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I was born at only 2.5 kgs. But my nickname is Tua Tow in Hokkein, meaning BIG HEAD because my head was relatively bigger than my body size Tua Tow Tua Tow, sounds cute right?  But you can evencall me Tua Tow Kay (big boss). 

I began to work at 12 and discovered that Education is the only viable way for me to break off from poverty chain. Since then I strived to follow the foot steps of those successful people and noticed that some of their backgrounds are even worse than mine. If they can achieve success, why can't I?

began by choosing to play the winning game like chess. I was the Captain who led my primary schoolin participating at the Majlis Sukan  Sekolah-sekolah Pulau Pinang under 12 Chess competitions in 1973. I achieved an excellent track record for the entire tournament event.

However, due to some unfortunate and unforeseen event, I could not progress further and since then Iseldom play the game as it really hurts me.

I also needed to help my mum to sells lottery tickets to supplement our house's income . After my mother’s serious accident, I took over and maintained the business till a few months before my M.C.E. examination, which is SPM now.

then painfully discontinued this small business to focus on my study, which she disagreed with in view of our tight financial situation, which I could understand. Luckily, many years later, she understood that I made the right decision.

Another blessing came when I obtained a Grade One in my M.C.E. But my joy was short lived because I could not obtain placing in Form 6 at government (public) school, despite many rounds of appeals. I even went to see our Penang Chief Minister, late Tun Lim Chong Eu, but he did not have time for me.

But I didn't despair nor give up. Through my good grades, I got a job as Laboratory Assistant assigned to World Health Organisation and Sumitomo projects. The late Professor from the Biology School, Universiti Sains Malaysia encouraged me immensely which sparked my desire to pursue my dream further.

At that time, I took LCCI intermediate book-keeping classes. Again, due to dire financial constraints, I opted to do self study and not attending night classes, which the teacher assured me that I would FAILBut I passed the examination with my hard work and fortitude . I began to aspire to become an Accountant. 

Anyone here love tiger prawns? Interestingly, prior to my LCCI exam, I also have another project of rearing tiger prawns with a friend. “So who says man cant multitask ?” 

From the professor's encouragement, I then persevered  to pursue my Form 6 in Private School with my earnings from my part time job.

But another battle began because all subjects were in Bahasa Malaysia and my year was the last batch for MCE where Science and Mathematics were in English . Determination and Staying focus helped me to overcome this challenges apart from having to give tuition to 4 school students 2-3 hoursEveryday except Sunday. The fees I earned just barely covered all my school expenses and my monthly bike instalment.

Without any income for about 3 months prior to my examination as I stopped giving tuition,  my only option was attending classes without paying school fees and being prepared to face whatsoever consequence.

Fortunately, my STPM result got me into a local university that we could only afford. I was so exultantbecause I made it at last after all the hassles and obstacles. 

From  my turbulent life history, I learnt that we dictate the path, nothing can stop us so long we don't give in and give up.We just need to be accountable, decisive, committed, audacious and stay focus as we stride along our life journey.

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