Saturday, 31 October 2015


“If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition. You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness. These statements affirm your direction, drive and determination to be what you were designed for.” James Oh.


You are better than you think, otherwise, you would not be created in the first place. You are a real gem. I am not kidding or pulling your legs. This is because you are uniquely and beautifully created and one of a kind on this earth. Beyond beautiful, beyond loving, caring and sweet!

You are destined for greatness, so find your true self and tap your hidden potential. Now, I want you to know where we're heading to for a while ...... together, and how you are going to see all the
possibilities both visible and invisible. Have you identified and embarked on what matters to you most? You are uniquely created and no one can replace you. You cannot be the best copycat, but you can be the best of yourself. So, don’t settle for less.

Congratulations to all those who have done so. For those who have not, it is never too late to begin. Now!  I am deeply grateful to those kind souls and people who have helped me to believe in the above statement a few decades ago. Now, it has formed part of me.

Everything I share with you in this article I have done. I am sharing it with you, so that you can do it too. This is the way for me to pass it back to others. It makes me believe that everyone can add value to the world, no matter how small or insignificant we feel. By doing persistently, you will slowly and surely increase its magnitude steadily.

You are a powerful creator and can create what you conceive in your mind. Therefore, you better start living your power by allowing your “formless” intelligence to show you how it can effortlessly manifest anything you can imagine.

You create beauty with your attitude and your actions. I agree with Alice Chen, Ph.D. that there are no detours or accidents in life. Instead, they are very much of our path, even if the experiences are painful. No one with whom we cross paths is ever “wrong” for us, even if we experience hardship while being with them.

After all, by virtue of walking with us for a time, they help us gain clarity about what we want or who we are – even on reflection reveals who we are not or do not want to become, and what we do not want to experience.

Keep going. Each step may get harder, but don’t stop. The view at the top is beautiful.


I am – two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality. Start living, exploring and dreaming. If you don’t have to work at achieving it…what value do you truly gain by attaining it? In the nutshell, you are what your personal values and beliefs are. You need to unearth sufficient depth to know your true self. Your values serve as your compass to put you back on course every single day, so that day after day, you are moving in the direction that takes you closer to your destination of the “best” life you could possibly live.

We are the captain of our bodies, minds and souls. To stay in control, we need to dig deeper and further to know our true selves: who we are; what we really love and what we really want in life. Do whatever necessary to accomplish your greatness. Be clear about what’s most important to you in life.
Our strength is also our weakness. We need to unlearn what we had learned and relearn what the wealthy mindset is. Therefore, it is worthy to note this crucial point to make sustainable progress. Always remember the concept of duality and there is no absolute truth except God and His Words.


You need to intelligently connect your values to your goals. You have a beautiful heart, a loving soul, and you are strong. So love yourself deeply. To grow wealth explosively, you need to make each of your dream materialize. Never let anyone kill your dream. Add spice to your life and stay alive. Trust me. You need to love yourself to make great things possible. Love enables us to do more. By loving yourself, you will do what you love in style, fashion and greatness.

Spend time listening your inner voice. Let our intuition lead us and love ourselves truthfully and unconditionally. Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you always imagined.
You can’t give others what you don’t have. It doesn't mean having to be the biggest or most dominant in your areas of expertise. It means being deeply committed to a one-of-a-kind strategy; a distinctive presence so that you are able to stand out in the crowd and continuously grows further so as to achieve the seeds of greatness in you.
All it requires is a commitment to work on your own, a willingness to challenge convention and break from the norm. In short, you need to discover and initiate or reinvent the new path to that destination.

Nothing is impossible. Rephrase it as “Anything is possible”.  Trust me; it's no shame to want more of life than you are currently getting. The real shame is knowing that more is available and not knowing how to get it. The better and stronger you are, the more you are able to share and help others to accomplish their success. This has been practiced in Aviation Industry where the passenger is always advised to put the mask on their own during any emergency before they extend their help to others. It definitely makes sense; how can you help others if you can't even help yourself?
Therefore, it is important to love yourself first and your imperfections. The good stuff will follow.


How To Unlock Your Inner Power/ potential?

We all have abilities. The difference is how we use it. Your task is not to seek love, but merely seek and find all of the barriers you have built within yourself.

We are so engrossed with our visible form that we neglect the invisible or true nature. Recognizing these “two” aspects of who we are, is the beginning of living the wholesome life. I am good in letting my imagination bring many manifestations from unfolding and generating sufficient energy to sustain me in reaching my goals.

If you don’t believe that a manifestation will take place, then it will not materialize in your physical reality. The universal force, or the higher intelligence, is also here to help you. Once these two operate in harmony, you will truly be joyful and benevolent.

The “mind” is here to imagine, dream, project and the higher intelligence will perfect the job to manifest the reality and it uses the “law of attraction” to make this happen. Therefore, the simple answer of how to unlock your inner power is simply to stop resisting.

It’s strange yet true that the main reason why you are not living your dream as reality is because you are resisting this manifestation in some way. Why would you resist it?  This is because of our past experience, limited belief and conditioning within us.

Who you are, is what makes you special and unique. Don’t change for anyone and dig further to know the real you. Enlarge your vision. Retrain your brain. Seize every profitable opportunity along your journey. Step forward daily. Unleash your maximum wealth.

So, take the courage to do more new things and hone your new skills until you are good at it. Keep digging further to remove dirt from your heart until you become a polished diamond that shines always. You can be the conductor and attract whatever you need to make the impossible happen.

The choice is yours. You can either be the master of your mind or the slave of your mind. Accept those which can empower you to do the impossible.

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