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The world is changing at a much faster pace than ever before. Global connectivity, smart machines, new media and the evolution of governance are just some of the key drivers reshaping the expectations of all stakeholders on every business owner and finance function. It is a must to play a critical and strategic role in bringing the much required stability to business and society.

After the end of this program, the participant will be able to:-
•    Demonstrate entrepreneur mindset, know-how and required essential key skills that can support business and personal goals
•    See the big picture by constantly communicating their purpose / ideas clearly, compellingly and passionately
•    Have good and deep understanding of what it takes to be successful entrepreneur;  
•    Craft and formulate a more agile and productive team by employing creative solutions
•    Understand what key decision makers are looking for
•    Practice Continuous learning by pursuing perfection
•    Have Ownership and accountability for their team through leadership by example
•    Identify the key drivers for success in line with his goals by responding to the external changes
•    Ascertain what action is needed by the organisational decision makers in challenging the status quo
•    Describe the ways in which entrepreneurs perceive opportunity, manage risk, and organize resources and add value.    


Day I


Introductions and expectations
What is entrepreneurship?
Who is an entrepreneur?
How to be a successful entrepreneur?
How Strategic Planning and Management link with entrepreneur?
How entrepreneur think
Effectual and Causal Reasoning
What they mean?

Direct, drive and deliver Value creation through 5Rs

What are 5Rs?
How those 5Rs being employed through Innovation Implementation?


What it takes to be Effective Entrepreneur
Effectual reasoning and not casual reasoning
What are their differences?
How they work
Ready, Fire, Aim
What successful entrepreneurs are looking for?
What strategic questions that must be answered?
How to develop new skills and competencies to deliver increased value?
5 Cs (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity & Character)
How they work
Qualities of effective entrepreneur
Leadership by example,
Metric measurements, how to develop and use them?
Video/ Games


Setting Strategic Direction
What is Mission?
What is Vision?
What is Strategic?
What’s the link and relationship between all these key ingredients?
What are the 5 steps approaches?
What are they?
What are the factors that caused the strategy fails?



What are the New Skills and Competencies required in 21st centuries?
Excellent analytical skills in terms of financial, market, statistical and sophisticated modelling techniques
Use of multi-discipline team approach
To integrate inputs from diverse sources
Back by strong commercial acumen characterised by strong product, process and market knowledge
Adopt best practices
Sound, solid and sane problem solving skills
Key metric measurements that shape behaviour: how to set
How to apply new strategic tools to create value for the company by looking beyond financial statements
How to effectively employ the new strategic tools and technique? 
Video, activities and group discussion

Sum up / Q & A / Discussion
Day II


Higher Order Thinking Skills
Bloom Taxonomy’s theory
What are higher Thinking Skills?
Why it is important
How can it help?

What is Creative?
What is Innovation?
How are they related?

Evaluation and control
How much progress has been made in accomplishing the task?
What is preventing us from moving forward?
What adjustments should be made to the initial strategic and operating plans?
Is there a need to revise the strategic objectives?



The Strategic Focus
What are the strategic involvements?
The challenges and opportunities for entrepreneur
How the entrepreneur in directing, driving and influencing organizational strategy
Entrepreneurship and decision making in:-
a.     Enhancing Shareholders’ value,
b.     Understanding their role in the big picture
c.     Pursuit of Perfection (concept and uses)



Key Challenges and Opportunities
What needs to be done in this Uncertain, Volatile, Complex and Ambiguous World?
The links Characteristics of Fixed and adapting mindsets with 4 key ingredients of growth;
Dr Dwech’s findings
How they link
Change is certain & how to embrace change mind-set? Discussion
Eight steps to successful change -Kotter’s model
How to reinvigorate growth and prosperity?
Why and how to focus on new opportunities & priorities
How to learn, Unlearn and relearn


Focus Area & Priorities
Higher order thinking skills;
How to develop Adaptive mindset
Set the appropriate priorities
Developing healthy coping strategies
Challenge Mastery to have breakthrough results
Employ creative imagination
What are the key drivers?

Activities/ video

Sum Up/ Q & A
Key take-back messages


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