Saturday, 29 December 2012



Ladies and gentlemen,
Have you ever wondered why there is a relatively low success rate from the 
approaches of self improvement of any kind ? Not many of you do.

Here, I write to share my findings with you and I hope you will then have a  
better picture and appropriate perspective.

From my observation in numerous training workshops, I have discovered 
that there is a GREAT tendency to presume that these workshops are mainly 
for fixing defective areas when approaching self improvement of any kind. 
It has become rather obvious that there are areas in our lives that need to be 
changed. Sadly to say that the mindset with which the most transformation 
approach often NEGATE any positive results they might have. 

You may wonder why? This is basically because of focusing on the 
PROBLEM they are trying to solve, rather than on their vision. In the end, 
they tend to attract more problems in line with the saying " if you focus on the 
problem, you get more problems."

This is how the  Law of Attraction works at all times, even if we are not aware 
of it. So,the Law of Attraction transcends that we will receive exactly, 
proportionally and equally to our response, ...our FEELINGS so to speak. 
Where is our attention and focus directed to ? The question here is whether there 
is any negative feeling associated with the problem or the feelings of no longer 
having the problem?

However, if you approach self improvement with the desire to "get rid of the 
problem" with all the negative feelings of frustration and anger this "problem" 
brings, then you will naturally attract more of those negative feelings...more of 
the circumstances that brought the problem to you in the first place according to 
the Universal Law. The Universe is simply responding directly to the "implied 
request" on the way of your feelings, even if you are unaware of your situation.

Should we approach our self improvement solutions with high positive feelings
associated with what our life WILL be...coupled with the visualisation of our 
success; followed by our program of choice on all sensory levels; particularly the 
level of our EMOTION, we will literally magnetically ATTRACT the success we 
are looking for! This alignment and harmonisation of our minds and spirits with 
the universe will produce miracles.

Naturally, the wealthiest and most successful people in the world using the Law of 
Attraction, knowingly or unknowingly, to effortlessly bring into their lives, their 
vision in the form of wealth, relationships, wisdom, peace of mind, and a sense of 
life purpose.

The truth is that everyone CAN have whatever he wants, regardless of how this 
may sound. What he needs to do is simply learn HOW to ask for what he truly 
wants and follow with positive and healthy response.

Despite what most of us may currently believe in or had been taught, it is never the 
intent of our lives to struggle with long hard work, or even to "figure things out". 
What we need to do is do what we truly love to do. Once we do that with full trust 
and become consciously aware, we will naturally attract our deepest desires working 
toward our ends. Hence, we become powerful magnets, which virtually assures 
our success. 

Wishing you great success,

James Oh

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