Sunday, 7 February 2016


Awesome day to everyone,

I have more than 20 years of experience in broad industries of auditing, trading, construction, aviation movies investment and distribution. As such, I am having wide expose in both local and international market particularly in dealing with the world leading aviation financiers, insurance and reinsurance brokers. The aviation company I worked with offers me ample opportunities of obtaining external funding for its organic expansion programs and that’s prompted me to explore a wider range of financing products to lower down its financing costs and provides flexibility in term of collateral and terms. The hands on experience and insightful aviation knowledge prospered me with a very varied and valuable experience, which I later discovered to be so useful to part of my business.

Initially I developed in the key operational areas of the company and constantly redefine them through extensive search in accelerating the business progress of the services and the effective  implementation of the processes, taking to the practice many new tweaked processes and procedures with the purpose of reducing both the times and costs. 

In the process of vetting through the sales, leasing, charter, purchasing and financing agreements with the Providers / Clients; I have managed to make faithful and favourable long term business relationship with the clients / providers. Thus I achieved and established a win–win situation for all stakeholders.

I am always searching for new better ideas according to both the internal and external environment by keeping abreast of the rapid external changes that the company has to response in a timely manner. To redefine my thinking skills in securing both, the direct and indirect benefits are my trademark at all the relevant and material times that earned the respect and the full co-operation of all levels of staff.

I was also involved in the development of all the strategic and operational plans together with all the policy matters of the company, from the development to the implementation and armed with providers' networks.

The in-depth and insightful experience enables me to be an organized and effective person to align the strategies of the business, with its intended purpose. As a result, I am able to develop the required confidence, competency and credibility in establishing sound interpersonal relationship with the teams to deliver the desired results through sincere communication

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