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Date        : 14 th May 2014 (Wednesday)
Venue     :  MIA Kuala Lumpur
Time       :  9:00 am to 12:00 pm

This 3 hours hands on, practical and intensive workshop is to help corporate managers deal with the numbers, especially from the Financial Statements, comfortably and “get to understand the story behind them” intelligently and wisely in line with the saying “Business is a numbers game.” It covers fundamental principles, techniques, and useful tips to understand your business better but also help you to navigate your business to next desired goals by focusing on the Big Picture.

Why numbers are important to us?
-         To know the state of your business especially when you express in term of its related transactions. (example GP Margin)
-         To Measure, Monitor and Manage them to make it better. ( example Benchmarking)
-         To shape and direct us to the destination we desire. ( Sexy, Saucy and Spicy figures)
-         To know their usefulness, relationships and limitations.
-         To help in unlocking business potentials by focusing on People, Profit, Purpose, Performance and Process. (5Ps) i.e. by looking beyond the numbers.

Take-away for the audience
-         To have good understanding of numbers (Facts), accounting (Means) and business (Big Picture); their relationships and appropriate interpretation.
-         To understand the importance of the Main Components of Financial Statements, their usefulness, relationships and their limitations.
-         To equip yourself with the 9 Powerful Pointers which serve as your GPS that navigate you in reaching your goals.
-         To habituate yourself with the use of your mind faculties to see the opportunity and take the courage to materialize it.
-         To recognize the importance of the business potentials by focusing on People, Profit, Purpose, Performance and Process (5Ps)

James Oh, has an extensive and enriching work experience of more than 20 years. He had served as Financial Controller; had broad exposure; diversified experience that makes him a Significant Difference Maker.

He brings a truly Unique Perspective to his writings and talks. He has the remarkable ability to capture and hold an audience's attention with Captivating and Compelling stories and had turned numerous adversities into opportunities in his life.

Recognizing that business acumen is about seeing the big picture and not just about financial literacy, James conducts training for people to see the invisible and do the impossible. He is passionate about helping people succeed in using their minds to see opportunities without losing sight of the details. He has published five books, namely Better Than The Best, Letting Go and Moving On, Growing Your Wealth Exponentially, Mindset Shift: Employee to Entrepreneur and Looking Beyond Financial Statements.

James is a certified HRDF Train-the- Trainer by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PMSB).

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