Monday, 27 July 2015



As we are well aware, we have already past the first half of 2015, just in a few twinkles of an eye, 2016 may soon arrive. 2015 is a very challenging year with many global uncertainties namely; the global currency war, softening of commodities prices and overwhelming financial and corporate scandals.   The value of Ringgit is nose-diving and cost of living is rising as a result of post Goods Service Tax implementation. Stay and rise above the storm may be the only feasible solution to weather through these challenges and crisis.

On a happier note, it has been long since we landed on internet shores. We are what we are today because of our untiring efforts in driving sustainable value creation in whatever we do. To appreciate your unwavering support, we will continue to contribute our time, expertise and know-how greatly to the financial industry globally.

To actively engage with our collaborators, partners, followers, fans, friends and related stakeholders, we will update you timely with our direction, initiatives and strategic goals. This is the way for us to ensure that all concerned are on the same page & all interested parties could collaborate and participate in our events, books and other strategic initiatives.

We strongly believe that the accelerated way to succeed in the 21st Century is through Commitment to massive Collaboration, Complementing and Outsourcing our Resources. As such, we focus on educating all the owners and management staff of organizations and businesses on how to achieve this effectively and ensuring long-term growth through 6Ps (Purpose, Profit, Performance, Process, People and Planet).

We also intensified our efforts in developing several new training programs, publishing additional new book, articles and upgrading our existing books.We have sure come a long way. In the past few years, we have journeyed on a road punctured by several key milestones which we have proudly announced. It is best practice for us to know how we started, how far we have come and where we are heading, so that we can chart the new course for us to move forward. We admit that it is a long journey ahead, but we hope we learn as we move along and progress will be much easier with each passing years as we grow wiser. We will continue to strive and evolve as the industry is a dynamic one. That’s the only way for us to extend our stay in the industry.

To lead effectively, we need to walk our talks, particularly pertaining to driving Sustainable Value Creation. It is now our tagline and trademark. In the bigger picture, financially literacy is the key to navigate and flourish this planet by aligning and balancing in perfect harmony with Profit, People and Planet. (Economic, Equity and Ecology). With mass collaboration, we can leverage on our strategic partners’ strength to expedite with much greater impactful initiatives to reverse the damage to our beloved planet. So be on the lookout for these initiatives to see how you can help us to achieve a much bigger goal for a better tomorrow. Think Big, Dream big and Start Now is our philosophical way of life.

Also, in this new financial year, we will strive towards building up our influences and impacts to outreach our other stakeholders in the long-term by spreading our wings to wider Boundaries. In Strengthening our Belief, we need to overcome more Barriers and Crossing Borders before we can become what we supposed to Be. (5Bs)

Stay tune for our more exciting initiatives which we will announce in due course. Before I conclude, allow me, to thank you again. Let us continue to work inclusively with each other to empower more Malaysians in particular and people in general to become better at making their better informed choices for our better secured planet.

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