Thursday, 4 February 2016


The Simplest Way to Diagnose Financial Statements

My heartfelt thanks to those who have taken off from their daily busy schedule to attend the 1st road show of my new program, The Simplest Way to Diagnose Financial Statements, trust I have delivered some useful tips, techniques and tools to accelerate their journey forward, as my reward to them.

I am deeply delighted to see such an encouraging level of attendance despite the heavy traffic some of you have to go through. I must say that there was very responsive engagement from many of you throughout the talk, truly drove me to feel and share easily the financial stories, instead of the usual dry, dull and difficult Financial Statements. You awesome guys truly boost up my confidence to another highest level.

Oh! Yup.The information and feedbacks I received immediately after talk were so overwhelming and I can’t thank you enough for your kind action.

I will definitely not only incorporate all these valuable feedbacks, but also take it one step further to conduct more frequent road show through institution or public, which I firmly believe will turn out to be another of my flagship financial product in the near future. Shoot me an email at for those who are interested/ keen to find out more about this program. 

You guys are really awesome and had made this talk a successful one. With this, I am wishing a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it and Happy Holidays to those who don’t.

Thanks again and let me know should you need any type of training on financial, wealth and mind changing.

This is a good start for the year of 2016 and what matters most is to finish well and strong, which the Fire Monkey will provide us the required fuel for our desire.

With this, I look forward to fostering long term business relationship with you. 

James Oh 



  1. Thanks for all the sharing James.
    I am thankful we had a great bunch of CPTians too.

    Happy Chinese New Year 2016.