Thursday, 22 October 2015



Thanks everyone for your kind support that turns October to an awesome month for me. My article was featured in the Money Compass for the first time. I am deeply grateful to Amy Seok who was so kind to do such a great favour for me. 

My third course in a year, Looking beyond Financial Statements – An Investor’s perspective Part II was also recently approved by SIDC and just in time to be kicked off with FPAM on 22nd Oct, 2015.See what an awesome month of October brings to me; blessings after blessings

Attach below please find the photo that show my second book I have received this month from Datuk Alvin, after I visited his office, UHY. I received my first book on GST from the above event. Thanks to the sponsor who generously gave out the books and shared their knowledge to the community.
 Wow! Passion Beyond Numbers, this eco bag reflects his concern about the green and the environment. The well thought phrase is their tagline. There is no coincidence at all and it struck my attention immediately when I received his name card much earlier.

He is a guy who truly has the passion beyond numbers. It happened when a mutual friend, brought us to meet up with the Datuk. It is a small world. He is another numbers man.
Last but not least, I write to record my heartfelt thanks to them for giving me such a great book which discuss numerous contemporary issues, which I highly recommend to read. The author is no other than Mr Lee Soon Hock.

This book is not only informative, but the readers will have better understanding of fast changing and fluid world of government, business and community service. He again shows his high spirit to serve and champion community cause. A man who walks the talk... I have been so fortunate to have access to this book and I shall write a review after I have read the book.

Stay tune for more exciting stories ahead. I can sense much more blessings coming along and I shall report to you guys as usual, from time to time.

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