Tuesday, 16 September 2014


James Oh BAC (Hons), LLB (Hons), CA (M), MPMA (UK), Author, Speaker and Accountant.  From a humble beginning of being born poor and underweight, he discovered and overcome his physical weakness with mental strength early in life. He had then obtained several breakthrough results in his academic and professional achievements. 

He was promoted as Financial Controller (FC) after he had grown the private limited company to a publicly listed company with its founder in Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange before he reached 40.

 James Oh managed to turn his worst adversity into opportunity when he lost both  his life purpose and passion in his profession after he failed to defend his still born child in a private hospital. 

During his adverse periods, he was transformed and took a bold decision to be active in social media. He maintained an active presence on line through his blogs in  his late forties. Since then, his blogs have been gaining momentum and have spread into more than 180 countries by sharing his blessings and his real life experience with the intention to inspire and get inspired. He brings a truly unique perspective to his writings and talks. He has published six ebooks so far, namely Better than The Best (2nd Edition), Letting Go and Moving On, Growing Your Wealth Exponentially, Mindset Shift: Employee to Entrepreneur, Looking Beyond Financial Statements & Chess King to Purpose Filled Life.

To intensify his intention and impact, he also conducts training to empower and explore the invisible so as to achieve the impossible. He is passionate about helping people succeed in using their minds to see new opportunities in life without losing sight of the details. That is, to see things in a new, fresh light and that’s very conducive to creativity and shed some light as how he tapped into new source of energy to bring himself alive and live life to his fullest.

His broad exposure, diversified experiences, passion, and commitment are definitely an asset for him to be a significant difference maker. He finally joined the crowd in repaying back to the world which he has benefited from.

His articles are regularly published in the Smart Investor Magazine and he is a much sought after speaker on financial literacy and mindset. 

James is a CPT graduate from Quest Learning Sdn. Bhd., Competent Communicator from Toastmasters International and a certified Human Resources Development Fund Train-the Trainer by Human Resources Development Bhd. (PSMB).

James Oh has been personally trained by world-class trainers and coaches like Dato’ Lawrence Chan, Mr.  KC See. Mr. Gerry Robert and Madam Teoh Poh Yew.

James is also a facilitator for :

Looking Beyond Financial Statements
Seeing Beyond Numbers
Understanding Numbers Beyond the Numbers
Way Beyond the Numbers
Looking Beyond Financial Statements – New Breakthrough
Looking Beyond Financial Statements – Investor’s Perspective.

He looks forward to the opportunity of working with you on your real world issues in the areas of his speciality.

He can be reached at jamesoh2003@yahoo.co.uk and blogs at http://liftyouup.blogspot.com.

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