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I was given this book, The Bullettrain Entrepreneur by Peter Ong, because of being one of the 100 interviewees in the book; through the author’s friend, who is also my long-time friend since primary school.

I have read it and felt it deserve a review that urges me to write a post on it. It really stimulates my mind to embrace 4Bs; strengthening Belief; overcoming Barriers; pushing Boundaries and crossing Borders. We live in a fast pace of rapidly changing business world that demands us to deliver everlasting change from all stakeholders, being shareholders, customers; employees, regulators and societies as a whole. This book will provide you a sane, solid and sound framework in sustaining business growth and profitability – new competitive landscape for the new business world.

This book is well crafted with powerful proven illustrations encountered by all of us particularly in Malaysia and the world as a whole, which invite us to give it a serious consideration. Peter Ong does a magnificent and marvellous job for raising, nurturing and nourishing us to adopt and adapt more holistic approach in sustaining our business.

I must confess that I too subscribed to the (5 Ps) by the author i.e. Purpose, People, Process, Performance and Profit in building the foundation of my business model. Overcoming Barriers to gain strength in every aspect, be it physical, mental and spiritual. By shaping ourselves to be adept and to accept the new environment is the surest way of obtaining success. Keep learning, unlearn and relearn to navigate our personalized path to our pre-set destiny. What Peter did extraordinary well is using bullet train as a metaphor to emphasize the “secret” of success among SMEs and entrepreneurs actually comes from the alignment, balancing, and integration of 5 master pillars.

Peter Ong is a positive yet sensible author, illustrating with numerous compelling, convincing and convicting success stories by prominent business entrepreneurs worldwide. By doing so, we are able to see the entire scene through appropriate lens without being side tracked by the complication of the business process.

"TheBullettrain Entrepreneur" is a timely business book which dares to raise issues often neglected by majority of entrepreneurs. However, for those new and existing entrepreneurs who aspire to gain the highest, deepest and broadest perspective on how to sustain long term prosperity in the new world, then this book is right for you. It is not meant to persuade or dissuade you – it’s meant to inform, ingrain and inspire you in-gaining appropriate and broad perspectives so that you are much better prepared ahead.

I recommend you accept and follow the new solid foundation towards sustainability of business success as reflected in the title of the book.

To know more concisely and precisely, please pickup the book immediately and read it. Cheers and enjoy your reading.

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