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Today, we are going to dwell on something very useful with the intention you too will be lifted up at the end of the day. Permit me to bring in my preceding article, Success is so predictable which you may refresh yourself by clicking the link below.

To enhance its understanding further, our discussion today on how to achieve perpetual success should be view as a supplementary to this already popular topic and we hope you reap the maximum benefits out of it.

In order to achieve its end, there are the steps we need to go through thoroughly with you as follow:-

First, we must recognise the truth of the power of human minds. It makes us distinguish distinctly from animals and make us the Kings in this planet. When we can conceive and believe in it, we can make it. As such, it is of paramount important that we are able to align our belief system into what believe. Believing that it works will drive our mind to search for solutions to make it happen. In one of my preceding articles, I do encourage you to replace the word "I'm Possible" to "impossible". By doing so, you will remove the top most obstacle in your mind. Thereafter, you may ask further:- How to make it happen?


Many of us; knowingly and unknowingly; are in a way conditioning our minds by the surroundings events we are exposed to. In a way, we are also influenced by such circumstances. If left un-check, we will be drag into the beliefs of the majority who aimed to please the society we are living in. As a result, we are also ingrained with such behaviour and are hesitant to change. Sad to say that only changes can bring us progress.

Conversely, we need to be receptive to new ideas, so to speak. Be experimenting with new ideas and do learn from your mistakes. Never be afraid of making mistakes. Mistake actually shows us the right path to our discovery. Thomas Edison made 5,000 mistakes before he invented a light bulb. As such, I like to say that there is no failure in itself. Mistake indicates that this is not the right path to Success. You see now that failure is a small success in itself because you have discovered that this is not the right path. Try other path, this is all about. Hope I have not confused you. If I do, please continue to read. You may be clearer by the end of the article. If not, give it a deep thought.

Just by believing in it will not bring you success, unless you put it into action. Then, how can Creativity come into play? Please share with us your thoughts. To me, it comes in many ways:- it not only helps us to find an intelligent short cut to solve our problems in hand; it may also give us solutions to overcome the constraints we are currently facing such as compliance to the legal requirements; resources and etc. It may also prompt us to re-look into other possibilities such as the processes involved. Here, you may reinvent the wheel or re-engineer the processes involved or the methods such as automation and etc.

Creativity offers us ways to solve our problems. Be mindful that if you want to stand out in the crowd, then creativity is one of the possible ways. Another thing I need you to realise is that creativity is crucially required in all professionals namely Law; Accountancy; Architects etc..

In view of the keen competitive marketing environment, creativity and innovation play a very important role in the business especially for those looking for a sustainable growth model.


Feeling is a state of mind, so is Capacity. Frequently asking yourself to increase your capacity will open doors to your minds to look for intelligent shortcuts. As some of you may be aware that I started to work at a very young age, in order to find time for my study. I learn to search for intelligent shortcut namely multi-tasking which I learn from my mum to save time. To achieve perpetual success in anything, you need to do better (in term of its processes, control) ; and increase the output ( in term of quality and quantity of its output.) In short, To do less and get more.


To achieve perpetual success is to constantly asking yourself to do better than yesterday. Be mindful that self improvement has no limit. Listen to its answer in echo. Ask and you will get it.

No surprise that life learning is inevitable.


Be observant at all times. Ask and listen whenever you can so as to ensure that you make sound decisions. Listen more and speak less so that you do not miss out on any opportunity. Observe and learn from those successful people, which were well advocated in Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich. If you have not read, please do yourself a favour and get it now.


To achieve this end, you need to constantly stimulate your mind. I learn from the Mathematics stimulation that there is always a solution where you can find at the optimum point of anything and everything exactly like those parameters expressed in Mathematics problem. In real life, we always facing several issues (parameters) and at the same time we need to resolve these issues with constraints and yet we obtained the best solution out of all possible solutions. Therefore, you may need this Mathematics equation to work out the best solution for your problems in hand.

Trust the above article is very worth your times and effort. If yes, please help us to spread to others who may need it. Thank you so much.

To our success in making a better tomorrow,

James Oh

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