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How many of you know why most people don't start a business because they can't find the right idea to pursue? They think about it regularly and frequently, but no spark of inspiration comes, or because no one motivates them strong enough for them to work on it. I must admit that I was one of them in the past.

One of the main causes of this pattern is that people tend to associate businesses with money. They start thinking about how they can make money whenever they think about starting a business. This is very natural to do so. When it comes to business, the money aspect is always considered as an important element. However, focusing on it right away might not be the best strategy. You may ask why? Because no business exists solely to make money rather than exist to solve problems.

In other words, if you are looking for that next idea to pursue you should think about what problem you want to solve. Then only you can figure out what and how you can actually make money while solving that particular problem you have in mind.

The question then arises as whose problems should you solve? To begin with, it is perhaps more appropriate as to how about starting to solve your own problem? Simple as it sounds, yet this strategy created some of the largest fortunes on earth.

Here are some of illustrations :  Back in 1924, a well respected missionary gentleman called Dr Ralph C. Smedley who intended to help people become more competent and comfortable in front of an audience. Click the link below for more details.

Another one: In the early 1941s, Dr Ho Kai Cheong who obliged to bring into creation of a blend of herbal tea for folks in town who were deprived of the wonders of Western medicines as a remedy for common ailments. For details, please click the link below:-

We are sure of many other examples of this nature. Kindly quote those you know in the comment column provided below. Thank you in advance for doing so.

Please share with us some problems you are currently facing so that we come up with that next idea:

Now go solve that problem to create your next fortune!

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