Friday, 30 September 2016


Dear Friends, followers and Fans, 

September month appeared to be a bit slow for us as we continue to strengthen our foundation by creating few new courses, namely Valuing Investment, Transform Strategies to Results in today's highly competitive market AND Enhance the success of your strategic plans through higher thinking skills and innovation.

However, we never set aside our articles' publication.  One is in Homefinder which has in turn transformed its mode to digital form. Visit for more info. 

We continue to take advantage of this wave by collaborating with more parties to serve the community which desperately needs more effective solutions to endure these hard times ahead. In this note, we are very fortunate to find more liked mind people to accelerate our journey. 

With this progress, I proudly announced my service as  a value creation specialist with Western Academy Sdn Bhd to front all our HRDF courses and associate trainer with IABT Advanced Business training Sdn Bhd to serve our financial community. 

By leveraging on these two platforms we will definitely accelerate our journey and expand our roles and functions.

One thing I must say , thank you for all the supports you all have given to us. Without your support, we strongly believe all these will remain in our dream.

Cheers and stay tune for more updates

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