Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Dear Families, Friends, Followers and Fans,

I have committed to develop more training programs with the intention to help people to sustain their business through strategically proven numbers game, capitalizing from many successful key personnel’s and my professional and personal experiences.

As such, the objective of the above program is to:-

a) help people, especially those dislike figures, to be comfortable with numbers before they enjoy playing with the numbers to sustain their business.

b) help people to passionate with the numbers. This is critical important for them to love the numbers game before they can love what they do, exactly advocated by Steve Jobs.

c) enable attendances to look beyond numbers and explore all possibilities by viewing from various perspectives to sustain their business.

d) stay focus on the big picture without losing sight of the details in using the strategically proven numbers game. 

e) equip them with unlimited belief to stay open minded and open to all possibilities even to un-conventional choices.

f) help people to be un-logical, un-practical and create miracles.

g) be comfortable in the 'un-comfortable zones" when dealing with numbers in sustaining their business.

h) help people to take up the courage and challenges to do what they think not possible to sustain their business through innovation and creativities.

i) help people to adaptable to any given circumstances, even in adverse situation and turn their business into opportunity through strategically proven numbers games. 

Stay tune and I shall make the applicable announcement in due course.

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