Thursday, 26 November 2015


In my preceding article, I kept telling myself to make October as an awesome month, it truly turns out to be as more and more great news are coming in.

This is another great new idea to accept an interview from a local famous blogger cum specialist on money matters. We will proceed to record his interview with me in the month of October, another milestone for me to have a personal interview at his already famous blog. This for sure will help me  reach out to his blog followers and readers. I must say that I can’t thank him enough for his kind thoughts and actions. I shall update you on my first experience in life. New experience and I am truly excited to look forward to participate in this forthcoming interview.

I must say it is a real small world.With this, I strongly believe there are more collaboration and cooperation with more parties which will ultimately benefit our communities and country. 

Please contact me at should you have any ideas where my assistance is useful to you.

Stay tune for more great news which I am now in the preparation to take off one at a time. Thank you so much. I am very encouraged by the positive response from the private sector, public sector and the communities which saw great value in what we are doing, and understood the impact and contribution, which I can make to business and society.

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