Monday, 7 July 2014


Dear Friends, Followers and fans,

Hope you are keeping well.

As promised in our preceding post, the answer will be given. 

Congratulation to those who have the answer of 4.

For those who have other answer than 4, give yourself a pat on your shoulder for given yourself an opportunity.  Some of you may wonder why you need to do so.
Make a guess? This is because action triumphs in success. Keep this best practice till it become part of you. Repetition is the key to mastery of any skill. This is what the law of Accumulation all about. Success is the accumulation of all tiny efforts and actions.

Let us know if you see it from other perspective. Thanks for sharing.

The next question is how we derive the answer. Look at each box closely and you may able to see that the multiply of the two numbers from top right and bottom left within the same box gives rise to the answer from top left to bottom right. Try out the other 2 other boxes; they give you the similar pattern. Apply it to the last box, that’s how you get your answer.

Thanks for the participation and hope you are truly enjoy it. What matters most is we have learned something new.

 James Oh

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