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How many of you know how to play chess? I love this game as you may acquire many good habits and success principles in life.

I am deeply indebted to my chess coach, who was also my school teacher, Mr. Ho, from Tong Sian Primary School, Penang.  

That was my sweetest memorable day in my life as he moulded me to have a killer instinct when he wanted me to win my game in the shortest possible time. Through that game, I learn to always start my game with an aim - to beat my rival with the least number of moves as possible. My mind is crystal clear and I have a simple mission. To win every game played whoever my worthy opponent. I skipped many of my classes to play with any player that are deemed good and he made sure I beat them straight. That boosted up my confidence and from there, I realised that I can achieve what I want if I persist and press on with that goal.

In the event when I lost my chess game, he wanted me to analyse and recall every of my move and identified where was my mistake. In short, I have begun to realise that I either learn or gain in every game.

Make a guess as how can I learn from my losing game. First, I recalled every moves I made that caused me to lose the game. To maintain my game and position, I needed to seek an excellent mentor or book or observation on other players for permanent improvement.

Through this wonderful game, I also learnt that winning the game is a reflection of all the best choices of every move of that particular game. This is because every move has a great impact, big or small; obvious or hidden; like it or not, to the overall game. 

To be an excellent player, one need to cultivate and nurture many good habits such as always thinking as many steps ahead as possible, be flexible, have good visualisation and imagination. You need to apply all the possibilities or strategies to stay in control of the game if you want a winning game. 

Constant practising is a must if you want to maintain your level of competency. You also need to stay focus and concentrate on your game without any distraction. Staying alert in an entire game is a must if you want to kill your opponent quickly, effectively whenever the opportunity arises. At the same time, you need to create that opportunity to wipe off your opponent. If you can't you need to confuse him or her of your move to distract his or her attention.

At times, you have to make small sacrifice in order to gain big. I was also trained to put my opponent in an over confident situation before I make my kill him quickly and before he even realise it.

In short, it taught me lots of successful life's principles. What can make the difference to your game is when you make use of every strategy on the game at the appropriate time and circumstance and you will win mighty big. 

One great challenge is when you are selected to make the second move of the game. Then, you need not only to defend your game, but also to reverse the situation quickly by adopting attacking game and at the same time defending the game. To me, nothing is impossible. Miracle happens every time if we plan and play well consistently even when we were told to take over from a loser player. So, you can picture how I was trained.

Stay hungry and stay foolish is my philosophy of playing a winning game.

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