Wednesday, 15 March 2017


In every corner of the world, there is a jobless person. Sometimes, the difference between an unemployed and an employed person is not necessarily the qualifications but the job search technique. Oddly, as joblessness tightens its grip, the number of recruitment agencies is on the rise.
All these agencies promise to match you to a job only to end up as a statistic in their database. While finding your dream job is hard, it is equally hard for the companies to find an employee that is the right fit.
Currently, recruitment is quite an expensive adventure, for both the recruiter and job seeker, which makes a cheaper (100% free!) and effective alternative more urgent.
If you have been looking for a solution to all the complexity of recruitment, then you are in luck because in this article, am going to introduce you to Rekruited.

Rekruited is a platform that offers CV matching services to both the employer and the job seeker with the goal of matching each job with the right employee.

How you approach this platform depends on whether you are a recruiter or job seeker. A simple Google search should take you there.***What to Do Once You Are There*** If you are an employer, all you need is to create a recruiter account.
The system is designed in a way which allows applications to be screened automatically, saving you time and money. To facilitate the screening, you as the employer, have to create a questionnaire which establishes the criteria through which the applicants will be screened and ranked.
This eliminates the element of luck in the recruitment process making sure you get the right man (or woman!) for the job. After the initial screening, the top candidates are invited for an in-person interview. With a profile at the site, you will never waste a single second sifting through a pile of CVs trying to get the right candidate.
All at a zero cost. Having seen the countless benefits the platform presents to the employer, as a job seeker you obviously want to know what is in for you. Let’s get right to it. This has the potential to mark the end to your random CV-dropping at companies in the hope they have an opening.
What good is potential anyway? The answer will always be ‘no good’, that’s why a subscription to the Dream Job service is of paramount importance. If you have a Facebook account, like most of us, then the subscription is simpler, but if you don’t have a Facebook account, there is no need to panic because it’s just a few more clicks on your mouse.
Irrespective of where you are or what your skill set is, you can subscribe to the service and wait for that phone call or email you been waiting for. From my experience on the World Wide Web, I have come to realize that the word ‘subscription’ often scares people off, but you don’t have to worry because all this is for free of charge.
After all, paying for a job search sounds like an opening for a con story, right? The primary goal of this platform is to make the recruitment process as painless as possible for the employer while giving the job seeker an opportunity to engage the employer remotely.
Information is power, and a platform like this empowers people to go on and achieve what they want. Don’t be left behind, as a Recruiter or a Job Seeker.

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