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Would you agree that life is a choice? Every day, we have to make many decisions, one way or the other, knowingly or unknowingly, impliedly or expressly. No action is also a decision.

To live life to its fullest, we need to grow up and not only grow old. Grow in every aspect of life, be it physically, mentally and spiritually. Otherwise, sad to say that living is just occupying space without meaning. As such, lifelong learning is necessary for us to grow up as we are ageing. That is the beauty of ageing as well.

In short, we need not only look back and get experience from our pasts but look forward and see hope in our future of life. No one can live life without hope and faith. Meanwhile, stay vigilant and look around to find reality. Most importantly is to look within ourselves and find our self through listening to our inner voice.

By knowing our true selves and passions, we can then serve with utmost might and without much effort. This is because we will truly enjoy what we are doing. That is exactly what we want from life and we must be grateful with what life is giving us. Otherwise, we are just swimming against the current and feel unhappy all the while. Our Conscious Choice will determine what our choices will be and we will never regret what we have chosen. We will response to it without any resistance and objection. In fact, we shall live the best out of it, making us lack nothing. We will either chose to live Now or Never. Because there may not be a second Chance.

At times, it may involve simple choices and at times it may be a difficult one. You may look back and find a situation more complicated despite it being a simple one. From my experience, I do get caught in such a situation and due to my own perception that deceive me to think otherwise. Be Cautious with our thoughts.

At times, we do not want to make to a stand, but rather find an easy way to resolve it. It is worthy to note that it is easy to COMPROMISE, but it comes with a COST, at times it may be very COSTLY. Easy way is like a highway WHICH MAY NOT be the right path. Whereas the right path is usually the narrow way. But the truth is that the choice is very much dependent on the individual's past experience, background and other reasons best known to himself.

To make our discussion much clearer, below please find the two illustrations. 

For instance, when it comes to matters of life and death, do you seek the best doctor or the cheapest doctor? Guess any normal and rational person will firstly opt for the BEST because they are wanting the specialised knowledge and precision. This is because you can't afford to compromise after all, there may not be a second Chance, so to speak.

Another good example are planes. Do the engineers or technicians do a thorough and precision check before certifying the plane fit to fly? Absolutely yes. This is because we cannot afford to let the plane drop from the sky. Here, is another clear example of no compromise case!

So what about our life which involved our loved ones? Do we compromise on that or insist on the best? There is always a "Cost" hidden, implied or express for every choice we made. We either pay it now or later....latter is always being the higher and longer.

What would you do for those matters that affect you most? Compromise or do your best? What cost might be reasonable for your loved ones?

At MONEY TELLS STORIES, we believe you and your loved ones deserve the BEST, and not to compromise knowingly as it may be very costly. That's why we always insist on our utmost when serving you, our true treasures.

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