years by using intra-company transfers and loans to record a loss for its British business, Reuters reported on Oct 15, citing company filings.

For those of you who have read, please indicate "True" or "False" to the following questions in the comment column provided below:-

I have summarised the points in case below:-

a) It is an undeniable truth that you can beat the system of either paying minimum tax or not at all, if you choose to do so.

b) No matter what, there is still a way of using the transfer pricing arrangements to shift earnings to a low-tax jurisdiction especially for the big international companies legitimately and not to mention other alternative ways.

c) In the end, you still can make use of the imperfect tax system for your advantage, if you choose to do so.

d) Who says the rich pay higher taxes?

My intention is just to demonstrate the power of our minds. Nothing is impossible, so is wealth.

Your participation in the above exercise is greatly appreciated.

Saturday, 29 December 2012



Ladies and gentlemen,
Have you ever wondered why there is a relatively low success rate from the 
approaches of self improvement of any kind ? Not many of you do.

Here, I write to share my findings with you and I hope you will then have a  
better picture and appropriate perspective.

From my observation in numerous training workshops, I have discovered 
that there is a GREAT tendency to presume that these workshops are mainly 
for fixing defective areas when approaching self improvement of any kind. 
It has become rather obvious that there are areas in our lives that need to be 
changed. Sadly to say that the mindset with which the most transformation 
approach often NEGATE any positive results they might have. 

You may wonder why? This is basically because of focusing on the 
PROBLEM they are trying to solve, rather than on their vision. In the end, 
they tend to attract more problems in line with the saying " if you focus on the 
problem, you get more problems."

This is how the  Law of Attraction works at all times, even if we are not aware 
of it. So,the Law of Attraction transcends that we will receive exactly, 
proportionally and equally to our response, ...our FEELINGS so to speak. 
Where is our attention and focus directed to ? The question here is whether there 
is any negative feeling associated with the problem or the feelings of no longer 
having the problem?

However, if you approach self improvement with the desire to "get rid of the 
problem" with all the negative feelings of frustration and anger this "problem" 
brings, then you will naturally attract more of those negative feelings...more of 
the circumstances that brought the problem to you in the first place according to 
the Universal Law. The Universe is simply responding directly to the "implied 
request" on the way of your feelings, even if you are unaware of your situation.

Should we approach our self improvement solutions with high positive feelings
associated with what our life WILL be...coupled with the visualisation of our 
success; followed by our program of choice on all sensory levels; particularly the 
level of our EMOTION, we will literally magnetically ATTRACT the success we 
are looking for! This alignment and harmonisation of our minds and spirits with 
the universe will produce miracles.

Naturally, the wealthiest and most successful people in the world using the Law of 
Attraction, knowingly or unknowingly, to effortlessly bring into their lives, their 
vision in the form of wealth, relationships, wisdom, peace of mind, and a sense of 
life purpose.

The truth is that everyone CAN have whatever he wants, regardless of how this 
may sound. What he needs to do is simply learn HOW to ask for what he truly 
wants and follow with positive and healthy response.

Despite what most of us may currently believe in or had been taught, it is never the 
intent of our lives to struggle with long hard work, or even to "figure things out". 
What we need to do is do what we truly love to do. Once we do that with full trust 
and become consciously aware, we will naturally attract our deepest desires working 
toward our ends. Hence, we become powerful magnets, which virtually assures 
our success. 

Wishing you great success,

James Oh

Thursday, 27 December 2012


Toastmaster was formed in 1924 by a well respected missionary gentleman called DR.RALPH C. SMEDLEY, the founder of TI. From a humble beginning , he started the first Toastmaster meeting at the YMCA in Santa Ana, California United States.
Toastmasters International has grown to become a world leader in helping people become more competent and comfortable in front of an audience. The non-profit organization now has nearly 280,000 members in over 13,500 clubs in 116 countries, offering a proven, pleasant – and enjoyable! – way to practise communication and leadership skills.

I am grateful and very proud to be part of his esteemed organisation and deeply indebted to him. As such, I urge every member to KEEP HIS LEGACY ALIVE.

Ralph C. Smedley, once said, "Education is our business. It has been so from the beginning." He had a vision of people helping others learn communication skills in an enjoyable and educational social setting. That noble idea sparked the growth of Toastmasters International that have benefited many millions people throughout the world.

There was no coincidence that I joined this esteemed club, but there must a valid reason to be revealed at the later stage. With this friendly environment, I had completed the required 10 speeches of the Communication Manual and earned a title as Competent Communicator. I must say that the journey was amazingly wonderful as I met so many kind people and mentor, whom have shaped me to be a better communicator.

With this fantastic achievement, I urge the readers to take up the courage to join this organisation to keep the above profound missionary legacy alive and thriving into another great year.

Thank you and look forward to welcome you on-board to this esteemed organisation.

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Monday, 24 December 2012



Many readers and listeners have shared very positive, constructive feedback with me after listening to my speech or  after reading my written speech, thank YOU so much for your kind words and encouragement ! 

Always feel free to share your feedback with me here!

Some of you may desire to have new resolution for 2013 of having to turn your weaknesses into strength. Do you have any idea how and where to start ? Thank you.

Any weakness can be shaped, moulded and turned into a strength. Likewise, any skill you have can also be turned into an expertise. It all boils down to 3P, that are Practice, Practice and Practice. No doubts, Practice does not make Perfect, but Practice makes Permanent Progress..

Have you heard of the 10,000 hours rule? I have heard from my daughter's prize presentation speech from her school's headmaster. It basically says that when you spend at least 10,000 hours honing a skill of any type, you will turn it into your expertise. Read more at the link below:-

You may have read or heard as how I have successfully turned my physical weak health into a blessing. It makes me stronger, better and sweeter; not bitter. I strongly believe that nothing is permanent except God and His words and everything changes over time. Everyone of us may be born with propensities in certain areas, but these do not have to define us unless we do not do something on these. E.g., I wanted to be an accountant after my form 6 just because I am good with numbers and now I am a chartered accountant. However, I am born with zero abilities in other areas such as writing and speaking, but these do not have to define me either. This is because I begin to make effort and initiative to become a professional writer and speaker which I strongly believe are learn-able skills.

For example, people often ask me how I always accomplish what i wanted in life. Some people might conclude that I was born a writer or I have a natural flair in writing to be able to do what I do today. In fact this is not true. 

To put on record, I must admit that through writing consistently and persistently that I have improved; become sharper and more concise with my words. Lots and lots of writing I had done. I was never a writer; I was a science student in my high school, studied Accounting in local university, subsequently worked in Accountancy firm before I joined corporate world for more than twenty years after I graduated.

I have started my career as a writer in several online media in 2008 and I have neither publish any physical book nor Ebook. I am merely someone who runs several blogs and uses writing to reach out to the world, with the intention to repay those kind people and souls who have touched my life significantly.

In this connection, writing has merely been something I have developed in the past four years from being a non-skill to my current strength. Because I had persistently spent so much time in reading, writing and speaking, there was no way I could acquire this skill except to become better. By doing, I continue to be better with the feedback and guidance from my mentors, blog readers and friends.

People have also asked me how I came to be so good in accomplish so many successes through my academic qualifications, career and dreams. At one stage, I have even lost sense of my  purpose in life after I have fulfilled all of my dreams at that time. (Again, this is not something I think, just something people told me so.) Similarly in my writing, this was through lots and lots of practising. This included one-to-one coaching, self-coaching, coaching readers through my articles, through unlimited belief which I have acquired some time ago and after I completed my Second Law degree and Professional Trainer Programme.

Let us give it a serious thought. I have actually done my dues and clocked more than 10,000 hours in both writing and coaching since the start of my journey. I started my blogs  in August 2008. Till now, I have literally spent all my time thinking about how to develop myself before I can help others grow, I have clocked in almost the required 10,000 hours since then! (10,000 hours = 5 hours a day x 360 days x 4.25 years!)

Regardless of your current status, financial position and background, what defines you depend on :-

(a) your dedication/commitment in achieving that particular desire and 
(b) your passion towards achieving it.

Your passion can generate the required energy, power and desire to enable you to overcome all obstacles that come along your way to success. Needless to say that at the end of the day, the journey will not come smoothly. That challenges along the journey will eventually shape you to be better, stronger and sweeter, like the transformation process that every beautiful butterfly took.

To take up new challenge, always begin with the baby step, followed by full step before we take the leap step. It is normal even if you start out shaky. So, it is accurate to say that we can’t change what we were born with but we can change how well we become in something through rigorous practice and a wealth of experience. Naturally, the more time we spend on something, the better we will become especially with appropriate guidance. The point in case is to start clocking in our developmental hours and not wait for perfection because the latter is a myth.

Therefore, it is important that we invest our hours in it if we want to become better in something. If you want to excel in it, then we need to put an extra mile more than others.
Now, you can see why I continue to invest my time in writing, coaching, building my blogs, and helping others grow every day. This is the way to strengthen our mindsets, skills and knowledge. Knowledge is the potential power. With action, it will emerge to become power. Exactly like our muscle, we need to exercise to strengthen our muscle.

Just imagine being able to live life on a completely new level - a level that would allow you to demolish obstacles to your success and finally manifest the dream life that you have been longing for. Trust me, you can do this if you know how to unleash your mind's power with the above secret weapon I have just shared with you.

I strongly believe that everyone wants a life that is enriched, abundant and complete. So please share the above post if you feel it is helpful to you.

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Sunday, 9 December 2012


If you think you can, you can.
If you think you can't, you can't.
Both are equally right.

Ladies & Gentlemen.

How many of you seriously desire to grow your wealth exponentially? Please raise your hand.Fantastic, everyone does.

How many of you think that you can achieve what is in your desire? Excellent, everyone does again.

Big congratulation to you. You have won half the battle. Then you should proceed to conceive before you can make it Real.

I like to share with 3 reasons why you need to grow your wealth exponentially.

REASON #1 We are living in a world WITH full of uncertainty.

Corporate, both huge and small collapsing one after the other. Financial scandals are happening at their new records height and it is no longer shameful any more. Country goes bankrupt one after the other is become norm.

You can't leave it to chances. You need to take control of your destiny. You are the captain of your body and mind. You have everything to grow your wealth exponentially regardless of your current status, background and financial status.

You do it for yourself and the people you love. Growing your wealth exponentially is to have better security. Who agrees with this statement?

To cite you an example, I have been growing my wealth since I was 14. Now, I have been reaping my other sources of leveraged income ranging from interest, dividend, rental, advertisement and investment incomes.

My next level is to build my royalty income through publication and training workshop.

I believe you too want to take control over your time and life. You too want money to work for you.

REASON #2 Globally High inflation regime

With the current high inflation regime, the inflation will eat into your wealth if you don't grow it with higher than the real inflation rate. 

You need to safely and steadily building up money so as to give you financial security in retirement. Or you will have enough money to pay for holidays..and any unexpected health scares as you get older. In short, you will be able to enjoy your golden years without any financial worries.

REASON #3 Money is not evil.

Money is not evil. It is greed of money that is evil. Once you have more Money, you will have More Freedom and More Time to spend with your love ones. By then, you are able to live your life that you choose and not playing by someone else's rule.

You are designed to get the best for yourself. Don't think that it is impossible. Rephrase it as I'm possible. You really can!!

The wealthier you are, the greater magnitude of people you can help. Then give of your money and your time in support of those good cause, like donating to charity organisations. The primary beneficiary of such noble actions is always the one who gives, not the one who receives. ~ Napoleon Hill.

Why I say everyone can.

a) It is not difficult. 

You don't need to be a sky rocket Scientist. But, a simple mathematics and common sense are needed to do well financially.

Wealth is within your grasp. Everyone has the capacity of achieving because it is inside you.

What you need to do is constantly applying Knowing- Doing Gap strategies. I have been applying it to stay above poverty and also during my professional as Financial Controller to turnaround a company during Asian Financial Crisis in 1996. My other colleagues have been working closely and drastically to bring in cash flow and cutting down our costs so as to keep the company floating.

b) Start with a dream.

A daytime dream that keeps you awake and not the dream you made during your sleep. Without a dream, it  guarantees failure. Having it, without guarantee that you will succeed, but at least there is a chance for you to succeed.

Get ready and prepared for. Apply it with action and tangible tools to make it real. You can create what you conceive in your mind. Napoleon Hill.

c) Followed by action

A vision and goal without action is a wish. By doing, you will make it REAL.

Sometime you gain, sometimes you learnt. 

With the right guidance and proven recipe FOR WEALTH, you too can rise from struggle to success.

There is an exact science behind success, But there are most certainly no secrets when it comes to creating wealth or whatever other desires you may inspire to create for yourself.

d) Legacy

Wealth is Nothing More Than An Individual Choice just as failure is a choice. It derived and made possible as the result of a choice.  

The question is whether you have the desire to claim your success, which I believe all of you have.

Never let your "Unconscious Choices" that limit your "Consciously Desired" Results.

Pretty cool don't you think?

The answer will become more than apparent as THE STORY reaches its conclusion.

You are convinced to sign up with our workshop, "From Organic to Exponential Wealth" workshop. 

AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT. You are the sculptor of your external reality.

Wealth is well within your grasp and easily attainable if you will only find that "inner place" and make the choice to "allow" it to be so.

You have already taken a MAJOR step by listening to this preview. Now, if you choose take the next and leave behind a good legacy.

One more thing. Prepare to get empowered.!/pages/Lift-You-Up-Always-there-for-You/176685462397920

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How many of you know how to play chess? I love this game as you may acquire many good habits and success principles in life.

I am deeply indebted to my chess coach, who was also my school teacher, Mr. Ho, from Tong Sian Primary School, Penang.  

That was my sweetest memorable day in my life as he moulded me to have a killer instinct when he wanted me to win my game in the shortest possible time. Through that game, I learn to always start my game with an aim - to beat my rival with the least number of moves as possible. My mind is crystal clear and I have a simple mission. To win every game played whoever my worthy opponent. I skipped many of my classes to play with any player that are deemed good and he made sure I beat them straight. That boosted up my confidence and from there, I realised that I can achieve what I want if I persist and press on with that goal.

In the event when I lost my chess game, he wanted me to analyse and recall every of my move and identified where was my mistake. In short, I have begun to realise that I either learn or gain in every game.

Make a guess as how can I learn from my losing game. First, I recalled every moves I made that caused me to lose the game. To maintain my game and position, I needed to seek an excellent mentor or book or observation on other players for permanent improvement.

Through this wonderful game, I also learnt that winning the game is a reflection of all the best choices of every move of that particular game. This is because every move has a great impact, big or small; obvious or hidden; like it or not, to the overall game. 

To be an excellent player, one need to cultivate and nurture many good habits such as always thinking as many steps ahead as possible, be flexible, have good visualisation and imagination. You need to apply all the possibilities or strategies to stay in control of the game if you want a winning game. 

Constant practising is a must if you want to maintain your level of competency. You also need to stay focus and concentrate on your game without any distraction. Staying alert in an entire game is a must if you want to kill your opponent quickly, effectively whenever the opportunity arises. At the same time, you need to create that opportunity to wipe off your opponent. If you can't you need to confuse him or her of your move to distract his or her attention.

At times, you have to make small sacrifice in order to gain big. I was also trained to put my opponent in an over confident situation before I make my kill him quickly and before he even realise it.

In short, it taught me lots of successful life's principles. What can make the difference to your game is when you make use of every strategy on the game at the appropriate time and circumstance and you will win mighty big. 

One great challenge is when you are selected to make the second move of the game. Then, you need not only to defend your game, but also to reverse the situation quickly by adopting attacking game and at the same time defending the game. To me, nothing is impossible. Miracle happens every time if we plan and play well consistently even when we were told to take over from a loser player. So, you can picture how I was trained.

Stay hungry and stay foolish is my philosophy of playing a winning game.

Friday, 7 December 2012



When we talk about traditional dating, it is not cheap to maintain a presence on the dating scene nowadays. Bars and nightclubs especially are charging much more higher admission fees, not to mention about those expensive drinks despite having paid to get in.

It is very common to spend over hundred dollars if you were to get drinks for yourself and others. Don't forget that this is just for a single night! In spite of all these, there’s still no guarantee that your night will end with you finding true love successfully.

Instead, it may be end with you being disappointed, devastated, despaired, and drunk as well. Deeply sad, isn't it?

Fortunately, online dating is  a lot different from this.

Some dating sites do require a paid membership, but it is still much cheaper than going out regularly. You may not have to spend additional money to communicate with your romantic prospects even if you have found them. 

In short, it is safe to conclude that online dating is a relatively better option compared to traditional dating if you are looking for a way to save money on dating.

Please let us know your feedback, both good and bad. You are more than welcome to propose any better economical option through the comment column provided below.


Wednesday, 5 December 2012


How many of you agree that we should do what matters most Now, and Not Tomorrow ? ask ourselves sincerely whether we really do it or not. Congratulations to those who have done so. But, for those who have not, tonight is your answer.

Fellow Toastmasters, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am honoured to be here to tell you 3 stories from my life. That's it. No big deal. Just three stories.

The first story is about CONNECTING THE DOTS.

I am so blessed because I inherited natural wealth talents, wild imagination and weak health. I was born underweight, at only 4 Ibs 4 ozs in 1961 and both my parents were very concerned that I would not be able to survive long. I had been frequently saddled with sickness in my early life. Today, I consider this weak health a Blessing because it shapes me to be better, stronger, sweeter and not bitter. 

My talent of playing chess and was spotted by my primary school teacher, who had subsequently coached me to be my school's Captain. That lead me to represent my school in both team and individual events in the Penang State Chess Competition under 12 category in 1973. 

Due to some unpleasant events, I performed far below his expectation. I did not even enter the Quarter Final of the Individual event despite my perfect score in the team event. Since then, I had stopped playing chess and pursue my other dreams. It served a good turning point in my life, rather than an end.

I then learned from those kind souls and friends that I could overcome my physical weakness through my mental strength. Thereafter, I consistently spent my time, effort and money in upgrading and enhancing my knowledge, skill and mindset till to date.

Some of my childhood's heroes such as Confucius, Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln and many others, had transformed and impacted my life significantly. I was inspired by their transformation of humanity to a greater height.

I am very grateful to them for helping me to acquire not only better health, but also much stronger mindset which helped me to overcome many adversities at my later life. I also managed doing things more effectively and efficiently in order to cope well with my study while I was engaged with my other part time jobs. 

These good habits and attitudes enable me to obtain several academic qualifications  prior to the completion of my first Bachelor of Accounting degree such as London Chamber of Commerce Intermediate Book-keeping, Malaysian Chamber of Commerce Higher Accounting and English 1119.

By applying my knowledge, skill and strategies I managed to grow a newly set up private company to a publicly listed company and promoted as Financial Controller of the company.  

I must admit that Practice does not make Perfect but Practice makes Permanent Progress.

My second story is about my gain and loss

In year 2000, after my team and I managed to turnaround the company with Knowing-doing Gap strategies and I had fulfilled all of my dreams at that time. I then lost sense of purpose in my life coupled with my helplessness to defend the loss of my still born child. That's subsequently led me to lose my passion in my profession.

Would you agree that your beliefs determine your actions?

Knowing that I was dying inside and my spirit was literally drying up. So, I embarked to pursue my second Law degree, soul searching journey and Certified Practitioner Trainer.

I vowed if I ever got out of this mess, I will help others learn lessons that might improve their lives.  

During this time, I have unlearned what I had learned and relearned what is unlimited belief. 

My third story is about my purposeful life
In 2008, I simply quit my overseas job shortly after I obtained my Permanent Resident. What at the time appeared as a bold and irresponsible decision, would soon open doors that would enable me to discover the "Missing Link" in my own life. 

That freed me to enter into one of the most creative and bold periods of my life. Guess what? I WAS venturing into wealth coaching PROGRAM and social media at my late 40 before I completed my Certified Professional Trainee Program. Many were surprised, even amongst my friends.

With this turn again, I then realised my larger purpose of helping people to live life in more fulfilling roles. I do so by repaying back those kind souls and people who have touched my life.

NOW, I conclude my speech with the following:-

Life is short! 
Whatever you want to do, do it now.
Whatever you want to be, be that now.
Whatever you want to have, go for it now!
When it comes to the important things in life, don't wait until tomorrow.
Tomorrow may not come. 

(Page 67 Speedwealth by T. Harv Eker)