Friday, 9 January 2015


LOOKING BEYOND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS has it all –An unique financial and mindset’s skill workshop, creative, innovative and comprehensive course contents – truly enriching real business experiences, in the heart, mind and soul of every entrepreneur.

It mainly comprise of developing practical yet holistic financial skills, knowledge and appropriate mindsets by making finance relevant, understandable and fun. The workshop will enable you to direct your mind to explore your own personalized path to achieve the impossible. This course will help you acquire new thinking skills, connect and enable you to see things in a new, fresh light that lead you to be more creative and innovative.

You will be empowered to create your personalized path in achieving greatness. In short, helping people explore the invisible and achieve the impossible is our tagline. So, spread the news around your circle of friends, contact us should you aspire to achieve the impossible; once you thought not possible.

Every top successful entrepreneur engaged and leveraged on truly passionate coaching professional experts. Are you still waiting for someone who can shape you in reaping your definite concentrated purpose – You are the only one who have the specialty that the world needs. I am not kidding, so do not settle for anything less.

Contact us, at, to help you achieve the impossible. It is our mission and vision.

We strongly believe in using our gifted talents and skill to serve people, community and society mightily.

So, help us to help you.

Your Chief Inspiring Officer,

James Oh 

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