Friday, 24 June 2011


Hi! Friend,

I am so excited to share with you very good news. This good news is that everyone is a winner. This truth is well recognised and accepted by most of the management gurus worldwide. As such, to achieve the success that was bestowed to us, we need to understand ourselves in depth well i.e. what we are truly designed for. However, the truth of knowing ourselves is not an easy task and it is sad to say that most people do not know themselves well enough to attain the success they seek for.

That is the main reason that drives me to touch on this critical issue, the Personal Leadership workshop, with the view that you will take advantage of it for your own benefits. This workshop, as stated below, provides you a special tool to help you to discover your personality, your potential and your weaknesses. This is critically important for you to know more of yourself so that you have the right mix so as to stretch yourself to your fullest potential. When you know more of yourself, you can position yourself to a much better position to deal with all the relevant elements more effectively so as to produce maximum outputs at all times.

The details of the above course AND the trainers, as stated below, for your reference and action.

Personal leadership workshop

Date – 8 July 2011 (Friday)

Time – 9 am to 5 pm

Venue – Dorsett Regency Hotel, Jalan Imbi , Kuala Lumpur

Introductory Fee – RM350 only (inclusive of a comprehensive copy of your personality and buffet lunch)

If you wish to register for the workshop, please call Alex Lee at 012-2876093 or email -

The personal leadership workshop is run by Human Impact training consultancy firm

Trainer profiles are as follow



Audry Chan is a firm believer and is totally committed to the development of Human Capital Potentials. Her personal vision is to build vibrant people in all walks of life with great visions, focus and set goals with good moral values in living out their lives. She strongly believes that every individual is capable of maximizing his/her own abilities and talents that when laid into actions will contribute towards the growth of his / her organization, nation building and oneself, in achieving personal victories, living out a balanced life. The individual can and shall become Man and Woman of Excellence, having integrity, living lives with full filled commitments, accountabilities, and responsibilities with strong leadership qualities.

Audry holds degrees in Behavioral Science, Hotel Management and a Diploma in Human Resource Management. Audry is also an NLP and Time Line Practitioner. Audry started her career in the hospitality industry, as human resources manager and moved on as Director of HR involved in all aspects of Training, and being posted on assignments in and around the Asia Pacific Region - Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam. She was later as the Executive Director with MATA and served the 6 ASEAN Countries as their Secretary General for FATA (Federation of ASEAN Travel Associations.) and ASEANTA (ASEAN Tourism Associations) Audry’s last appointment was with ICC as Management Consultant, before embarking on the quest as entrepreneur in her own training establishment – Human Impact Enterprise and conducted training in the regions of Malaysia, Singapore , Philippines over the last 14 years.


Alex Lee have a great passion in developing an individual great potential and talent in sales and management capability in realizing their dreams and aspirations in life. He believes every individual has the capability to pursue their life purpose and dreams with the right training, coaching and leadership. His desires and strong drive of pursuing learning and excellent in job out have inspires many of his students and employees to achieve great success in life.

Alex Lee is a graduate in Economies from University of Malaya. In addition, he also qualified for Associate of Insurance Institute of Australia, Chartered Financial Consultant from American College, USA. Certified Financial Planner (CFP) from FPAM and Registered Financial Planner (RFP) from MFPC. Furthermore, he had completed the certification courses on Napoleon Hill’s science of success and PEAKS psychometric personality profiling recently.

Alex Lee has more than 25 years of senior corporate working experience in both insurance and Consumer banking in various capacities including branch and regional manager, Head of sales in life insurance and unit trust management company, Wealth management Head in a regional Bank and the last position he was held before venturing into full time training consultancy business was the consumer product head in a well established local bank. His great and well diversified experience in Sales, training, marketing and products will add value ,depth and delivery into training sales, marketing and management leaders in a very effective manner.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011


A very warm welcome to you here.

Lately, I am wondering how I can take my blog further. It struck my mind to revert to you for your honest answers.

As such, I believe that it is appropriate for me to request you to review my blog in these three areas namely its content, quality and frequency. I fully acknowledged and accepted the fact that content is the highlight of the blog. It’s the reason why you visit my blog and why you keep coming back. As such it’s important for me to have consistency in both the quality of my content and the frequency in which I have been posting all this while. In this connection, your honest feedback is solicited on whether some of tips I know and share is attractive enough.

First thing first, please put a rating from 1 to 10 for the following :-

• Did my content create value. Please give the rating 1( very poor) to 10 (excellent)

Perhaps you may just use another fancy way of asking whether my content is amazingly interesting. All of my posts,which have intention to give readers a worthwhile reason for reading. In short, are you getting something back and at the end of day, are you being lifted up as the name suggested. If not, how?

• Frequently posted.

I update my blog on a regular basis to give you reason to come back to my site. The plan is to update my blog at least once or twice a week, having in mind that quality is more important than quantity. This is because I believe that taking a couple of days off between posts can help me write a better post in the long run.

• My content is readable.

I am mindful that writing a blog is much different than writing a book or paper. This is because you, as online readers, have relatively shorter attention spans and more specific needs are preferred. Here, what I am trying to say is that I never pick colors fonts that will strain the visitor’s eyes. If I do, I like to apologise for it.

I also always ensure that my writing is easy to read. I prefer short paragraphs, using lists or bullet points, bolding or underlining important text when it is appropriate for me to do so. Do you agree?

Keeping enough white space in between lines and words is my style. Most of the times, I try to avoid typing up huge walls of text. At times, images and videos are included, where appropriate, to give readers something to look at. Here, I believe prosperity through diversity and always looking at new avenues to improve it further.

At last, but not least, I never felt discouraged when I work hard on a post even though no one pays attention to it. I am aware that growing a blog takes time. No one appreciate it now, does not mean that it will not be appreciated in the future. This is because once I grow, more people will look through my older posts and will see my hard work! Alternatively it will give me a chance to improve it further.

Stay tuned and I will work on my design and with my next post, I will discuss blog networking

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to inform that Malaysian Investor Relations Association (MIRA) will organise a half-day workshop on "Looking Beyond Financial Statements" from 9.00am - 1.00pm on 29 June 2011 (Wednesday) at Bursa Malaysia.

The details of the workshop are as stated below and in the brochure attached.

Speaker - Mr. James Oh
James Oh had served as Financial Controller of publicly listed companies both locally and in Singapore. He has broad exposure and experience in Finance, Treasury, Accounting, Secretarial and Corporate Finance. He had worked with numerous companies including IJM Bhd., Hong Leong Group Bhd., Transmile Group Bhd. and Scorpio East Holdings Ltd. James has more than 20 years working experience and he constantly seeks improvement and advancement to make himself unique and relevant. He currently works as Consultant, Technoprenuer, Socialprenuer, Environmentalist and Trainer.
  James obtained a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) degree from the University of London in 2003 and a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons.) degree from the National University of Malaysia in 1987. He became a registered professional Accountant in 1991 and he was accepted as a Full Member of Singapore Institute of Directors in 2008.                

Topic outline
·        The importance of Financial Statements
·        How to have a quick view on the Financial Statements
·        Main components of Financial Statements
·        Financial Ratios
·        Key Performance Indicators
·        Other relevant factors

Theatrette, Lower Ground Floor, Bursa Malaysia Bhd, Exchange Square, Bukit Kewangan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
MIRA member : RM300.00 (redeemable via MIRA vouchers)
Non-MIRA member : RM450.00 (Payable to Malaysian Investor Relations Association)
Members of affiliated professional bodies : RM405.00 (Payable to Malaysian Investor Relations Association)

We look forward to seeing you at our above workshop.

The closing date for registration is
24 June 2011. Please contact the undersigned or Pn. Zulaika Salleh (tel. :             +603-2034 7415      , email :
) should you need further information about the workshop.

Thank you and kind regards,

Alex Lee
Senior Manager

Annexe Building, Bursa Malaysia Bhd
Exchange Square, Bukit Kewangan
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel :             +603 - 2034 7677       / 7415
D/L :             +603 - 2034 7491      
Fax : +603 - 2732 0771
Mobile :             +6012 - 232 2222      
E-mail :