Sunday, 10 March 2013


Have you realised that you always do not have sufficient time to accomplish the jobs you wanted? I did.

To be better than the best, we need not only be doing things differently, but at a much faster rate and accurately.  Efficiency and Effectiveness are the other required ingredients.

Below are the ways I have been employing to make more things happen which would otherwise be not possible.

1. System

Try to establish an orderly and systematic way or method. Have a friendly, conducive and easy way to store and retrieve your information speedily and steadily. No doubt it may appears to be more work initially, but it pays handsomely at the later stage. In short, S.Y.S.T.E.M  mean Save YourSelf Time, Energy, Money. I have learned from my professional experience that many big or huge organizations have been using standard operating policies and manual to manage their companies' affairs successfully.

2. Be precise and concise.

Make it a point to make your statement precise and concise. I realize that it is not easy, therefore we need to improve the skill constantly. Frequently, I find that lots of time had been wasted due to non precise messages. In the end, lots of efforts, resources and time being spent to clean up the mess.

3. Making use of the most effective mode of communication

Try to make it a good practice to use the most effective mode of communication such as email especially if you have to send the same message to many people. You will be surprised at its outcome as compared to other verbal means. It is very unlikely that you can convey same message to the big mass of people.

4. Do Lists

Make it a point to record down the tasks you need to perform. Then schedule them according to their priority. In this manner, you tend to be more efficient and effective. I love this method as it help you cultivate good habit of planning ahead to ensure that we always optimise the resources we have at that particular time. 

This will also enable you to see other possible opportunities you could otherwise missed. By doing it regularly, you will able to see the whole picture much clearer and easier. By doing it repeatedly, you are shaping up your vision skill

5. Make use of your idle time

God is fair and has given everyone 24 hours. Don't forget that everyone of us have idle time. I always like to schedule this idle time to do some reading or thinking or solving the issue I am
currently facing at work; home or future. Thus, turn your idle time
into productive time to enhance your productivity.

6. Do more than one thing at a time

You can do more than one thing at a time, that is you can multi-task. The best example is that you can brush your teeth while making a long call at your toilet bowl. Schedule and plan them out accordingly so that the quality of work is not compromise or the attention is not divided.

7. Plan your daily tasks in advance

8. Pray about it

You must believe in it before you pray on it.

9. Don't quit

Most of the time, we are defeated because we have given up. As such, we need to have faith in whatever we are doing and also constantly remind ourselves that we can do it. Start with baby step, follow by full step before taking a huge step.

10. Patience

You need to have patience. Only testing can produce patience. Let patience complete and perfect its work. I also discovered that playing chess regularly also can boost your patience. So indulge in such hobbies like fishing, painting and writing.

11. Leave it and come back to it later

Leave it for a while and do something else. Then you may have inspiration to resume your work with new fresh idea/interest. By doing so, you may come back to look at thing in a new and fresh look..

12 Do not push yourself unnecessary

Deadline is good, but you need to follow your heart so as to produce a masterpiece. Being flexible is the key. Take a short rest and nap may be good to refresh yourself. Relax and stay cool.

13. Do not be too anxious

Do not worry or anxious unnecessary, but response to it. By reacting, you will make things worse and eventually you may need to spend more time to rectify it. Here, you may use the 90/10 rule. Focus 90 % on material, essential and significant matter. The remaining 10% on the balance. This skill enables me to take good care and charge of numerous companies within the Group at ease.

14. Think positive

When you think positive, everything will turn more rosy and pleasant. You will rest assure that you will have much higher productivity. Remember always tough times never last, but tough people do.

15. Work in groups

It is undeniable fact that everyone has his own talent and skill. By using the strength of each and every member of the group, it will yield more. Through team work, we work less. This is because nobody is better than all of us. Leverage is the master of all.

16. Find your own work rhythm.

A lot of creative work can be done at odd times and places. So, schedule your work accordingly to your own work rhythm.

The great Canadian physician Sir William Osler, a teacher, medical writer and medical practitioner, set aside only15 minutes every night to compile an annotated bibliography of his huge library. His ambitious Bibliotheca Osleriana contained 7787 entries when he died.

17. Always look out for more efficient and effective way of doing things

Constantly keep your mind open especially when you are doing certain activities which involves lots of repetition. In such instance, keep on asking yourself is there any other way to get things done more efficiently and effectively. Automation is another way of getting rid of repetition and routine tasks.

In short, enhancing applied knowledge, honing your skills and sharpening your mind are the best ways of being better than the best.

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