Wednesday, 26 August 2015



I write to let you know that I became a value creation specialist in grooming people to have integrated thinking so as to achieve sustainable value creation. I just like other specialists have achieved my position not by chance. Although it takes lots and loads of hard work to get where I am right now, it actually started from the first book that I published – Better Than The Best.


The book propelled me to become an authority in mindset changing in the financial industry specializing in value creation. The same thing happened to other successful specialists. As I keep taking massive actions and redefined my thinking, as advocated by Albert Einstein "The whole science is a refinement of everyday thinking." Thinking through the full range of challenges and opportunities is the first step every entrepreneur can take toward the creation of sustainable value or the corporation. 6 other books of the similar nature have been published at the time of writing, 2 of them have been upgraded to second edition. 

I managed to accomplish them because I understand the immense benefits of becoming a published author. It is my best name card that displays at several digital retail book stores worldwide. The beauty of it is that I am not only getting paid for it when people buy my books. These books also help me to advertise 7 days 24 hours at those digital store that sell my books.

I share with you with intention that it will inspire you to do the same and get similar benefits as I do.

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I hope you too will take full advantage of this post and more importantly, get on the road to become a published author soon.


James Oh

Chief Value creation officer

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