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“What is the magic touch? This of course refers to the people who are able to effectively draw up and apply the operational and strategic plans that deliver uniquely exceptional results, far beyond the norm. He is the one who is willing to go the extra mile to deliver such remarkable results.” James Oh

The qualitative aspects such as effectiveness, quality leadership skills, mindsets are essential characteristics of a highly productive person. This can be seen from the wisdom and know-how that person applies throughout the organization.

For instance, “gratitude helps you to grow and expand.” Eileen Caddy. “The more you are thankful, the more you attract things to be thankful for.”

The differences between what can be change and what cannot be change

Knowing the difference of what can be changed is the first step in accepting the wisdom. By then, full energy will then be directed to building the new, rather than fighting the old habits, exactly advocated by Socrates as follow:-

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not fighting the old, but on building the new."

However, the team may implement other measures / processes so as to instill a better climate, culture and character of the organization through the 5 Cs listed below, to enhance its chances of continual changes and progress. Change is unavoidable, but progress is optional. 

i)                   Consciousness

Sales trainer Brian Azar says, “Sales are not made or unmade inside the prospect’s office. They are made or unmade inside you.”

To enhance the achievement of such desired outcome, 5 Ps empowerments (i.e. Persistence, Passion, Perspective, Perseverance and Practice) will also apply in order to attain this magic touch.

ii)                Concentration

Concentration is the ability to keep your awareness on one thing for a prolong period of time. The more you practice concentration, the better you get at it. The power of observation is a natural byproduct of the ability to concentrate.
With the power of concentration, you will direct all your focus on what matters most to you until you achieve it. By constantly practicing, you will gain your strength in one particular thing until it happens. Thus, it will serve as an additional fuel to your desire. By then, you will be empowered to turn everything in your favor.

You can also concentrate doing what you love by leverage on resources, ideas, capital and expertise you don’t have to make whatever you want happens. By doing so, the company increases its leverage because it can invest in business operations without its equity. Most companies use debt to finance operations that are going to expand its business by leveraging on capital it does not have. Thus doing something impossible yet feasible.

   iii) Clarity

Clarity of your purpose will also add fuel to your desire. The clearer the better because it will give you more power. Therefore, you need to constantly exercise to manifest your purpose until it is crystal clear in your mind that you are absolutely certain that this is what you want before you make it happen.

What cannot change?

“We can’t change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitudes.

On the other hand, some external factors that affect business such as external competition, social changes, legal restrictions or policies, technology, taxation issues and political influences cannot be changed. In addition, a business can be affected by changing trends, sabotage and religious factors.

To minimize the external impact, it is worthy to note the nature of its business, capital outlay and regulatory framework. One excellent example is an aviation company which involved huge capital outlay, highly regulatory regime and is in a high risk industry. Just imagine the September 11, 2001 incident which had huge repercussions for major airlines and saw many businesses crumble.

iv)               Choice

Having said so, the leadership team still has a choice as to how they want to respond to those changes that are outside their control. By knowing the resources and strength of the organization, they will then make the best of the situation to tap whatever opportunities which are available to the company at that pertinent time. Leadership team will then not only focus on strategic thinking, but also on translating that thinking into action. For instance, United Airlines, one of the world’s largest airlines, has responded flexibly to severe challenges within its external environment. It was then able to meet its customers’ needs by making its existing assets more productive, trimming its costs and marketing mix as a strategic tool in response to the unforeseen external adverse event.

v)                 Commitment

Have you ever wondered why are there so many gaps between what companies know they should do and what they actually do? Why do so many companies fail to implement the experience and insight they've worked so hard to acquire? It is not necessary that the first or the fastest to reach the destination is a champion. 

Yes! The fastest you run might lead you to the winning stage and this might be a temporary situation, somehow. Nevertheless, if you are persistent and never stop running, you would definitely embrace the success in a longer term.

Ultimately, you don't fight for the first place but to build the success ladders step by step, slowly but steadily. We may have walked through so many storms in our lives, that we remember how we made it through and how we managed to survive.

To face the reality is tough. Moreover, it is also human nature to not face the truth because truth may be painful and hurtful. To master this required skill, we need to acquire adequate knowledge, expertise and mindset to discharge our responsibilities adequately, appropriately and diligently.

"Knowing" to "Doing" is through the execution of a proven process in a timely manner. There must be an in-depth analysis and on-going monitoring system to obtain an accurate feedback regularly. Taking full accountability is not optional.

In short, this strategy is basically designed with “KUBA” in mind.

Know it precisely and concisely
Understand deeply the entire process holistically, the integration of each process and why each process is so critically important
Believe in its doing that brings the required results wholeheartedly
Act and do it on timely manner.

To master this skill, you need to consistently employ this tool until it becomes part of you. You will even internalize it through practices.  Ultimately, you will engage it so naturally, habitually and sincerely with ease. It can be done though you must make the effort.

In short, you will reap the miraculous benefits if you know or have applied knowledge of the magic touch. With consistent and persistent practice, you will enhance your magic touch power especially if you have been well equipped with those relevant know how, skill and mindset which we have discussed much earlier.

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