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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go FAR, go with others" 
- African Proverb 

Author and renowned speaker Robert Kiyosaki once said that the richest people in the world build networks and everyone else is trained to look for work. In the real world, this is very true.

Who wants to create wealth through networking? Who believes that effective resourceful networking will help you achieve something you would otherwise thought not possible?

For those who answered "Yes" to both of the questions; please accept my congratulations. You are taking your first step of reaping this fruit. Perhaps some of you here already achieved this or are on your journey towards this destination.

For those who are not, please lean back, relax and learn what I am going to share with you in a short while. Hope you will learn or pick up one or two ideas from this discussion.


The most fundamental question arises here is "What is networking?" Networking is the practice of making contacts and exchanging information with other people, groups or institutions. Usually, networking occurs with other people who have interests in similar areas. The goal of the networking relationship may be to further your personal and professional opportunities or to cultivate new clients or the expansion of business relationships. Thus, it enables you to do something collectively, collaboratively and effectively.  

Use Networking strategically, intelligently and wisely, it can form one of the main pillars to support both your career and business in numerous ways.

1.0 To stay ahead in this rapidly changing, competitive marketing environment, we need effective resourceful networking to keep abreast of the latest development of the industry we are in. There could be changes in human behaviour or the impact on our product or service arising from whatever changes in that particular industry. One excellent example is Ebook as compared to traditional book.

Permit me to share some of my blogging experiences with you. At one time, content was king. But it may not necessary be true in today's context. This is because people are looking for more than content. Today, they need exciting, refreshing and entertaining ideas as well. Due to the advancement of technology and social media platform, people need videos in digital form as well. Therefore, to stay ahead, you need to add varieties of forms to meet the everlasting demands of your audiences.

Moreover, we are fully aware that no one is good in everything and have everything. As such, we need to leverage on each other's skills, expertise and other resources which you do not have. That's where Networking comes into the picture.

2.0 To acquire new, creative, innovative and refreshing ideas to make your services or goods to stand out from the crowd. My experience tells me that networking is capable of fulfilling these needs. It is because it provides me with a rich platform where I can interact and tap others' brains to deliver those results, far better if not at least to fulfill my readers' expectation.

I also realized that lots of creativities and innovations is required and again, effective networking can discharge this duty far better than any other means.

3.0 To achieve faster outcome, you need to be able to maintain a strong and sufficiently large base of customers especially in regard to those high value customers. Networking is an unavoidable tool. It has the means and speed for you to do so especially on-line social networking media. No wonder this on-line networking is not only growing rampantly, but is also so vibrant and powerful, arising from the advancement of technology.

4.0 To stay competitive and relevant in the market, you need to upgrade yourself to be more efficient and effective. Here, you need to establish sound relationships with your counterparts, business associates, be it customers, suppliers, intermediaries and affiliates. You also need to be responsive and act speedily. Time is money. Networking especially on line, your correspondence with anyone, locally or internationally is just a few clicks away.

In addition, it is also able to keep us vigilant of latest development and changes in our industry by dropping emails with the relevant supporting photos to all the relevant parties and each party can read them at their convenient time. Similarly, each and everyone's feedback, thoughts and ideas can be gathered in a speedily manner. As a result, you are more effective and efficient. I must say that this form is the essence of the business. Best still, we can even integrate our management information system within as well with other external collaborated parties.

By doing so, you are opening your door for more and new projects and ideas, which could prove beneficial to your business.

5.0 Referrals

Another great benefit I have obtained through networking is referral. This is another excellent way of promoting a business, where new people outside your networking may approach you for your services and products, even if you do not take the initiative to approach them. Here, the law of attraction aids my marketing strategy without much effort and explanation on my part.

You are also able to use the affiliate programs to do your on-line networking. It is another way of advertising your products or services on those related websites. You may earn additional commission from those sales generated via your website. Alternatively, you may engage these programs to advertise your products and services. You may even use both these programs to earn and advertise your services. It has proved to be very effective and worthwhile.

Here, I want you to realise that it can move mountains if you do it correctly. Surprisingly that this social networking platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc...are quick, inexpensive and effective ways of communicating with people around the globe to establish and develop new business prospects.

Another fruitful way of networking is direct participation in community events or indirect participation through advertising your business at such events. These are useful especially if you want to create awareness amongst the participants and the community members. You may make good use of this opportunity by offering vouchers and discounts to the community to encourage them to visit your business or buy your products.

6.0 Another valuable benefit you may obtain via networking is manpower you are seeking for. This greatest asset can never be taken lightly in any business because they form the most valuable assets of your business.

To build an edge for your business, you definitely need those skilful, knowledgeable, expertise and certain characteristics of personnel to manage and plan your business toward that direction, so to speak. Again, you can see clearly their calibre through effective networking.

In conclusion, to stay ahead and sustain our businesses growth, we need a strong, effective and powerful networking. Effective networking is to build your traffic, brand and wealth. What is far more important is that it serves as a lifeline to every successful business. We need networking to keep things moving forward. In short, effective and resourceful networking is wealth. Otherwise, how is our business going to have the adequate exposure? Without much exposure, we are definitely going to face the prospect of closure.

The worth of your lives neither comes from who you are; nor who you know; but how many people know you.


Obviously, Networking is always in conjunction with your career or business. Below are some of the benefits which we can obtain from it:-

1. Forging beneficial relationships: 

By doing this, you may pool and share all your resources to a much greater extent for mutual benefits. Hence, it will enhance the relationships so as to build the trust amongst ourselves.

2. Developing and sharpening your knowledge, skills and mindset: 

Interacting with new people especially in your field may help you see things in different perspective. Alternatively, you may also sharpen and polish your skills even better through interacting with each other within your network. You may learn both mistakes and successes from others.

3. Additional resources:

Networking may also be from experienced professionals with wealth of knowledge, talents and skill that you may not have. They have, most probably different experience from you, and have different view point from you as well. In this sense, prosperity through diversity is applicable here.

By building a strong network, you automatically have people “on your side” that will help you spread good information about you and your business - Who doesn’t want this?

4. Building and maintaining your personal brand: 

In addition, Networking also may help you to establish your personal brand both online and offline. Hence, people will get to know you and trust you much earlier and more willing to look for your guidance and advice.

5. Boosting your self-esteem: 

Your self-esteem will also be boosted through socialization and make you more respected in your field. You tend to be much happier to have a network of individuals that can help you out and vice versa. Hence, it makes your business and brand grow further much easier.

Wishing you great success in building your networking and may you grow your wealth explosively.

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