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Dear Families, Friends, Followers and Fans,

Hi. This is James Oh again. I have spent numerous years of my life learning, unlearning and relearning my specialized field which I share in this blog. I have personally tested, implemented and redefined all these techniques in my life hundreds and thousands of times until it becomes part of me. I am a firm believer that we are what we repeatedly do. Who we are is the accumulation of how we conduct our daily affairs.

This post is designed to furnish you with a good understanding of the authentic life of each individual. I strongly believe in modelling and we may pick out from someone. What I know is that it’s not sufficient for me to tell myself who I want to be, I always model everything that I am supposed to do. I was an excellent copycat before I discover my authentic self and take my courage and commitment to be myself.
I had consciously chosen this celebrity path subsequently after I worked as a movies distributor cum movies investment adviser overseas. Naturally, I have more opportunities to watch those artists perform in the concerts or participate in their promotional activities. As times goes on, my faith to be a professional trainer increases, my inner voice is overwhelming, I have to give in and follow my heart and soul.

“   You can achieve what you conceive in your mind.” Napoleon Hill. To make it happen, we need to know precisely what we want to create. First, it must be created in the mind. As such, we need to take time and effort to seek what actually we want in life. Use picture or number as our end. For example if you want to have a BMW, tell yourself how many you need? Which series 3,5 or 7. Best still, if you can place a photo of that specific BMW in front of your computer. Day in and day out it will remind you to find a way to obtain it.
       Habit – Begin with the end in your mind.

I find this approach very fruitful as the chances of attaining success is very high as it will drive you to the path to obtain such a profound result. I have unknowingly prescribe this proven formulae to become a successful professional financial personnel in helping the founder grow his company from the start up to a publicly listed company and also successfully overcome the Asian financial Crisis 1997-8. Once you begin with the end in your mind, your mind will wonder for an effective solution that leads you to the appropriate path to achieve your destination.
 Strategic Clarity
Once you are clear of your mission, begin with the mission in your mind. Of course, using the appropriate strategy will help you attain your mission. This is because our thinking will help us to view things with the appropriate lenses and focus on those essential things first. We will then stay focused on those essential things and it is much easier now. By concentrated focus, we will achieve more with less. By doing so, we are adopting holistic approach is dealing thing. Slowly and surely it will shape us accordingly. No surprise to say we are what we repeatedly do. By repeatedly doing it, it will become our habits. Constantly refining our thinking skills will further enhance the quality of our thinking skills, which will lead to better quality  decision making process. Ultimately, it will lead us to better consequences.
 I also know that if I master this newly found profession, I must continue to read and practice the required techniques until I feel comfortable enough to discharge my assignments naturally. I began to make numerous cold calls, launch new taglines that reflect well with my expertise in line with the saying doing is believing. 
I enjoyed every turn of my newly found journey. This was perhaps due to my nature of being a positive thinker since my young age to overcome my physical weakness and mental weakness.  I had to employ the spiritual strength and at times I lost both the physical and mental strength. One thing I am very certain is that all these series of events cannot be coincidence and must have its own purpose when I connect back these missing dots. Now, I am convinced and convicted wholeheartedly.
If you have been following me long enough, you will be able to identify these strengths I have built throughout. All these breakthroughs well indicate a solid point that we are who we think. We can either be the master of your mind, or the slave of your mind.Both are equally right. What is your choice then? Make sure you don’t fall victim to that way of thinking.
Trust me that most of us are much better than we think. What you need to do is keep taming your mind and rewire your mind to be what you destined to be. I am more than happy to assist you in the area of my expertise and you may reach me at for a no obligation appointment. Be mindful that my mission is to groom people to develop integrated thinking in achieving sustainable value creation, if you want to soar above the storm.

Yours sincerely,
James Oh

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