Friday, 27 June 2014


Dear friends, Followers and Fans,

My intention of sharing this community with you is to offer you an opportunity to grow your business as I do. I can't say much as I just being accepted yesterday.

You are encourage to share your experience / idea/ comment at the comment column provided below. 

About this community

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Welcome to the ‘Plus Your Business!’ community and agency. About us: We have assembled a world class team to cater to all G+ needs for businesses small or large. Over the coming years we look forward to helping you use Google products and services to transform your business or organization, including exclusive articles and videos. We are also here if need some extra guidance, so just ask. Please note, please do not attempt to solicit business. You will be politely asked to leave. This is not a place for consultants to find business. The PYB moderators are the best in the world and are here to help in a paid and unpaid capacity. Also, no self-promo blogs, events, shared circles (unless a moderator). Posting policy: We reserve the right to remove any content without explanation; but will do our best to let you know why. 

Community Managers: “Hi there, I'm Martin Shervington, 'Plus Your Business!’ agency and community manager. And below are the people I go to when I need help... 

Lee Smallwood is the man for corporate Google SEO, Social SEO, Viral Marketing, Corporate Campaigns, Measurement Tools and Analytics. Seriously smart. 

Mike Allton is one of the best in social media. Writer, Coach, Page manager and spreading his magic across all channels. He is an asset to the team. 

Jim Banks educates me on the subtle integration of Google Plus into Google Adwords. He is an Adwords Ninja, it is that simple. 

Mark Traphagen: the expert for Authorship and Social SEO. George Cohn and Marilyn Ritter offer insight into the Google Plus culture, community and coaching. Rebekah Radice - a brilliant social media consultant/trainer; she will 'join the social media dots' to deliver incredible results. 

Paulino Brener is an excellent community manager, using Google Plus for coaching people on how to Plus their skills (languages: Spanish and English) Ronnie Bincer is my Hangout Helper; helping us all get the most out of this magical communications tool; before, during and after the show. George Sepich is one of the most creative people I know. An excellent wordsmith, ideas magnet and brainstorming master. Joshua Berg: the chap I talk with about a 360 degree web, social and SEO service. One of the best. Colman Carpenter: manages my website and I recommend him for all things re: Google Plus integration. Travis Taylor covers Apps and Local in a friendly and approachable manner." Support We are here to help you with free advice on Google Products and Services, including Google Plus Need a little extra help? Well, we are also available for: Coaching and consultancy, via Google hangouts or face-to-face Speaking engagements and events, and more... Community Guidelines: Please do not promote other communities - one strike and out. Please don’t self promote your blogs/event unless a moderator.

Academy Level 1 competencies

Wishing you enjoy your journey of growing your business.

James Oh

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