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At times, roof leaks can be considered as one of the most troubling issues and it needs an immediate action. You need to treat it as an emergency, because it can wreak havoc in your house almost instantly. By attending to any sign of a roof leak, such as water entry, stains or mould, immediately may limit damage. But, the whole process, from locating the leak from inside; then taking steps to control the damage until you can have a suitable outside inspection; and repair done, is a lengthy and time consuming process.

Therefore, prevention is always better than cure. With Fiberglass Flat Roof, you can be assured of no leakage, no rotting, and non-slipping, yet it is easy to clean and maintain. Today, we are going to share with you about this feasible solution.

Fiberglass is also known as Glass Reinforced Polyester or GRP. The great beauty of this product is that it can be used in all situations for any size, complexity or shape. It will outperform and outlast any roofing materials that are currently available in the market. It can be used for box and valley gutters, balconies and walkways, new builds, overlaying and repairing. Fiberglass flat roofing is strong enough that it can be walked on and even worked on.

Other benefits of Fiberglass Flat Roofing are as follow:
- Seamless finish
- Building during installation
- Approved authority's certification with built-in guarantee, for some 
- Low maintenance with very good security
- Minimal disruption
- Highest fire ratings once installed
- Excellent adhesion
- Fast cure – single component
- Can be applied all year round above 2 °C and can be installed in a day or two
- High elasticity – for greater thermal movement
- Excellent thermal and UV stability for all climates

uPVC Roofline

uPVC is one of the most popular choices in the UK today with about 85% of buildings benefiting from this cost effective, highly durable, environmentally friendly, safe, secure and robust product. It is now widely recognised that the maintenance burden and the technical performance of timber, especially for roofline, is no longer acceptable when compared with uPVC. UPVC roofline will not rot, warp, bend or discolour.

PVC Roofline Vs Wood

Wood is a porous material, as we all know. Once water has breached the outer layer, it is a matter of time it needs to be replaced. Because it will then paves the way for woodworm and other vermin to build their home ultimately causing structural damage. UPVC rooflines will not rot, will never need painting, do not discolour and will remain maintenance free for up to 40 years. Amazing, Right?

uPVC Product Performance

These reliable products are manufactured using some of the finest raw materials available in PVC-U extrusion. These products are extruded, moulded, laminated and foiled using state of the art machinery, by highly skilled technicians. These products may be approved by the relevant authority depending on the country it operates, manufactured in accordance with the required Standards and conform to all relevant environmental legislation.

Maintenance free

We were told that Home Coat Nationwide’s uPVC products, for example, require little or no maintenance whatsoever once installed.

Reflecting the style you desire

These uPVC products come with a wide variety of colours, finishes and styles which compliment a multitude of applications and property styles.

Superior performance

All uPVC products in the Homecoat Nationwides range of products from pvc facias to cladding have been specifically designed to work in harmony together, not only to match the style you desire, but also superior performance.


For instance Home Coat Nationwide’s Building Products are accredited by the BBA, manufactured in accordance with British Standards and conform to all relevant environmental legislation, is highly recommended.

Thermally efficient

Once installed, it will provide extra thermal efficiency within homes and buildings. Thus helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Durable yet flexible

These products are usually designed to be flexible and easy to use, yet extremely durable and rigid once installed.


These products will not rot, bend, warp or discolour and come with a comprehensive guarantee from some renowned manufacturers.

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