Thursday, 24 November 2011


A very warm welcome to this talk.

How many of you have difficulties in sustaining your business? Pause.

Everyone knows how easy it is to start a business. The REAL Challenge is to sustain it and making big profits.

Today I am going to share with you some Proven Tips on how to sustain business growth and make real profits.

To proceed further, I like to use this UNIQUE tea port to illustrate the following 4 points.

a) Design
b) Message
c) Trade Mark
d) Something New

Point 1. It is obviously clear that this tea pot was created for far more than its intended functions and features. Because its design is so Amazingly Beautiful, it makes it suitable to be as a decorative item after use.

This illustrates the point that we can't afford to ignore Design should we desire to sustain this business growth.

Again, Apple is using this Proven tip to create an ultra thin and wide screen for its iPhone to get its product noticed. Thus, it has successfully created and added value in the users' perspective.

Point 2. By incorporating a popular quotation at the surface of this pot, the people may connect it with the creator whenever they see the tea pot and hence have a high tendency to form a long lasting memory of the creator in their minds.

Therefore, the purpose of crafting a satisfying narrative is to get the message in sustaining this business.

In this connection, Apple is sending a clear message of simplicity as its identity seen consistently throughout all its products.

Point 3. The trade mark at the bottom of this pot, not only reflects the creator's identity in term of its specialty, uniqueness, and other talents, but also serves as an attractive power for people to unearth its underlying story.

Similar concept also has been employed by all the long successful corporations. Apple for instance, has been successful in creating an Impression of high quality for its products, apart from its simplicity as its identity.

Point 4. With the above smart strategies, its creator has indirectly enhance its new usage. This tea port is also used as a hedging tool against inflation amongst its collectors. Hence, it stays significantly relevant at all times and continuously enjoy long and lasting business growth over many centuries. In short, it is obviously creating not only new demand but remains a significant contributor in the global economy.

Such strategies employed by Apple for the introduction of its new products such as iPad, which is far more superior than iPhone and Laptop. Hence, it delivers SOMETHING that we do  NOT EVEN KNOW THAT we ARE MISSING by Combining email, internet browser and social network into something new.

With this, a new product is born by combining 3 devices into 1 device. I repeat, it is not 3 separate devices, but 1 device.

With the above 4 points, I am very sure that you will find them useful when you plan your future business to ensure that it can sustain the business and make REAL profit.

In conclusion, it is critically important to remember that starting business is very easy, the real challenge is how  we can sustain the business for the real long term profit.

With my 4 points explained earlier, you can use it wisely and diligently to ensure your success in sustaining any business of your choice. With this, I wish you all the best of luck.!/pages/Lift-You-Up-Always-there-for-You/176685462397920

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