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It is an undeniable truth that HEALTH is our greatest wealth and asset. No matter how much Money, Fame and Success we have it means nothing without our health. Ironically, you often see people spend more efforts and times on their assets such as car than their body and mind. I must admit my past mistake of sending my car regularly for service as per the recommended service manual rather than paying attention to my body and mind.

One of the frequently asked questions I received is how I stay so healthy all the time. The simple truth is that I spend a lot of money and time on being healthy. I never regret and always consider it to be one of my wisest investments. I have learned that I must be fair to my body and take good care of it so that my body can support me and create vitality, energy, and good health for me! Similarly, it also slows down my aging process, which I consider another bonus and great motivator to me. 

As you may be well aware, I believe that prevention is always better than cure. As such, the hard truth is I have to invest in myself, no matter what. I must ensure that I am in good shape before I can help others, in line with the safety announcement made in the flight. You may think it is a selfish act, which I did initially. After my second serious thought, it makes lots of sense to me now. Choice is always yours. You can either choose to spend money; on good body maintenance and prevention now or use your money later, trying to recover from ill health. You will reap what you sow according to the natural law.

Regardless of what your current state of health is at this moment, you have the power to improve it if you choose and believe so. Every day we come in contact with millions of bacteria, allergens, viruses, and fungi and sad to say that only the tiniest fraction of these may lead to disease. This is a reality, which we cannot avoid it, but we can do something to prevent it.

It is interesting to note that people who consider themselves “too busy to get sick” are known to have above average health, while those who worry excessively about disease fall into poor health more often. Likewise, I have often said and don't mind repeating here "worry does not solve problem but worsen the problem'. So why worry? That is my question. 

Never too late and start NOW and be good to yourself. Do something of great favour to your body, regardless of whether it’s getting more sleep, some exercise, healthy food, or some fun time! Equally important is while you are taking better care of your body you could also be feeding your mind with positive uplifting information. One of it is reading the materials in this blog, which is written from time to time with the main objective to lift you up, as its name suggests.

Happy reading and work toward achieving your great health and wealth.

James Oh

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