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Life is like a roller-coaster. Sometimes it is a sunny day and sometimes it is a rainy day. Do you let the rainy day to disappoint, demoralise and depress you?

I have an unfortunate and agonizing experience. It all began 17 years ago when my wife and I took our 1 year old son to be warded in a modern and well-equipped Hospital because he was very sick.

Coincidently my wife, who was more than 30 weeks into her pregnancy, complained about her abdominal pains at the same time. She was sent to the delivery ward at the same hospital.

I was not prepared for what happened next!

The 'state of the art' hospital then HARASSED me with phone calls on my mobile phone demanding me to settle my wife's consultancy fee at the counter immediately. I said I would, but pleaded to stay with my frightened ill son for a while. The hospital was nastily adamant and I had no other choice, I threw the phone down on to the floor as I was very upset and began regretting my choice of hospital!

While returning to the children’s ward, my wife began complaining about a second, more acute, pain.

We wheeled her off to the emergency ward but were referred to the delivery ward, after much hassle.

We then returned to consult the same midwife that attended to my wife the first time. She took 3 tests which annoyingly lasted nearly an hour with her irrational excuses that the earlier tests were not accurate.

Under the given circumstances, I literally had to bite my tongue, swallowed my anger with all these ridiculous explanations. Finally she contacted the gynecologist and mentioned ‘heavy flow’ which made me sensed strongly that something was amiss.

After 20 minutes, the gynecologist arrived and immediately contacted the operating theater's personnel through the phone without much explanation.

After a short talk, he slammed down his phone and rushed to the operating theater to operate on my wife. Whilst being gratified with the gynecologist’s efficiency and devotion, I had to push the other staff members hard because they worked like snails with an indifferent attitude and unprofessional mannerism. This was totally different from the TV series of 911 documentary movies.

After a long wait of 2 hours for the operation, the gynecologist came back, with both good and sad announcements. He claimed he had done all his best and saved my wife, but the bad news was that our child was stillborn. I was distraught and devastated. I simply could not accept this second fact, knowing what all those ludicrous actions and omissions committed by the Hospital before the operation.

Worst still my wife's medication was mixed up with that of another patient.

AT the end, nothing constructive actions happened after that and the matter just died a natural death. I have kept this bitter experience in me for the past 17 years, even to the last meeting when I failed to deliver this speech.

Today, I have realized that the storm in my life is to make me stronger and better, not bitter.

Dear friends, your past cannot alter and your future does not deserve punishment. Learn to let go and move on with an open mind, jolly soul and forgiving heart. Just remember –a sound emotional and physical health is greater wealth.

Over to you, TME.

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James Oh



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