Friday, 9 September 2016


Frustrated with Financial Results?

Spending quite a bit on revamping your financial department numerous times but still not getting close to what you expected from your financial department in playing a more dynamic strategic business partner role?

Feel you are wasting your team precious resources and NOT getting the results you deserve?

This Workshop Could Be Your Answer!

We help you find innovative solutions to help develop and your business by finding ways to make your processes work better, easier, faster or more profitably. By using various tools and improve operating effectiveness.

From getting more real impact of your financial performance, to even financial transformation or marketing overhaul for sales, we believe any business owner or marketer can optimize its’ business outputs when they are equipped with the right strategy, mindset and skills.

Why This Workshop Would Be Worth Your Time

Proven - you would gain insights from the strategic framework and best practices used to generate optimum outputs for SME companies

Practical - you would learn the actual tactics and tools we use to empower your staff to optimize outputs and enhance value for our clients (not some fanciful and untested theories)

Profit Immediately - you would takeaway ideas that you can implement right away to have maximum impact to your marketing staff with the support from the financial staff for better improved decision as a team.

Who Should Attend

• Business Owners/Entrepreneurs
• Directors/Managers

What You Will Learn

• Avoid The 8 Common Wastes Made By companies
• Get Updated With New Normal Trends & Make Your Next Big Move In This Ever-Changing Landscape
• Build A Smarter Holistic Lean Enterprise Framework
• Get the most out of Effective Lean Practices and Thinking
• Convert to a  More Conducive Environment for future Growth
Best Practices, Process Stimulation and Case Studies

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