Friday, 17 July 2015


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If you want to unlock the potential of your company and strive in your industry, this course is a must for you. In this course, you will learn how to acquire the appropriate mind-set, skills and know-how so as to soar and rise above in today’s global uncertain and volatile business environment. This is a practical program where the trainer will walk through with you the real world’s class cases.
1. Understanding the real story behind the numbers" fully, intelligently and wisely in line with the saying “Business is a right number game.”
2.  Gain appropriate insightful information through deeper understanding of both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the company.
3.  Acquire appropriate mindset, essential skills and know how to achieve breakthrough by staying focus on the BIG PICTURE without losing details to effectively measure, monitor, motivate and manage the leading indicators in real live.
4.  Apply the Balanced Score Card framework to create sustainable business growth and profitability.

5.  To shift your mind and make transformational plans to achieve breakthrough.

6.  Walk through the real cases so as to build core competencies of the company through 6Ps (people, profit, purpose, performance, processes and planet).

7.  Acquire what it takes to evolve and take ride of waves of external changes.

8.  Have good understanding of the key operating performance indicators to keep performance on track towards breakthrough.

9.   Look beyond numbers with detail analysis, observation, challenging the status quo to unlock your business potentials - 6 Ps.

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