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Very happy day to you,

I write in response to your brilliant and noble call, Books Turns into movies and am more than happy to furnish you with the content for your movies production.

In this connection, I write to nominate my book, Letting Go and Moving On. It is based on my real painful story on how I pass heavy loads of unbearable experience to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

It all started when an ambitious young accountant aspired to give the best for his beloved family. He convinced his wife to use a state of art hospital. However, things went obviously wrong, as he was the only key witness to the whole series of event. He eventually turned into helping the midwife to "murder' his own second full grown son by giving in to every objections he raised. This is definitely not the normal him who will tolerate such obvious negligent case that caused a casualty. Due to this long delay, his son was announced dead about 10-20 minutes before a successful operation which saved his wife. Just imagine the patient who cried first and experienced abdominal pains a couple of hours ahead.  

To upheld his promise to his still born son, he took full responsibility and accountability and summon all the involved parties to the court, despite advised not to do so by various parties, including the leading opposition party. However, he pursued the case after obtaining numerous written unsatisfactory replies from the government linked hospital and gynecologist after he put lots of pressure on them. Numerous fruitless private meetings were conducted prior to the domestic inquiry, without the presence of the key witness and external gynecologist. He confronted the chairman and the CEO who initially refused to give him a hearing and instead threaten him with removal by police. He was calm and took up the CEO's challenge. In return, he gave the CEO an ultimatum to reply or he would stay in the hospital until he obtained a satisfactory explanation. The CEO finally agreed to furnish his explanation within seven days thereof.

The hell experience does not end there, but the file was misplaced by the courts. He even instructed his appointed solicitor to reconstruct the file, instead of refiling a fresh case as advised by his solicitor. Knowing this is going to be a tough battle, the author completed a Law degree to standby. He even furnished his findings through his research on medical negligence cases and furnished his solicitor to strengthen his case. Unaware that all these worked against him as his solicitor pulled out to represent him, a day prior to the first hearing of the case. He tried to represent himself, as he had completed his law degree, but was removed.

By then, he got to know Jesus, who had then took over the case from the author.

Since then, he has been used as His vessel to lift others up through his blog at and series of life you up books at the link below.

With the above, I trust I can deliver you abundance of content to make your dream materialize.

Thanks and cheers.

Look forward to establish long term business relationship with you.

James Oh


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