Sunday, 18 January 2015


Prepare For The Financial Turbulence:
Turn This Adversity Into Opportunity

Dear Families, Friends, Followers and Fans,

Hi. This is James Oh. I am trained as a Chartered Accountant and I discovered my passion and niche, during my darken days when I lost both my life’s purpose and passion in my profession; in helping people to explore the invisible and achieve the impossible after  achieving numerous breakthrough in my life.

I have a wide and diversified experience ranging from treasury, financial, secretarial, corporate finance, insurance and risk management. As one of the seniors and pioneer in a fast growing company, I was able to use my know how, knowledge, creativity and innovative mindset to craft the effective operational and strategic plans in helping the owner of the private limited company organically grow his company into a public listed company. We also manage to weather through the Asian Financial crisis in 1997-8 successfully. I have also demonstrated my capability by constantly focusing on continual improvement of key material areas (80:20 rules) in line with its strategic plan at each stage, Survival, Stable and Success stages successfully. 

The holistic approach I implemented was based on the Financial and Non-Financial framework in responding to the changes of the external environment at that material time. I am also gifted with strong Business Acumen and Financial Literacy, Analytical Abilities and Strategic Thinking by offering added value in New Solutions Building, Reviewing ;Executing Successful Strategies to achieve breakthrough.

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I have conducted numerous training programs with numerous professional institutes locally and consulting projects for various organizations.

Yes, I love what I do and develop my training program based on my proven recipes, research and my past experience. My star product such as Looking beyond Financial Statements is well sought after in view of the current situation. As a result, 2015 Economic and Business Outlook from strategic and operation perspective is also made available to meet current demand.

To seek the road ahead, ask those who has returned. So contact us should you have the same view with us. However, if you have a desire to learn and become more prepared to overcome headwind. Then, I will be most pleased to coach and mentor you.

Yours sincerely,

James Oh

Chief Value Creation Officer

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