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Turning point of my career
Greetings from Malaysia,
In my preceding post, I mentioned that I was successful in making a claim from the insurance company. As a result, I was given more and more responsibilities. However, this proved detrimental to me. As I demonstrated my capabilities I attracted competitions and backstabbing from some of my cohorts who are possessed with crab mentality. My abilities and flexibility to handle tough situations led to my downfall. I was not appreciated as the top management considered me a threat.

I was then assigned the unenviable task of investigating the practices of the top management’s relatives. I found some malpractices and some which infringed the law but was not given a free hand to handle them. Then I suggested to let the relevant authorities to investigate my findings. The top management turned a deaf ear and refused to take any actions. I was at a loss as to what to do.

My hands were tied and I could not do anything. I was so frustrated but could not leave the company as I was the sole breadwinner.

I then decided to take a firm stand and decided not to pursue further. They then decided to remove me from the internal audit to yet another unit. This time I was to work together with those I was asked to investigate earlier. I was very very miserable and was pushed into a corner and isolated.

Thankfully not long after that the authorities came and discovered that they had fraudulently inflated and overstated their revenues. This eventually led to the demise of the company.

However, rumours were being circulated outside in the business world about the company. The human resource manager had no choice but to force every staff to execute a non-disclosure agreement to cover up all unhealthy practices. However, it is impossible to cover the raging flame with a piece of paper. This shocking news spread like wildfire throughout the media and several top management were charged for falsified accounts.

Thank you, Lord, for sustaining me and guided me not to give in and collaborated with them. I am grateful to Him for giving me the wisdom and the strength to repeal the oppression from the top management of the company. After the turbulence, I have emerged a much stronger person and are able to take up any challenges.

Stay tuned for more exciting insider stories,

With unconditional love,
James Oh

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