Saturday, 25 April 2015

Finding Solace in Discomfort of my life!

Finding Solace in Discomfort of my life!

Think about it, my venture into entrepreneurialism was one of the most frightening, discomforting and disturbing days of my life. This is because it was the day I quit my job upon return from foreign land. On that day, I knew there were no more steady paychecks, no more financial security or retirement plans. No more days off for being sick or paid vacations. What insane am I?

However, the world is changing at remarkable speed, the internet has made information so instantaneous that we can learn anything and everything at anytime, anywhere and everywhere in front of our computers. The web has even brought teachers and trainers around the globe into our home. You can learn and master any required skill at your pace and convenience. The computer leads us to be transformed from employee to entrepreneur. The computer empowers us to be entrepreneurs in serving the world which we have been benefiting from.

The internet provides us the platform to communicate and market our products and services through email, website, blog and social media. In short, the computer turn out to be our integrate business’ systems. It also furnishes us the tools for accounting and enables us access to required specific legal advice pertinent to our requirements. The computer lets you search the whole world for every supplier we need. The computer is the second powerful tool of the digital entrepreneur that we can’t afford not to have.

The entrepreneur is all about the brains apart from providing effective and quality leadership. Transformation is crucially required in this rapidly changes world. This is not the smartest and the most intelligent people to survive, but the most adaptable.

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