Sunday, 30 October 2016


You Surely Get What You Laser Focus On

In fact, we are so blessed with a powerful mind that once connected to the Universe our ability to bring out any manifestation into reality is unlimited. This is because all things happen just by way you intended them to be. Sounds simple but not easy to master this skill where your energy will flow to the way you intended to. Hence, practice to stay focus on your goal and the result will eventually turn out exactly from your manifestation. Deliberate practice will make permanent progress. Practice! Practice! Practice that is.

Energy Flow Freely and Naturally. 

Our body function just as a conduit harnesses electricity which naturally flow in a particular-direction no matter what. Similarly, our thoughts once harnessed and directed by our ability to stay focus,  will results in our mind being  "tuned in", “rewired “or “reprogrammed” .

Once we are focused on any event, feeling, or phenomenon in our lives; our success is a surety. The more frequent and longer we focused on that particular sensation, the stronger the feeling we receive from it. Does it make sense to you now? Hence, we always said energy flows where attention/ intention goes. Wherever we focus our attention/intention, energy automatically follow and result will eventually show with action. I must affirm to the accurate effect in my entire life journey so far and it is not luck, as some friends thought.

Therefore, it is crucially important to have sufficient, uninterrupted rest and sleep to recharge your mind appropriately. Once you find your body truly relaxed and recharged, you will be ready to undertake the direction to change for the better. Everything will unfold by itself, and connections to the appropriate people, places or things will take place with ease. In short it is effortless as the energy flows naturally, freely as the way we manifested. That's being "tuned in" or whatever label you normally used.

Attention flows where energy goes. 

Your attention will then be directed / drawn to where the energy was flowing. The energy could easily be like a bright light shining in your eyes naturally. All these energies have affected the senses and its impact will be very much dependent on the intensity, and concentration on our focus point. The more concentrated and intensified our attention, the greater effects on your body and/or behavior. You, too, may have probably experience such effects by your own influence of energy on your environment. Please be more mindful and share with us your experience, if any.

Energy flows where Intention goes. 

Now you see that it boils down to your intention in the first place as it will then direct your energy accordingly. Your source must be right and clear in the first place. Once the source is in place, the rest will follow suit smoothly and easily. Your intention will serve as your GPS and let your GPS be your Captain to direct all your energies. Be comfortable with this weird situation through practice.

Result Shows Where Intention Goes

By synergizing your focus and intention, all energies both from internal and external sources will cooperate in a very harmonious manner to make things happen in the way you directed. It is so harmonious and peaceful that it does not cause any struggle at all. Everything you wished for will naturally and eventually turn out effortlessly, just like the butterfly transformed from the cocoon. Sounds too good to be true? This is because our natural minds probably played the old trick so that you not believe in this simple truth. If it is so, then tame your mind to this effect as our mind naturally want to stay in control and calm to protect us. Follow the natural flow, is against the way we conditioned our mind from the environment we are brought up and more inclined to be intuitive in nature.

Everything is Energy. 

Why I said so?Probably by now, you may have read many books which advocate the same common thing at the end of the day. Those books were written and advocated to one common thing that we can create anything if we can conceive in our mind and truly believe in it. This is because once you have formed the clear image/picture through visualization; energy will flow where your intention directs it to. The movement of the energy is so important for your conscious self to make things crystallize to reality. That’s simple. Momentum will be gathered like the snowball gaining momentum.
By doing so, you basically create your reality by following your energy patterns, and through laser focus and intent that manifest either what you want or what you don't want in your life. The energy is neutral. It goes where you direct it, hence you "get what you exactly focus on." Keep asking yourself as what would you intend to bring into your world today until you find one and make it happen?

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