Sunday, 1 November 2015


I been busy the last month, October 2015. What I know that I have not achieve everything I want. This is because I earned some fruits and learned some invaluable lessons. I must say that both turned out to be fruitful to me. This will enable me to expand my horizon in the month of November 2015 and beyond. In short, it is truly turns out to be a blessed Oct despite it is not a perfect month for me too. 

What matters most to me is to keep moving forward fiercely, freely and fearlessly and make wise use of all my resources to reach next level of height. I must be grateful for what I have and learn to live in an imperfect state, as what I use to pitch. Be mindful that I can give what I have but not what  that is not in my possession. What is in me is far important than what I have. One thing that is certain is I am contented with what I have.  

I am going to have an interview with a famous local financial blogger soon. Guess what we are going to do? To give you a clue that it is another new venture for me. So, stay tune for the news update. 

Anther great news to share with you awesome guys is that I just upgraded my Ebook, Growing Your Wealth Exponentially, Second Edition in a timely basis knowing that the market is getting tougher. Always  remember the saying "Tough time never last, but tough people do." All I can do is to do what I can with the intention that you can make wise use of this book to achieve what you want. I also make a limited time promotion on this book, which you may check out at Amazon Ebook.

To meet my target, I also have two days financial workshop with M.I.C.S.A. on triple bottom lines. Hope it will help you to achieve your desired sustainable business growth and profitability in multi-dimensional perspectives. You may log in this link at, for more details.

 For your information, I also explore other possibilities of getting my Ebooks out in hard-copy and I will make the announcements in due course. As some of you may be aware that I do what I share with you. At times, i do hold back some deals especially if the deal is not what I want. Let's face it and accept whatever outcome that turns out.

Keep moving forward is my style. There is only two more months to go before 2015 comes to an end. Let's always make the present year the best ever year in your life. Yeah! I  secured another new deal in early December, 2015 and busy talking to few parties to strike more deals which as usual I will announce in due course.

Thanks God for sustaining and maintaining me to be steadfast my journey toward my destination.

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” - Dr. Seuss

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